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Conditional Sentences
Exercise 1
1. If it_____ convenient, let's go out for a drink tonight.
a. be b. is c. was d. were
2. If you_____ time, please write to me.
a. have b. had c. have had d. has
3. I shouldn't go there at night if I_____ you.
a. am b. was c. be d. were
4. If I_____ get a pole, I'll go fishing.
a. can b. could c. may d. might
5. If they had enough time, they_____ head south.
a. will b. can c. must d. might
6. If you had the chance, _____ you go fishing?
a. did b. may c. would d. do
7. If you_____ a choice, which country would you visit?
a. have b. had c. have had d. will have
8. If I found a wallet in the street, I_____ take it to police.
a. will b. should c. would d. shall
9. I don't really want to go to their party, but I probably will go. They'd be offended if
I_____ go.
a. didn't b. don't c. will d. will not
10. What would you do if you _____ a million pounds?
a. win b. won c. will win d. a and c
11. I'm not tired enough to go to bed yet. I wouldn't sleep if I_____ to bed now.
a. go b. went c. had gone d. would go
12. I_____ that coat if I were you.
a. wouldn’t buy b. didn’t buy c. don't buy d. won't buy
13. If you_____ here yesterday, you_____ me.
a. were/would meet b. had been/ would meet
c. were/ would have met d. had been/ would have met
14. If I was offered the job, I think I _____ it.
a. take b. will take c. would take d. would have taken
15. I would be very surprised if he_____
a. refused b refused c. had refuse d. would refuse
16. Many people would be out of work if that factory_____ down.
a. closes b. closed c. had closed d. would close
17. If she sold her car, she_____ much money.
a. gets b. will get c. would get d. would have got
18. They would be disappointed if we_____
a. hadn’t come b. wouldn't come c. don't come d. didn't come
19. Would George be angry if I_____ his bicycle without asking?
a. take b. took c. had taken d. would take
20. She_____ terribly upset if I lost thing ring.
a. will be b. would be c. were d. had been
Exercise 2
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu miễn phí
1. If someone_____ in here with a gun, I'd be very frightened
a. would walk b. had walked c. walks d. walked
2. That would happen if you_____ to work tomorrow?
a. don't go b. won't go c. didn't go d. wouldn't go
3. I'm sure she_____ if you explained the situation to her.
a. would understand b. will understand c. had understood d. understood
4. We'll get wet if we_____ out
a. go b. went c. did go d. had gone
5. If I go shopping, I _____ some food.
a. buy b. will buy c. would buy d. would have bought
6. If they_____ soon, I'm not going to wait.
a. hadn't come b. won't come c. don't come d. didn't come
7. If I find it, I _____ you.
a. will tell b. would tell c. had told d. told
8. What would you do if you_____ a million dollars?
a. would win b. win c. had won d. won
9. They'd be hurt if I_____
a. don't go b. didn't go c. hadn't gone d. wouldn't go
10. Sarah probably wouldn't get the job if she_____
a. applies b. had applied c. applied d. would apply
11. If we took the 6:30 train, we______ too early.
a. would have arrived b. will arrive c. arrived d. would arrive
12. If I had known you were in hospital, I ______ to see you.
a. will go b. would go c. went d. would have gone
13. If I______, I would have said hello.
a. had seen b. saw c. see d. would see
14. If there______ the rice fields could have been more productive.
a. had been enough water b. were enough water
c. would be enough water d. are enough water
15. The patient could not recover unless he ______ an operation.
a. had undergone b. would undergo c. underwent d. undergoing
16. If she______ him, she would be very happy.
a. would meet b. will meet c. is meeting d. should meet
17. If he ______ a thorough knowledge of English, he could have applied for this post.
a. had had b. had c. has d. has had
18. If I had enough money, I______ abroad to improve my English.
a. will go b. would go c. should go d. should have go to
19. The bench would collapse if they______ on it.
a. stood b. stand c. standing d. stands
20. ______ she agreed, you would have done it.
a. If b. Had c. Should d. Would
Exercise 3
1. If only I ______ you wanted to invest money in business.
a. had know b. knew c. have known d. know
2. If I were to leave my country, I ______ disappointed.
VnDoc - Ti tài liu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu miễn phí
a. probably be b. would have been c. will be d. would be
3. If he hadn't wasted too much time, he______ in his examination.
a. would fail b. wouldn't fail c. wouldn't have failed d. won't fail
4. If I had take that English course, I ______ much progress.
a. had made b. would have made c. made d. would make
5. If I were in your place, I ______ a trip to England.
a. will make b. had made c. would make d. made
6. If you inherited a million pounds, what______ with the money?
a. do you do b. will you do c. would you do d. are you going to do
7. I ______ out if I hadn't been so tired.
a. will go b. went c. would have gone d. would go
8. If he had been looking where he was going, he ______ into the wall.
a. wouldn't have walked b. didn't walk c. won't walk d. wouldn't walk
9. If I ______ a camera, I would have taken some pictures.
a. have b. had c. would have d. had had
10. If I______ hungry, I ______ something.
a. had been, would eat b. had been/ would have eaten
c. were/ would eat d. were/ would have eaten
11. If I______ to the party last nigh, I ______ tired now.
a. had gone/ would be b. had gone/ would have been
c. went/ would be d. went/ would have been
12. Tom…. for the examination last week if he ______ that it would be so difficult.
a. wouldn't enter/ had known b. wouldn't have entered/ knew
c. wouldn't have entered/ had known d. wouldn't enter/ knew
13. Tom got to the station in time.
If he______ the train, he ______ late for his interview.
a. missed/ would have been b. had missed/ would be
c. missed/ would be d. had missed/ would have been
14. Ann______ longer if her other had let her.
a. could have stayed b. could stay c. stays d. stayed
15. If only Tom ______ sick today.
a. weren't b. hasn't been c. hasn't d. didn't
16. If I missed the bus, I ______ walk to work.
a. would have to b. will have to c. would have d. will have
17. The bus won't stop ______ you ring the bell.
a. when b. if c. it not d. unless
18. If she talked less, people______ her more.
a. will like b. like c. liked d. would like
19. If Margaret hadn't been wearing a seat belt, she ______ injured.
a. has been b. would has been c. would be d. would have been
20. If I had been you, I ______ to the manager
a. have complained b. would have complained
c. had complained d. would complained
Exercise 4
1. If you _____ as I told you, you _____ in such predicament now.

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