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VnDoc. Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
Language focus:
1. Phonetics: - Pronunciation: consonants and clusters
2. Grammar: -Verb tenses
- Kinds of verb (both in active and passive)
- Reported speech with infinitives, gerunds and conditional sentences
- Conditional types 1, 2, 3, Relative clauses, conjunctions, tag questions, ….
3. Vocabulary: - Word formation
- Linking words, preposition, and words in context.
I. Give the correct form of the verb in the bracket.
0. Parents rarely let their children (go) out after 9 pm
1. We will spend two days (visit) Ha Long Bay, then return to Hanoi.
2. The police made him (open) his luggage.
3. She (not realize) him until he introduced his name.
4. By the time I (get) into the town, the shop (close)
5. He (break) his arm when he (play) football.
6. After he (do) his home work, he (go) to bed.
7. When I (see) her on the street yesterday, she (wear) a rosy skirt.
8. He (teach) Maths before he (change) to literature.
9. You had better (take) the bus. (go) by train is too expensive.
10. I am looking forward to (hear) from you.
11. He did not expect (invite) to the party.
12. The little girl can’t stand (make) fun of by her classmates.
13. The sun (rise) in the east.
14. I object to (go) to the sea in this cold weather.
15. I don’t know how (express) our thanks to your kindness.
16. I have (read) some letters.
17. They denied (be) there.
18. If she catches you (read) her dairy, she will be furious.
19. John hoped (appoint) as the head teacher of the school.
20. (Be) honest, I’ve done this kind of work before.
21. Laura has decided (attend) a cooking course.
23. Ask him (come) in. Don’t keep him (stand) at the door.
24. It’s important for the figures (update) regularly.
25. (your parents/ not/ be) proud if they could see you now?
26. I’ll lend you War and Peace if I (finish) it before you go on holiday.
27. If you had worked harder, you (pass) your final exam.
28. Our mechanic said that he expects (fix) the brake on the car before we pick it up.
29. We had hoped (finish) the project by the end of the month but we keep (delay) by
changes in the plans.
30. Those shirts need (iron),but you don’t need (iron) them now.
31. Are we permitted (bring) guests to the ceremony? I"d like (invite) my friend to join us.
32. It’s no good (write) to him. He never answers the letters.
33. There was no way of (get) out of the building except by (climb) down a robe and Ann
was too terrified (do) this.
VnDoc. Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
34. When we met, Jack avoided (look) at me.
35. The teacher let him (stay) at home to finish the assignment.
36. The teacher let him (stay) at home to finish the assignment.
37. It is easy (see) animals on the road in daylight.
38. I asked him (explain) but he refused (say) any thing.
39. It is pleasant (sit) by the fire at night.
40. There was no way of (get) out of the building except by (climb) down a rope.
41. It’s no good (write) to him; he never answers letters.
42. Ask him (come) in. Don’t keep him (stand) at the door.
43. We watched the children (jump) from a window and (fall) into a blanket held by people
45. It is very pleasant (wake) up and (hear). The rain (beat) on the windows. The new
students hope (include) in many of the school’s social activities.
46. John had agreed (meet) me in his office.
II. Find out mistake in each sentence and correct it.
35. I’ve been studying French since I’ve started high school.
36. It took them at least two months learning how to pronounce these words.
37. I decided to change jobs because my boss made me working overtime.
38. The editor decided not publish the story because the facts were unreliable.
39. When I was sick with the flu, my mother made me to eat soup and rest in bed
40. Having lived here for seven years, my friend is used to speak English with all her
41. To grow well, a tree must be well-suited to the area where is it planted.
42. There are a lot of work to do here.
43. I couldn"t make my car to start this morning.
44. My boss doesn"t allow me using the telephone for private calls.
45. I"m sure he is capable in running a mile in four minutes.
46. Good friendship should be basing on mutual understanding.
47. I"m delighted hearing that you have made much progress in your study recently.
48. She said the letter was personal and wouldn"t let me to read it.
49. It"s impossible for me being there before 8.00p.m.
50. I saw a man to jump through the window 5 minutes ago, but I couldn"t remember
his face.
51. If I will have to make a difficult decision, I always discuss it with my friends.
52. He should ever call again, please tell him that I am not at home.
53. If you were here yesterday, you would have seen Jean.
54. Unless we work harder, we will finish it on time .
55. You should visit that part of the country when it will be spring.
56. John decided buying a new car in the morning, but in the afternoon he changed his
57. He warned us to be careful of strangers and not go out at night.
58. We were advised not drinking the water in the bottle.
VnDoc. Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
59. The teacher told us to keep quietly during the lesson.
60. You"d not better swim too far from the shore.
61. She said that if it does not rain tomorrow, she would go out with you.
62. If it had not been rained so hard, we would have dinner out.
63. The thief admitted him having stolen more than 100 wallets.
64. Vietnamese women were official allowed to vote in 1945.
65. The number of participants in the competition have increased to 360 .
66. John lived in New York since 1960 to 1975, but he is now living in Detroit.
IV. Rewrite sentences.
67. "It was nice of you to invite me to your birthday party. Thanks very much."
=> Mike thanked _____
68. "I must have made a mistake in the calculations."
=> Mr. Forest admitted ____
69. "I"ll pay for the meal."
=> Sarah insisted ________
70. "Perhaps we can go to Paris for the weekend."
=> Neil suggested _________
71. "I can get you there in good time."
=> Jim guaranteed _______
72. "I"m sorry I couldn"t come to visit you last summer."
=> Kate apologized ____
73. "We"ll organize the Christmas party."
=> They promised _______
74. "I hear you won the championship. Congratulations!"
=> Dane congratulated ________
75. "All right. We will meet the student representatives."
=> The teachers agreed ________
76. "You mustn"t drink too much caffeine."
=> Marta warned ________
77. “It was really kind of you to help me.” Mary said to you.
=> Mary thanked me.................................................
78. The schoolchildren sowed some seeds, but they forgot to water them so they didnt
grow. (If)
79. Stop talking or you won"t understand the lesson. (If)
80. The wind is blowing hard, so we won"t take the boat out for a ride. (If)
81. Carol didn’t answer the phone because she was studying. (If)
82. I feel better now because you talked to me about my problems yesterday. (If)
83. Because I don"t have enough free time, I can"t help my mother with the housework.
84. Rita is exhausted today because she didn"t get any sleep last night. (If)
85. I didn"t prepare for today"s lesson: So it is difficult for me to understand the teachers
86. "If I had any money I"d buy you a drink," she said to me. (reported speech)
87. "If I catch the plane I"ll be home by five," he said. (reported speech)
88. "You should stay in bed if you feel unwell." my mother said. (reported speech)
89. "What would you do if you were having a problem with grammar, Jane?" Anne asked.
(reported speech)

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