Bài tập ôn thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12

Bài tập ôn thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12

Bài tập ôn thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 là tài liệu ôn thi giữa học kỳ 2 dành cho các em học sinh ôn tập và củng cố kiến thức hiệu quả. Sau đây mời các em cùng luyện tập nhé!

Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015 Sở GD - ĐT Tây Ninh

Bộ đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 trường THPT Đa Phúc, Hà Nội

Đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 12 năm 2015 tỉnh Lâm Đồng

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other three:

1. A. bamboo       B. cap          C. labor          D. parrot

2. A. stretch        B. eject         C. reunite        D. eradicate

3. A. any           B. many        C. parrot         D. said

4. A. style          B. type         C. classify       D. sympathy

5. A. dips          B. lives         C. digests        D. thanks

6. A. athletics       B. thought       C. enthusiast      D. themselves

7. A. swallowed     B. replaced      C. described      D. dramatized

8. A. reunite        B. survive       C. wilderness      D. digest

9. A. bats          B. speaks       C. baths          D. nurses

10. A. chew         B. characterize   C. choose         D. check

11. A. walked       B. explained     C. helped         D. missed

12. A. church        B. children       C. chemistry       D. chair

13. A. hosted       B. impressed     C. finished        D. watched

14. A. peace        B. great         C. increase        D. team

15. A. sports        B. enthusiasts    C. games         D. thanks

16. A. picture        B. action        C. question         D. future

17. A. swallow      B. below        C. slowly          D. allow

18. A. enough       B. loud         C. about           D. amount

19. A. killed         B. enjoyed      C. described       D. digested

20. A. desert         B. preference     C. expedition       D. education

21. A. caps         B. meters       C. swimmers       D. lines

22. A. events        B. spirit          C. Asian           D. silver

23. A. gold          B. region        C. organize         D. game.

24. A. competitor      B. medal        C. level            D. development

25. A. honor         B. high          C. host            D. hold

II. Choose the word whose stressed syllable is different from that of the other three:

1. A. derive          B. urbanize       C. reserve         D. enact

2. A. difficulty        B. entertainment   C. television        D. fascinating

3. A. swallow         B. digest        C. happen          D. offer

4. A. illegal           B. sociable      C. vulnerable        D. decent

5. A. miraculous       B. eject         C. typhoon         D. abstract

6. A. opponent        B. canoeing      C.penalty          D. inhabitant

7. A. opponent        B. mischievous   C. family           D. leftovers

8. A. entertainment     B. information    C. difficulty         D. understanding

9. A. importance       B. anniversary    C. personality        D. lemonade

10. A. windsurfing      B. endangerment  C. investment       D. inflation

11. A. different         B. carefully      C. holiday          D. reviewer

12. A. knowledge       B. forever        C. journey          D. action

13. A. water          B. football        C. begin            D. meter

14. A. personal        B. penalty        C. defensive         D. vertical

15. A. award          B. prevent        C. visit             D. except

16. A. goalie          B. advanced      C. above           D. depend

17. A. wildlife          B. rainfall        C.retail             D. cactus

18. A. incredible        B. invisible       C. vulnerable        D. disastrous

19. A. stagnant        B. incredible      C. external          D. illegal

20. A. terrorist         B. biologist       C. ecologist          D. geologist

III. Choose the best answer:

1. Almost half of turtles and tortoises are known to be threatened with ______ .

A. extinct         B. extinction          C. extinctive         D. extinctly

2. Johnny used to be one of the most _______ athletes in my country.

A. succeed        B. success          C. successful        D. successfully

3. We want to modernize our plant, _______ we are lack of capital.

A. because        B. so              C. but              D. however

4. Humans depend on species diversity to provide food, clean air and water and fertile soil for agriculture.

A. destruction       B. contamination      C. fertilizer          D. variety

5. Life on Earth is disappearing fast and will continue to do so unless urgent action is taken.

A. vanishing        B. damaging         C. polluting          D. destroying

6. Keep quiet. You ______ talk so loudly in here. Everybody is working.

A. may            B. must            C. might            D. mustn't

7. John is not at home. He _______ go somewhere with Daisy. I am not sure.

A. might           B. will              C. must            D. should

8. ________ I have a day off tomorrow? – Of course not. We have a lot of things to do.

