Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 13: Activities

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 7 Unit 13

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I. Choose the best answer for the blank:

1. She sings ___________________ .

A. beautiful          B. nice       C. beautifully         D. lovely

2. Everybody wished ___________________ this activity.

A. keep             B. to keep     C. keeping          D. to keeping

3. He volunteered ___________________ us all in his car.

A. take             B. to take      C. taking           D. to taking

4. We can learn more about the undersea world ___________________ this invention.

A. because          B. for         C. thanks to        D. thanks for

5. The number of participants ___________________ every week.

A. increase         B. increases      C. is increase      D. are increase

6. I wish ___________________ to the teacher about that.

A. explain         B. to explain       C. explaining      D. to explaining

7. ___________________ is a person who swims underwater using special equipment.

A. Diver          B. Scientist        C. Participant     D. Cyclist

8. We are late, thanks to you.

A. because       B. because of       C. instead        D. instead of

9. He said that he would wait ___________________ me.

A. for            B. of               C. to            D. at

10. We plan ___________________ at about 3 o’clock.

A. arrive         B. to arrive         C. arriving        D. Both B & C

11. He ought to finish this homework before he plays tennis.

A. must         B. can             C. should         D. will

12. Do you like to take part in our club?

A. play          B. go              C. join           D. get

13. I am well awared ___________________ the problem.

A. of           B. for             C. about           D. on

14. I have to finish this question.

A. must        B. can             C. should         D. will

15. They take a walk intead ___________________ bicycle trips.

A. take        B. to take          C. of take          D. of taking

16. He is learning ___________________ in the lake.

A. swim        B. to swim         C. swimming        D. to swimming

17. ___________________ is a person who rides a bicycle.

A. Scientist     B. Cyclist         C. Member          D. Participant

18. Are you aware ___________________ the time?

A. of           B. from          C. in              D. for

19. There are ___________________ sports activities at school?

A. much        B. lot of         C. different         D. expensive

20. The number ___________________ participants increases every week.

A. on           B. of           C. in              D. at

21. Summer is ___________________ its way.

A. on          B. of           C. in              D. at

22. Swimming can be fun ___________________ accidents can happen.

A. and         B. but          C. or              D. so

23. This is a very ___________________ river.

A. danger       B. dangerous     C. dangerously     D. expensive

24. Nam speaks English very ___________________.

A. well         B. good         C. fluently         D. both A and C

25. Walking is a good sports activity. It makes us ___________________.

A. health       B. healthy        C. healthily       D. unhealthy

26. Lan wants Hoa ___________________ TV before dinner.

A. watch       B. watching       C. to watch       D. watches

27. Hoa always eats dinner ___________________ home.

A. on          B. in            C. at            D. with

28. She likes ___________________ time with her aunt and uncle at night.

A. spend        B. spends       C. spending       D. to spend

29. There is a cowboy film ___________________ at the New Age Theater.

A. on            B. in           C. at            D. about

30. You have to ___________________ your homework and prepare the lesson.

A. do           B. doing         C. did          D. will do

31. Are you free ___________________ Thursday?

A. for           B. about          C. in           D. on

32. We ought to ___________________ our Mom.

A. help         B. to help          C. helped       D. helping

33. No one went home until the TV programs ___________________.

A. finish        B. finishes         C. finished      D. finishing

34. How about ___________________ to music?

A. listen        B. listened        C. to listen        D. listening

35. Is baseball your ___________________ sports?

A. good        B. bad          C. safe           D. favorite

II. Choose the words or phrases that are not standard in English:

1. We shouldn’t run or walk careless around the pool edge.
        A        B        C               D

2. It is difficult for us trying to stay away from water.    
    A        B     C               D

3. They plan improving water safety awarness for children.
              A           B      C     D

4. Thanks for the diving vessel, he could explore the oceans of the world.
         A      B                   C              D

5. This is some of the advices you should remember.
      A      B       C         D

6. The children vonlunteered planting flowers in the school garden.
        A                  B          C       D

7. We should take part in outdoor activities instead lying in front of the TV.
        A           B                 C               D

8. The aim of this program is to teach children about water safe.
       A     B               C                    D

9. They usually go for a walk in Sunday mornings.
    A         B  C       D

10. You should listen careful to your teacher.
          A         B   C  D

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