20 Đề Tiếng Anh ôn thi công chức năm 2019

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In this section you must choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence.
Circle the letter A, B, C or D against the number of each item 1-20 for the word or phrase you
1. ……………lucky he is!
A. what B. what a C. how D. how a
2. ……………silly mistake!
A. what B. what a C. how D. how a
3. “What instruction did your boss give you?
”He required that Alice……………the meeting”
A. would attend B. attends C. attended D. attend
4. “What is your opinion?”
”It is necessary that an employee……………his work on time.”
A. finish B. finishes C. can finish C. to finish
5. You mustn’t forget……………tomorrow morning.
A. turning in your assignment B. turn in your assignment
C. to turn in your assignment D. turn your assignment in
6. Is anyone …………… to fish in this river?
A. borne B. let C. allowed D. admitted
7. They gave ……………looking for her when it grew dark.
A. Up B. In C. Off D. Out
8. This year the farmers were just able to gather in the…………… before the fine weather
came to an end.
A. Collection B. Harvest C. Plant D. Seed
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9. Johnny……………very badly at Mary’s birthday party.
A. Conducted B. Behaved C. Showed D. Looked
10. Mr. John has……………painting since he retired.
A. taken up B. taken over C. taken of D. taken in
11. Don’t let your brothers …………… the present.
A. to see B. seeing C. seen D. see
12. Two of the boys in the art class were going to do self-portraits by looking at ……………
in the mirror.
A. each other B. themselves C. oneself D. one another
13. Pests occur in large numbers, and they can …………… terrible damage, particularly to
growing crops, that in some parts of the world people frequently suffer from famine.
A. do such B. do so C. make such D. make so
14. The most …………of all insect pests ……………the locust.
A. dreaded / is B. dreaded / are C. dreading / is D. dreading / are
15. Since the 1930’s chemical insecticides such as D.D.T ……………very effective in
destroying ……………insects.
A. has proved / disease-carrying B. have proved / disease-carrying
C. has proved / carrying disease D. prove / disease-carrying
16. The old houses were ……………down to make way for a block of flats.
A. put B. hit C. banged D. knocked
17. She ……………for a neighbor to look after the house while she was away.
A. arranged B. organized C. planned D. designed
18. Modern architecture, in many ……………, is horribly ugly.
A. means B. points C. cases D. reasons
19. The rise in the house prices …………… him to sell his house for a large profit.
A. managed B. succeeded C. enable D. achieved
20. Modern buildings should ……………with the surrounding areas.
A. suit B. fit C. blend D. match
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At two o’clock one very hot August Sunday, Mrs. Pendlebury sat down in the sitting
room, where it was always cool, to write to her son Frank, who lived in Australia. By four
o’clock she had written, “Dear Frank, thank you for your last letter, sorry I have been so long
replying, only” and that was all. Only what? Frank’s last letter, or rather his wife Veronica’s
last letter, for she did all the writing except at Christmas, had arrived in March. How did she
explain five months’ silence? She hadn’t been ill. She hadn’t been what you could call busy.
Nothing had happened to write to Australia about, that was the trouble. It would be insulting and
She’s been invited so many times to go and meet all Frank’s family. Every for the last ten
years since he started making money out of his farm, Frank had invited her to visit them in
Australia, all expenses paid, for as long as she choose to stay. Always she had replied, “we’ll
see”. But it never went further.
Sometimes Mrs. Pendlebury wondered if the people in the coloured photographs they
kept sending existed at all. Was that Frank, now quite a lot heavier than that confident-looking
boy of nineteen who had gone out to Australia so long ago? And his wife Veronica, who had
long red hair and a permanent smile who was she? Mrs. Pendlebury had studied her
photographs extremely closely and still she could get no idea. Her letters were warm and
friendly enough but they were only words on paper. You couldn’t tell from letters. At least, Mrs.
Pendlebury hoped you couldn’t. Heaven forbids that anyone should judge her by her painful
letters. Only her grand children's little messages had any real value. Surprisingly, the girl Carol,
who was fourteen, did not write well and never had much to say, but the boy Paul, who was ten,
was a good writer. She enjoyed his little letters and it makes her sad to think he could never
know from her few words how pleased she was. What a waste! Three lovely grandchildren
growing up not even knowing their grandmother.
Frank already talked of Carol coming over on her own soon and it really worried her.
What should she do with a strange girl? It was the baby she most wanted. Alexander, aged
eighteen months, would be no problem.

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