A. Must           B. Will              C. May             D. Need

9._______, the athlete broke the world's record with two attempts.

A. Surprise         B. Surprised          C. Surprising         D. Surprisingly

10. ________ I be here by 6 o'clock? – No, you ________.

A. Shall/mightn't     B. Must/needn't       C. Will/mayn't        D. Might/won't

11. If I had gone white water rafting with my friends, I _______ down the Colorado River right now.

A. should have floated                   B. must be floating

C. would be floating                     D. would have been floating

12. You ________ touch that switch, whatever you do.

A. mustn't          B. needn't           C. won't             D. wouldn't

13. Susan ______ hear the speaker because the crowd was cheering so loudly.

A. mustn't          B. couldn't           C. can't             D. needn't

14. You ________ be rich to be a success. Some of the most successful people I know haven't got a penny to their name.

A. needn't          B. couldn't           C. mayn't            D. mustn't

15. Vietnam is now willing to _______ part in the 24th SEA Games hosted by Thailand by the end of 2007 with a total of 958 athletes.

A. play            B. lose             C. take              D. enjoy

16. Jane often wears beautiful clothes. She ______ be very rich.

A. must            B. could            C. might             D. needn't

17. Our new flat is on a very busy street. I expect we'll ________ the noise, but at the moment it's very disturbing.

A. use to           B. get used to        C. be used           D. used to

18. You haven't eaten anything since yesterday afternoon. You ________ be really hungry! "I am"

A. might           B. will              C. can              D. must

19. "This movie is boring and too violent," "I agree. ________ leave?"

A. Will we          B. why don't we       C. must we

20. Books are still a cheap way to get __________ and entertainment.

A. inform           B. information        C. informative         D. informatively

21. Whenever he picks up a book, he reads bits here and there or in other words he _____ .

A. digests           B. tastes            C. chews            D. swallows

22. Books are a wonderful source of __________ and pleasure.

A. know            B. knowing          C. knowledgeable       D. knowledge

23. A ____ is a type of book that is based on imagined scientific discoveries of the future.

A. novel            B. science fiction book C. fiction book         D. romance

24. I feel much more __________ when I read an interesting book..

A. relaxed           B. relaxing          C. relax              D. to relax

25. A novel is a story long enough to fill a complete book, in which the characters and events are usually __________ .

A. imagine          B. imaginary         C. imagination         D. imaginatively

26.The journey was the most difficult for him, but __________ he found the strength to make it.

A. amaze           B. amazing          C. amazingly          D. amazement

27. Sue: "I love comic books." Alice: "__________."

A. I do, too          B. No, I won't         C. Yes, I like it        D. Neither do I

28. Mary: "I've got an interview for a job today." Peter: "__________."

A. Thank you.        B. The same to you    C. Good luck          D. See you

29 . A: I'm not sure about this soup. It tastes like something's missing.

    B:_________ It tastes fine to me.

A. You're right             B. Oh, I don't know

C. I don't think so           D. I couldn't agree more

30. Paula wishes she __________ more time to spend on reading books.

A. had              B. has             C. has had            D. will have

31. I can't decide now. I need __________ time to think about it.

A. most             B. few             C. many              D. a little

32. Your bill __________ before you leave the hotel.

A. should pay         B. will pay          C. should be paid        D. must be paying

33. The application forms __________ before March 5th, 2011.

A. must submit             B. must be submitted

C. must have submitted       D. must be submitting

34. Ellen: "__________ ?" Tom: "He is tall and thin with blue eyes."

A. What does John look like     B. How is John

C. How is John doing          D. Who does John look like

35. If he isn't Spanish, what ___________is he?

A. nation            B. international        C. nationality           D. national

36 . A water polo cap is used to _____ the players' head and to identify them.

