Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 4 The Mass Media

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Tiếng Anh 12 Unit 4: The Mass Media

Tài liệu Bài tập Tiếng Anh Unit 4 lớp 12 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Để học tốt Tiếng Anh lớp 12 chương trình mới do VnDoc.com biên tập và đăng tải. Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh được biên tập bám sát chương trình học tại Nhà trường giúp học sinh lớp 12 ôn tập kiến thức đã học hiệu quả. Mời bạn đọc tham khảo!

Exercise 1: Match the words/phrases/symbols in column A with those in column B.



1. a small minority

a. percentage

2. proportion

b. noted

3. a majority of

c. 25%

4. a quarter of

d. percent

5. less than a fifth

e. more than 50%

6. recorded

f. 5%

7. %

g. 17%

Key: 1. f; 2. a; 3. e; 4. c; 5. g; 6. b; 7. d;

Exercise 2: Complete the following sentences with the correct words/ phrases/ symbols in Exercise. 1.

1. In 2014, ________ students or more than 50% used social media to exchange information about their school projects.

2. The______ of students using magazines was significantly lower at 5%.

3. ______ of students, or 17%, borrowed print magazines.

4. In 2014, only____________ , or 5%, borrowed magazines from the school library.

5. Exactly 25% or___________ students were still relying on print materials.

6. Print magazines and newspapers accounted for just 20 _________ of mass media use.

Key: 1. a majority of; 2. percentage; 3. less than a fifth percent;

4. a small minority; 5. a quarter of; 6. percent/ %;

Exercise 3. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses. Use the negative form or passive voice if necessary.

1. I (already buy)________ my desktop computer when I (give) _______ a tablet PC.

2. She (not, use)______ any of the social networking sites until he (show)_______her how to do it.

3. Minh (have) _______ an email account for five years when someone (hack)_______ his account.

4. She (use)_______ a simple mobile phone for ten years before she (get) _______ a smartphone last year.

5. By the time Minh (telephone)_______ me, I (already, finish) ________ updating my social networking profile.

6. Charles David ‘Doc’ Herrold (be)________an American radio broadcasting pioneer, who (create) _________ the world's second radio station in 1909.

7. I …………………. (have) an email account for ten years before it was hacked.

8. Last week we ……... (attend) a presentation on the advantages and disadvantages of social networking.

9. Jack ………..….. (delete) his blog after he …………..………… (receive) many negative comments.

10. Since I ……. (get) a smartphone for my birthday, I ………..… (stop) using my brother’s laptop to surf the Net.

11. My parents ………….…. (waste) a lot of their time writing letters before they …………….… (start) using social media to connect with their relatives two months ago.

12. I ………… (edit) all my videos from my holiday before I ……………..……(upload) them to my blog.

Key: 1. had already bought - was given; 2. hadn't used - showed; 3. had had - hacked;

4. had used - got; 5. telephoned - had already finished; 6. was - created;

7. had had; 8. attended; 9. had deleted - received;

10. got - had stopped; 11. had wasted - started; 12. had edited - uploaded;

Exercise 4. Complete the following sentences with the appropriate prepositions.

1. The IT specialists apologised__________ being late because of the traffic jam.

2. Minh apologised _________ his form teacher for the late submission of his essay.

3. He was awarded a medal for saving a four-year-old boy _________ drowning.

4. This young man specialises_________ computer software.

5. This shampoo smells____________ bananas.

6. If you keep making so much noise, I won't be able to concentrate _________ my work.

7. Nobody responded_________ the complaint about the shortage of teaching resources.

8. She always writes emails___________ us.

9. He's talking________ his teacher____________ his new project.

10. Now we rely heavily ……………….. computers to organise our work.

11. Last week we carried …………………a survey on social networking.

12. Listen ………………. him and follow his instructions.

13. They are searching ……………… the source of the leak.

14. What do you think ………………. advertising our products on social media?

15. Take the recording equipment …………….. you in case you need to record something.

Key: 1. for; 2. to; 3. from; 4. in; 5. like; 6. on; 7. to; 8. to;

9. to - about; 10. on; 11. out; 12. to; 13. for; 14. about; 15. with;

Exercise 5. Choose the correct time or quantity expressions used with the past perfect tense.

1. How (much/long) had you owned this mobile phone before you bought a new smartphone?

2. I had (yet/already) finished my phone call by the time my classmate Mai arrived.

3. Minh hadn't finished his essay (when/by) the time the submission deadline came.

4. The form teacher had requested that all the exercises should be completed (as soon as/before) dismissed the class.

5. How (much/long) had you been on the computer before it froze?

6. They had exchanged emails and instant messages long (after/before) they met face to face.

7. I had always wanted to own a new tablet PC (so/as) I bought one today!

Exercise 6: Choose the underlined part that differs from the other three in pronunciation in each question.

1. A. chatted  B. surprised  C. downloaded  D. started
2. A. accessed  B. increased  C. searched  D. addicted
3. A. watched  B. connected  C. addicted  D. printed
4. A. subscribed  B. used  C. challenged  D. liked
5. A. wasted  B. excited  C. relied  D. invented

Exercise 7: Choose the word whose stress is different from the others.

1. A. prevent B. event  C. advent  D. emerge
2. A. documentary  B. proficiency  C. efficiency  D. society
3. A. assimilate  B. diversity  C. identity  D.customary
4. A. nationality  B. globalization  C. flexibility  D. solidarity
5. A. achievement  B. encourage  C. intergrade  D. tradition

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