Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 11 Science And Technology

English 8 Unit 11: Science And Technology

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I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. Read the words aloud.

1. A. allow

B. follow

C. yellow

D. fellow

2. A. exhaust

B. hour

C. honest

D. house

3. A. mood

B. moon

C. soon

D. good

4. A. Dutch

B. Russian

C. just

D. use

5. A. descent

B. dissent

C. discontent

D. continent

2. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others.

1. A. consequently

B. advantage

C. apologise

D. complain

2. A. relationship

B. arrangement

C. challenging

D. eliminate

3. A. prescription

B. profession

C. mechanic

D. calculate

4. A. Japanese

B. English

C. Indian

D. American

5. A. emphasize

B. equipment

C. improvement

D. distinguish


1. Turn the adverb of time in the box into indirect speech/reported speech.

(Direct speech)

(Indirect speech/ reported speech)


next Sunday

in two weeks



yesterday evening

the day before yesterday

two days ago

next week

last week



this (morning)

2. Choose the correct option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. Lien told me that a biology teacher.

A. she wants to become

B. she wanted to become

C. she will become

D. she wanted becoming

2. We reminded Lily late for our appointment the next day.

A. to be not

B. not to be

C. to don’t be

D. don’t be

3. My sister asked the dress for me?

A. You used to buy

B. You would buy

C. Will you buy

D. You buy

4. “ for a cup of tea?” I asked my friends.

A. We will meet

B. We are meeting

C. We shall meet

D. Shall we meet

5. Mother asked Lorie in her tests.

A. if she will do well

B. whether she did not do well

C. why did she not do well

D. why she did not well

6. We advised Sue not to be a spend thrift and that she more money.

A. not to save

B. was saving

C. should save

D. not save

7. The teacher said a week off on the occasion of the International Labor Day.

A. we will have

B. we didn’t have

C. we have

D. we would have

8. Tomoko and Kiko said that they cycling the day after tomorrow.

A. will go

B. have go

C. would go

D. has gone

9. “The Sun “ declared my younger brotherconfidently.

A. sets in the west

B. are setting in the west

C. are set in the west

D. set in the west

10. The teacher told us of failure if I try all my best.

A. don’t be afraid

B. to be don’t afraid

C. not to be afraid

D. to don’t be afraid

3. Fill each blank with a suitable word in the box to complete the passage.











Nowadays a lot of important inventions (1) ………… carried out by scientists (2) ……….. for a large industrial firms. (3) …………….., there are still opportunities (4) …………. Other people to invent various things. In Britain, (5) ………….. is a weekly television program which attempts to show (6) …………. the various devices which people have recently (7)………….. The people organizing the program receive (8) …………. About 700 inventions a year. New ideas can still be developed (9) ………… private inventors. However, it is important to consider these (10) ……………. Will it work? Will it be wanted? Is it new?


1. Choose the correct tenses given in column A with suitable tenses in column B to make sure when you turn into reported speech.

(Direct speech)

(Indirect speech/ reported speech)

1. Present simple

2. Present continuous

3. Present perfect

4. Past simple

5. Will

6. Can

7. May

8. Must

a. Could

b. Past continuous

c. had to

d. Past perfect

e. Would

f. Past simple

g. Might

2. Read and choose the best option A, B, C or D to complete the passage.


The bicycle is one of the simplest yet most useful inventions in the world. What is most surprising is that it was not (1) …………. Earlier, although the great inventor Leonardo da Vinci had drawn picture for bicycle and also for flying machines and some other things. Those things were not produced (2) ………… long after he died.

A person riding a bicycle use (3) ………….. energy to make the bicycle move, and there is no pollution at all when you are riding. Even so in developed (4) …………., most people don’t travel to work by bicycle. It is not work. It’s because (6) ………… cars on the roads becomes larger. It certainly becomes (7) ………… to ride a bicycle. As a result, more people put their bicycles away and go to work (8) ………… their cars, and in this way, the situation is made more serious. (9) ………….. the best way to make riding safer and more popular is to create paths only for bicycle and to make (10) ………….. so difficult and expensive for drivers to take their cars into the city that they will go back to use their bicycles.

1. A. had

B. used

C. invented

D. ridden

2. A. before

B. when

C. since

D. until

3. A. much

B. quite a lot of

C. very little

D. many

4. A. world

B. countries

C. land

D. earth

5. A. lucky

B. glad

C. sorry

D. tired

6. A. the number of

B. a number of

C. this kind of

D. all kinds of

7. A. safe

B. more dangerous

C. much

D. popular

8. A. by

B. in

C. use

D. drive

9. A. Hardly

B. Maybe

C. perhaps

D. Nearly

10. A. it

B. them

C. us

D. that


1. Turn these sentences into reported speech.

1. “I try to learn hard to pass the entrance exam”.

Nam said ______________________________________

2. “Jane doesn’t want to come to bobby’s party.”

Mary told ______________________________________

3. “My daughter is writing a letter to her French friends now.”

Jane’s mother informed ______________________________________

4. “Kate will be a good teacher in the future.”

The Principal hoped ______________________________________

5. “We may go sightseeing in Sapa next week.”

My friends told me ______________________________________

2. Turn these sentences from reported speech into direct speech.

1. Albert Einstein stated that once you stop learning, you start dying.


2. Lan told me that she would go camping with her classmates the next day.


3. The scientists told us that in the near future, robots in our home would do all the housework for us.


4. I believed science and technology were the keys to develop in the society.


5. All of us knew that the way to the success was not easy.


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