Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 9, 10, 11

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Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 9, 10, 11

Trong bài viết này, VnDoc.com giới thiệu tới các bạn Bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 6 Unit 9, 10, 11 sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích cho các thầy cô giáo ra đề, cũng như cho các em học sinh lớp 6 trau dồi và củng cố kiến thức hiệu quả. Tài liệu này bao gồm 2 bài test. Sau đây mời các em cùng làm bài nhé!

English 6 - Unit 9,10,11 test 1

I. Pronunciation (0,5pt)

1. A. Shoulder       B. Yellow         C. Nose         D. Color

2. A. Flower         B. Country         C. House        D. Shower

II. Choose the best answer. (2pts)

1. What ___________you like? I'd like some water.

A. Are             B. Do             C. Would         D. Be

2. Hoa is thirsty. She 'd like some _______________

A. Bread           B. Rice            C. Noodles       D. Orange juice

3. What's _____________dinner? There is some rice and some meat.

A. In              B. For             C. At           D. With

4. Apples are my favorite ___________.

A. Fruit            B. Vegetable        C. Food         D. Drink

5. Would you like some rice and chicken, Mai? No, thanks. I'm ________.

A. Thirsty          B. Hungry          C. Full          D. Hot

6. There is _________ bread and rice on the table.

A. Some           B. Any             C. Any          D. An

7. ________ she like hot drinks?

A. Does           B. Do              C. Has         D. Is

8. ________? – He feels tired.

A. How he feels?                      B. How does he feel?

C. How would he feel?                   D. How is he feel?

III. Use the correct form of the verb (1pts)

1. Nam and his brother (walk) ______________ to school every day.

2. He (walk) ______________ to school now.

3. She (have) ______________ long black hair.

4. They (eat) ______________ breakfast now.

IV. Use the correct form of words. (1pt)

1. The bag is so ____________ (heavily)

2. She is a ____________ (gym)

3. Toan is a weight ___________ (lift)

4. He is ___________ (strength)

V. Read and then fill True or False. (1pt)

Today is Sunday. Hoa and her mother go to the store. They want a bottle of cooking oil, five kilos of rice, five hundred grams of beef, a can of peas and two boxes of chocolates. Lan wants four cans of soda. Soda is her favorite drink.

1. Lan goes to the store with her sister. _____________

2. They don't want any fish. _____________

3. They want a can of peas. _____________

4. They want three boxes of chocolates _____________

VI. Fill in the blanks with the words provided. (1,25pts)

Hi! My name's Thu. I'm in grade 6. My sister and I (1) _____ our breakfast at school. She (2) ______ some noodles and a hot drink. I (3) _____ some bread and some milk. We don't have lunch at chool. We have lunch at home. We have rice, chicken, cabbage and some apples (4) _____ lunch. Apple is my (5) _____ fruit.

1. A. Eat          B. Eats           C. Want           D. Wants

2. A. Like         B. Wants          C. Is liking         D. Is wanting

3. A. Would like     B. Would like to     C. Would want      D. Would want to

4. A. In           B. On             C. At             D. For

5. A. Favor        B. Favorite         C. Health          D. Healthy

VII. Use the correct form of word given in each sentence. (0,75pt)

1. Would/ bar/ like/ soap/ I/ a/ of/ please.


2. Bananas/ how/ she/ does/ many/ want?


3. Tea/ cup/ you/ would/ of/ a/ like?


VIII. Rewrite the following sentences (2pts)

1. Miss Huong's eyes are brown.

Miss Huong has ______________________________________

2. Thoa has long black hair.

Thoa's hair __________________________________________

3. He has a brown school bag.

His school bag _______________________________________

4. Mr. Quang is big and strong.

Mr. Quang is not _____________________________________

IX. Choose the under lined word or phrase that needs correcting. (0,5pt)

1. I need two dozen of eggs, please.

    A       B   C   D

2. It's ten thousands dong, please.

   A  B     C      D

English 6 Unit 9,10,11 test 2

I. Pronunciation. (0,5pt)

1. A. Fish           B. Life            C. Like            D. Night

2. A. Apple          B. Cabbage         C. Take            D. Matter

II. Choose the best answer. (2pts)

1. He lifts heavy weights as a sport. He's a _________.

A. Gymnast          B. Engineer         C. Farmer          D. Weight lifter

2. It's a beautyful day. The sky is ________.

A. Black            B. Blue            C. Gray            D. Green

3. ________ her lips full or thin?

A. Are              B. Is              C. Do              D. Does

4. ________ colour are her eyes?

A. Who             B. What           C. How             D. Where

5. He is _______ between his sister and his brother.

A. Sit               B. Sits            C. Siting            D. Sitting

6. She puts her _______ over her ears.

A. Legs             B. Feet           C. Hands            D. Toes

7. _______ does she do? "She's a gymnast"

A. What             B. How            C. Who             D. Which

8. Look! The teacher ________.

A. Come            B. Comes          C. Coming           D. Is coming

III. Use the correct form of the word. (1pt)

1. We should eat fruits to stay ___________ (health)

2. What is your _____________ food? (favor)

3. I like ___________ tea. (ice)

4. I want a bottle of ____________ oil, please. (cook)

IV. Use the correct form of verb. (1pt)

1. Hoa (wait) ____________ for the bus at the moment.

2. Mr. Trung is a bus driver. He (drive) ___________ a bus.

3. The children (eat) ___________ meat every day.

4. Today, they (eat) ___________ fish now.

V. Read and then True or False. (1pt)

Today is Saturday. Mrs. Lien goes to the market by motorbike. She needs many things. First, she wants a kilo of fish and five hundred grams of beef. Then she wants some vegetables. She needs four cans of peas, a kilo of tomanoes and two kilos of potatoes. Then she wants two cans of soda, two packets of tea and a tube of toothpaste. She goes home at ten o'clock.

1. Mrs. Lien wants some meat, some vegetables and some drinks. __________

2. She wants five hundred grams of beef. __________

3. She doesn't need any peas. __________

4. She wants two packets of tea. __________

VI. Fill in the blanks with the words provided. (1,25pts)

Thu is Phong's sister. She lives (1)______ America. She gets up late. She starts work at ten o'clock. She doesn't have breakfast. She has a sandwich (2)_______ lunch at twelve o'clock. She (3)_______ work at seven o'clock. She has dinner (4)_______ home. She usually has some fish, potatoes, lettuces and a banana. Banana is her (5) ________ fruit.

1. A. In          B. At            C. On            D. Of

2. A. Of          B. When         C. To            D. For

3. A. Finish       B. Finishs        C. Finishes        D. Is finishing

4. A. In          B. At            C. On            D. From

5. A. Hungry       B. Fovorite       C. Healthy        D. Dangerous

VII. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting. (0,5pt)

1. Howmany tea do you want?

   A    B      C      D

2. How muchbottles of milk do you need?

       A     B       C  D

VIII. Arrange these words into their correct orders. (0,75pt)

1. Very/ it/ and/ is/ hungry/ I'm/ 8 p.m


2. And/ the/ thirsty/ after/ feel/ game/ tired/ I.


3. Water/ isn't/ here/ there/ any.


IX. Rewrite these sentences. (2pts)

1. What is the price of a bowl of noodles?

How much __________________________________________________?

2. How many oranges do you want?

How many oranges would ______________________________________?

3. This box has twelve packets of tea.

There _______________________________________________________.

4. How much is a bottle of cooking oil?

What is _____________________________________________________?

The end of the test!

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