A. tie              B. penalize           C. protect              D. move

37. I have never taken part in any water sports __________ I cannot swim.

A. because          B. because of        C. due to              D. although

38. Many people do not like scuba diving __________.

A. because its danger          B. because of it is danger

C. because it is dangerous      D. due to it is dangerous

39.. What kind of sport one chooses to play mostly depends _________his preference and health.

A. with             B. for               C. in                 D. on

40. In water polo game, only the goalie can hold the ball _______ two hands.

A. at               B. in                C. with               D. from

41. They are going to __________ the pool to 1.8 meter.

A. deep             B. depth             C. deepen             D. deeply

42. The referee had no hesitation in awarding the visiting team a __________.

A. penalty           B. penalize           C. penal              D. penalization

43. __________ is a sport in which you move along the surface of the sea or a lake on a long narrow board with a sail on it.

A. Water polo         B. Diving             C. Windsurfing         D. Scuba diving

44. I __________ think that scuba diving is more of danger than adventure.

A. person            B. personal           C. personally          D. personalize

45. The referee's __________ is the most important in any sport competition.

A. decide            B. decisive           C. decision            D. decider

46. The main task of a defender in a sport game is to __________ the opponents from scoring.

A. prevent           B. preventing          C. prevention          D. preventable

47. The more goals the players _______, the more exciting the match became.

A. marked           B. made             C. scored             D. sprinted

48: We are not used________ on the left.

A. driving            B. to driving           C. to be driven          D. to drive

49: Peter ________ at the moment, so he can't answer the telephone.

A. works            B. worked            C. is working           D. has worked

50. A: " Thanks for your help." B: " ________ ."

A. You are welcomed               B. The same to you

C. Thank you, too                  D. That's all right

51. A: " Is Monday possible for you?" B: " ________ ."

A. I hope so, too                   B. I really enjoy meeting you

C. Thank you                     D. Yes, that's fine

52. Customer: " Waiter! I'd like the menu, please." Waiter: " ________ ."

A. But I don't like                   B. Here you are, sir

C. Here are you, sir                 D. Yes, thank you

53. Governments have enacted laws to protect wildlife ________commercial trade and overhunting.

A. from               B. without            C. for                 D. at

54. It's is enough to dip__________ this book.

A. for                B. at                C. into                D. about

55. Not all books belong _________this class.

A. in                 B. to                C. for                 D. at

56. When you pick _________a book for the first time, check that it is not too difficult.

A. in                 B. since              C. on                 D. up

57. A game is divided ____________quarters.

A. from               B. into               C. at                 D. of

58. Do you know anyone who might be interested _________buying an old car?

A. on                B. in                 C. with               D. about

59. Mozart died ________ Vienna in 1791 _________ the age of 35.

A. in / on              B. in / at              C. at / in              D. of / for

60. Plant and animal extinction leads _________ loss of biodiversity.

A. on                 B. in                 C. into               D. to

61. Reviewers describe books _______ "hard-to-put-down", or "hard-to-pick-up-again".

A. as                 B. for                C. into               D. in

62. If I had time, I _____________ shopping with you.

A. went               B. will go             C. would go           D. would have gone

63. If you ________ English, you will get along with them perfectly.

A. can speak           B. had spoken         C. speaks            D. spoke

64. If they had gone for a walk, they _________ the lights off.

A. had turned           B. would have turn      C. would have turned    D. would turn

65. If she ___________ to see us, we will go to the zoo.

A. came               B. come              C. comes             D. is coming

66. I would have told you, if I ________ him.

A. had meet            B. had met            C. meet              D. met

67. Three weeks _______not enough holiday.

A. are                 B. were              C. was               D. been

68. Each of you ____ a share in the work.

A. having              B. has               C. to have             D. have

69. A number of students ____ volunteered to the job.

A. have                B. has               C. to have             D. having

70. Collecting old coins and paper notes ____ one of my hobbies.

A. being                B. were              C. are                D. is

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