Bài tập trắc nghiệm môn tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 10: Life on other planets có đáp án (số 1)

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Bài tập trắc nghiệm môn tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 10

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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. A. cake          B. crazy        C. grade          D. imagination

2. A. children       B. child         C. line            D. sign

3. A. wanted         B. needed       C. liked            D. planted

4. A. meat         B. seat         C. please         D. pleasure

5. A. sample       B. shape        C. spaceship       D. shift.

Choose A, B,C or D to complete the following sentences.

6. UFOs are strange ____objects.

A. playing          B. flying         C. doing          D. learning

7. A person who flies a plane is called a _____.

A. sailor           B. driver         C. pilot           D. soldier

8. In 1952, there were more than 1,500 UFO sightings _______ the world.

A. round           B. around        C. on            D. over

9. In 1964, he claimed he saw an/ a _____ object in one of his fields.

A. egg- shaped      B. __ shaped      C. eggs-shaped   D. shaped-eggs.

10. Good evening, welcome to our Science For ______Program.

A. Fun            B. Funny          C. Funnily        D. Funniest

11. He is an ___ pilot.

A. experient       B. experiment       C. experience     D. experienced

12. Many reports in newspapers talked about the ___of UFOs.

A. appear        B. appearance       C. appeared       D. appearing

13. The story about UFOs caught the _____ of the whole class.

A. imagine       B. imaginative        C. imaginatively    D. imagination

14. Most of films are produced for ________.

A. entertain      B. entertainment      C. entertained     D. entertaining

15. We can see the micro organism with a ____.

A. camera       B. telescope         C. glasses         D. microscope

16. If he were rich, he ____ travel around the world.

A. will           B. would           C. can            D. must

17. Mai could play the piano beautifully if she ____ a piano.

A. owed         B. owes             C. owned          D. owns

18. He said that he met a alien from ____ space.

A. in            B. above            C. out             D. outer

19. Scientists say that if people see a UFO, it ___be a spacecraft.

A. will           B. might             C. is             D. was

20. Where ____ you go if you have a car?

A. will           B. are              C. would          D. were

21. You will fail the exam, ____ you study harder.

A. as           B. if                 C. unless         D. although

22. If I ___ a bird, I would be a dove.

A. are           B. were             C. am             D. is

23. If today ___ Sunday, we ___ to the beach.

A. is/ would go     B. were/ would go     C. will be/ will go    D. were/ will go

24. If it _____ this morning, I will not go out.

A. rain           B. rained            C. rains            D. raining

25. Nobody hates you! It’s all in your _______.

A. imagine        B. imaginary        C. imagining        D. imagination

Choose A, B, C or D to complete the following passage:

Do you want to plan for some kind of exciting trip? Do you have a million dollars? Are you very healthy? Are you a good traveller? Do you want to go to nowhere? Then you can have a trip to space.

If you (26) __ to take the trip, you will have to get ready a few months before the flight. You must be in excellent (27) ___ condition. You should run a lot, swim every day, and do (28)__ and push-ups. You must get a letter from the doctor that shows you are in (29)__ health.

Once you get on the trip, you will be in a different world. You will see pictures of the Earth. You may also find your country and other (30)___ places. You will be able to see the oceans, the big rivers and the tall mountains.

When you are in (31)__, you will not weigh anything. You will feel totally free and enjoy the wonderful (32)__ you have never had before. If you (33)__ on board now, you would experience those marvelous things.

26. A. decided        B. deciding         C. decides         D. decide

27. A. physics        B. physician        C. physical         D. physicist

28. A. homework      B. housework       C. aerobics         D. cooking

29. A. bad           B. perfect          C. sick             D. well

30. A. interest        B. interested        C. interesting        D. interests

31. A. orbit          B. class            C. place            D. world

32. A. feel           B. feeling           C. felt              D. fill

33. A. are           B. is               C. am              D. were

Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) that is the same meaning with the italic sentence.

34. I am poor, so I can’t buy a car.

A. If I am rich, I can buy a car.            B. If I were rich, I can buy a car.

C. If I were rich, I could buy a car.         D. If I were rich, I will buy a car.

35. Water these plants or they will die.

A. If you did not water these plants, they will die.       B. If you water these plants, they will die.

C. If you don’t water these plants, they will die.        D. If you are watering these plants, they will die.

36. Where is Lan? - Perhaps she is working.

A. She may be working.            B. She can be working.

C. She must be working.            D. She will be working.

37. Nam will probably be there.

A. Nam is there.                   B. Nam might be there.

C. Nam must be there.              D. Nam mightn’t be there.

38. He is too short to play basketball.

A. If he were not short, he could play basketball.       B. If he is not short, he could play basketball.

C. If he were not short, he will play basketball.        D. If he were short, he could play basketball

39. I want to meet Nga, but I don’t have her address.

A. If I had Nga’s address, I would meet her.          B. If I have Nga’s address, I would meet her.

C. If I had Nga’s address, I will meet her.             D. B and C are correct.

40. She goes to school late because she lives very far from school.

A. Unless she lives far from school, she wouldn’t go to school late.

B. Unless she lived far from school, she would go to school late.

C. If she lived far from school, she wouldn’t go to school late.

D. If she didn’t live far from school, she wouldn’t go to school late.

---------THE END---------

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