Bài tập câu chủ động và bị động trong tiếng Anh (4)

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Câu ch động, bị động
Bài 1 - I. Read the following passage and choose the best answer to complete it
Passage 1. Some time ago, an interesting discovery (1)... (make) by archaeologists on
the Aegean island of Kea. A temple which stands in an ancient city on the promontory
of Ayia Irini (2)... (explore) by an American team. House often three storeys high (3)...
(build). The city even (4)... (equip) with a drainage system, for a great many clay pipes
(5)... (find) beneath the narrow streets. The temple which the archaeologists explored
(6)... (use) as a place of worship from 15th century B.C until Roman times. In the most
sacred room of the temple, clay fragments of fifteen status (7)... (find). Each of these
represented a goddess and (8)... (paint).
Câu 1: (1)
A has made B is made
C was made D had made
Câu 2: (2)
A is explored B explored
C has explored D was explored
Câu 3: (3)
A building B were built
C was being built D was built
Câu 4: (4)
A was even equipped B even was equipped
C even equipped D was even equip
Câu 5: (5)
A found B was found
C were found D is found
Câu 6: (6)
A used B was used
C were used D using
Câu 7: (7)
A were founded B was found
C is founded D were found
Câu 8: (8)
A was painted B were painted
C had painted D had been painted
Bài 2 - Passage 2
Switzerland (1)... (connect) to Italy by the Great St. Bernard Pass. The famous
monastery of St. Bernard, which (2)... (found) in the eleventh century lies about a mile
away. For hundreds of years, St. Bernard dogs have saved lives of travelers crossing
the dangerous Pass. These friendly dogs, which (3)……. (bring) first from Asia (4)...
(use) as watch - dogs even in Roman times. Now that a tunnel (5)... (build) through the
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mountains, the Pass is less dangerous, but each year, the dogs still (6) …….(send out)
into the snow whenever a traveller is in difficulty. During the summer months, the
monastery is busy, for it (7) ……(visit) by thousands of people who cross the Pass in
Câu 1: (1)
A connects B was connected
C is connected D has been connected
Câu 2: (2)
A is found B were founded
C was founded D found
Câu 3: (3)
A was first bought B were first bought
C had been first bought D is first bought
Câu 4: (4)
A using B was used
C were used D used
Câu 5: (5)
A is built B has been built
C building D built
Câu 6: (6)
A are still sent out B still send out
C is still sent out D were still sent out
Câu 7: (7)
A visits B is visited
C has been visited D will be visited
Bài 3 - Passage 3.
Two hundred years ago, boxers fought with bare fists for prize money. Because of
this, they (1) ……. (know) as prize - fighters”. However, boxing was very cruel, for
there were no rules and a prize fighter could (2)... (injure) or even (3)... (kill) during a
match. One of the most colourful figures in boxing history was Daniel Mendoza who
(4)... (bear) in 1764. The use of gloves (5) ….. (not introduce) until 1860 when the
Marquis of Queensberry drew up the first set of rules. In his day, Mendoza (6)...
(adore) by rich and poor alike.
Câu 1: (1)
A were known B was known
C knew D are known
Câu 2: (2)
A be injured B injure
C have been injured D being injured
Câu 3: (3)
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A kill B be killed
C killed D killing
Câu 4: (4)
A bearing B was beared
C was born D is born
Câu 5: (5)
A has not been introduced B were not introduced
C was not introduced D is not introduced
Câu 6: (6)
A is adored B was adored
C has been adored D had been adored
Bài 4 - Passage 4.
When the brothers were re-united, Hans explained how it was that he was still alive.
After (1)... (wound) towards the end of the war, he (2)... (send) to hospital and (3)...
(separate) from his unit. The hospital (4)... (bomb) and Hans had made his way back
into Western Germany on foot. Meanwhile, his unit (5)... (lose) and all records of him
(6)... (destroy). Hans returned to his family home, but the house (7)... (bomb) and no
one in the neighbourhood knew what had become of the inhabitants. Assuming that his
family (8)... (kill) during an air-raid, Hans settled down in a village.
Câu 1: (1)
A wounded B having been wounded
C being wounded D wounding
Câu 2: (2)
A had been sent B was sent
C is sent D A&B are correct
Câu 3: (3)
A had been separated B separated
C was separated D is separated
Câu 4: (4)
A was bombt B had been bomt
C had been bombed D was bombed
Câu 5: (5)
A lost B were lost
C loses D was lost
Câu 6: (6)
A was destroyed B had been destroyed
C destroyed D were destroyed
Câu 7: (7)
A was bombt B had been bomt

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