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REVIEW UNIT 9+10- Anh 7

I/ Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets:

1. Carnival is a popular ________ in many countries in South Amaerica. (festive)

2. It usually happens in February, and South American people ______ it in different ways. (celebration)

3. The Rio Carnival is the biggest and most famous, with most lively _________ (celebrate)

4. It gives people a chance to learn about the true _______ of Brazil. (cultural)

5. People wear costumes and ______ through the streets, playing samba music and dancing. (parade)

6. The highlight of the Rio Carnival is the Samba Parade with thousands of samba _________ from various samba schools. (perform)

7. A lot of ________and _______ activities are held as part of the Flower Festival in Dalat. (culture/ artist)

8. There is a special __________ for Japanese girls on March 3rd every year. (celebrate)

9. I saw a parade of flower floats when I ______the festival last year. (attend)

10. I love the _________ of folk songs. (performer)

11. We had a ________ meal on my grandfather’s birthday. (celebrate)

12. The christmas season is also called the ______ season. (festival)

13. Villages _______ contribute money and other things to celebrate the festival. (volunteer)

14. The _______ atmosphere is felt around all the villages. (festival)

15. There are some other activities such as ______ shows,buffalo races, and _____ games. (culture/ tradition)

16. La Tomatina is a _______ festival to celebrate the tomato harvest. (season)

17. Halloween is a _______ festival. People often put pumpkin lanternsoutside their house. (religion)

18. _______ energy is renewable. Moreover it is clean and safe. (sun)

19. Biogas is mainly used for ______ and _______. (cook/ hot)

20. People in ______ are have to gather wood to use as fuel. (mountain)

21. Biogas helps solve the problem of indoor air _________. (pollute)

22. In the future, the wind and the sun will be used as the main _________ friendly energy sources. (environment)

23. Many poor people in developind countries have little _______. (electric)

24. _________,fossil fuels are harmful to the environment. (fortunate)

25. We are looing for cheap, clean and ________ sources of energy. (effect)

26. We shouldn’t waste ________ resources. (nature)

II/Make question:

1. Wind is a renewable source of energy.


2. Coal is a non-renewable source.


3. Diwali is a festival of light.


4. La Tomatina is held on the last Wednesday os August every year.


5. People had to wear goggles to protect their eyes.


6. The town square was red with rivers of tomato juice.


7. He saved money to fly to Spain.


8. During Tet, the Vietnamese decorate their houses with apricot or peach blossoms.


9. We should turn off the light and electric devices to save electricity


III/ Fill in the blanks:

1. The sun and thw windare other ________ sources of energy. (alternative/ renewable/ fossil)

2. It can be used to _______ or cool our house. (hot/ heat/ heating)

3. Do you think ________is a harvest festival? (Halloween/ Christmas/ Tet/ Thanksgiving)

4. Families and friends gather to have a ________ at Thanksgiving. (dinner/ feast/ bread)

5. People put pumpkin_______ outside their homes at Halloween. (lanterns/ bulbs/ lights)

6. People help those ______ fortunate at Thanksgiving. (lesser/ loss/ less/ little)

7. I think elephants are ________ animals. (fascinating/ fascinated)

8. At 9 o’clock on Monday, we ________ a test on sources of energy. (will take/ will be taken/ wii be taking)

9. I ________ English this time tomorrow.(am learning/ will be learning/ will learn)

10. By using solar energy the problem of the energy ____ will be solved.(shortage/ short/ shorter)

IV/ Rewrite the following sentences:

1. We will develop alternative sources of energy.

Alternative _________________________________

2. They found the film exciting. (excited)

They ______________________________________

3. The film interests me a lots.(interested)

I am_______________________________________

4. His new film is really surprising to you. (surprised)

You are ______________________________________

5. His behaviour was annoying.

I found ________________________________________

6. Lots of people are confused by the way he behaves. (confusing)

Lots of people found_________________________________

7. Let’s go to the zoo.

How about________________________________

8. I went to the film, although I feel really tired. (in spite of)


9. There wasn’t much traffic when I was small. (use to)


10. Another renewable resource will replace coal.

Coal ___________________________________________

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