Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 3 Ways of Socialising

Tiếng Anh 12 Unit 3: Ways Of Socialising

Bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 12 Unit 3 cung cấp thêm cho các em các bài tập để rèn luyện nâng cao kỹ năng cũng như giúp các em tự tin khi bước vào các kỳ kiểm tra và kỳ thi quan trọng. Các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm có kèm theo đáp án, tiện cho các em đối chiếu ngay sau khi làm bài xong.

I: Hãy chọn một câu trả lời đúng nhất:

1. There are many ways _________ someone’s attention.

A. to attract

B. to sell

C. to lend

D. to buy

2. We can use _________ and _________ forms of communication to attract one’s attention.

A. silence/ noise

B. verbal/ non-verbal

C. verb/ adverb

D. gentle/ impolite

3. Probably the most common ways of attracting someone’s attention is by _________.

A. dancing

B. singing

C. yelling

D. waving

4. We might raise our hand and wave to our friend as a _________ that we see her or him.

A. signature

B. sign

C. signal

D. sigh

5. When you see your brother _________ the plane, you may _________ to call his name.

A. look at/ throw a stone to him

B. pass by/ whistle and clap your hands

C. get off/ claps your hands

D. get off/ jump up and down

6. There are some social _________ where smaller, non-verbal signals are more appropriate.

A. situations

B. signatures

C. attractions

D. documents

7. When you approve someone’s opinion, you can stare at him or her and _________ slightly.

A. kneel

B. nod

C. shake you head

D. sigh

8. In a restaurant, we can raise our hand to show the waiter that we need his _________.

A. fame

B. sponsor

C. assistance

D. donation

9. You shouldn’t _________ or clap your hands to get the person’s attention in a restaurant.

A. whistle

B. smile

C. nod slightly

D. keep silent

10. Whistling and _________ in a restaurant is considered to be impolite and even rude.

A. talking

B. clapping hands

C. smiling

D. sighing

11. You shouldn’t _________ the person or thing you want your friend to look at.

A. take notice of

B. mention to

C. look at

D. point at

12. In most situations, pointing at someone is usually considered to be_________.

A. polite

B. impolite

C. gentle

D. dish

13. Your opinion is reasonable, so it is _________.

A. acceptable

B. suffered

C. denied

D. refused

14. In some special social situations, pointing at someone is completely_________.

A. lovely

B. acceptable

C. gentle

D. formal

15. _________, a teacher may point to student so as to get his or her attention.

A. Forgive

B. Forever

C. For instance

D. For the sack of

16. In some social situations, _________ is allowed to friends.

A. fighting seriously

B. rudeness

C. accurate

D. informality

17. To attract the waiter’s attention, wait until you _________ and raise you hand slightly.

A. catch his eye

B. can attract him

C. pay attention to him

D. take advantage of him

18. Raising hand and waving are of the _________ form of communication.

A. uncountable

B. countable

C. non-verbal

D. verbal

19. Mary looks very attractive in her _________ clothes.

A. terrible

B. old fashioned

C. fashionable

D. out-dated

20. Politeness is very necessary in a common social _________.

A. community

B. communication

C. compassionate

D. competition

21. Phil: You really have a beautiful dress, Maggie!

Maggie: Thanks Phil. That’s a nice _________.

A. complexion

B. comfortable

C. compliment

D. completion

22. Peter: Your hairstyle is really _________, Mary!

Mary: I’m glad you like it, Peter. Thanks so much.

A. terrific

B. terrible

C. horrified

D. terrorist

23. Your dress is really beautiful, Cindy! You look very _________ in it.

A. awesome

B. ugly

C. naughty

D. decent

24. Nam: You really have a beautiful hairstyle now, Hưng!

Hưng: _________! You’ve pushed me into the blush.

A. It isn’t your work

B. You must be kidding

C. Yes, of course

D. Nice to meet you

25. I think I’ve finally found a style that looks decent and easy _________.

A. fighting

B. to fight

C. to handle

D. handling

26. Minh: I think you’ve played very splendidly in the match, Nam!

Nam: Thank you. That’s a nice compliment. I wish I could do _________ you. I’m still terrible.

A. half as well as

B. double as well as

C. as badly as

D. far worse than

27. Giang: You’re really an excellent student, Hồng.

Hồng: _________. I’m still very bad. I think I have to try my best to keep pace with you, Giang.

A. Certainly

B. You must be kidding

C. Sure

D. You’re welcome

28. Long: I didn’t know you could play badminton so well, Trâm.

Trâm: Thank you, Long. _________. I wish I could play half as well as you, Long.

A. That’s a nice compliment

B. That is not your fault

C. You’re welcome

D. I certainly play very excellent

29. Hạnh: I don’t know what tailor’s that can make such a beautiful dress for you, Hiền!

Hiền: _________, Hạnh. I’ve finally found a style that suits me so much.

A. Never mind

B. Go to the canteen with me

C. I’m glad you like it

D. Nice to see you

30. Thành: I really enjoy your public speaking skills, NgA. Your English is really good, too.

Nga: _________, Thành. Thank you very much for your sincere compliment. You made me try much harder.

A. It’s very kind of you to say so

B. That’s not your work

C. I’m certainly very famous for those things

D. Yes, of course. It’s me!

31. “Would you care for a drink?” can be transformed as _________.

A. How about a drink?

B. Have a nice drink!

C. What about have a drink?

D. Would you stop drinking?.

32. “Why don’t we stay at home?” can be transformed as _________.

A. I suggest not staying at home

B. I suggest that we should not stay at home

C. I suggest staying at home

D. I suggest to stay at home

33. “Would you please give me a hand?” can be transformed as _________.

A. Would you mind giving a hand?

B. Can I help you?

C. Would you mind helping me?

D. A and C are correct.

34. A(n) _________ length of time is the main problem for our trip.

A. reasonable

B. reason

C. excellent

D. old fashioned

35. Good children should be _________ to the elderly.

A. naughty

B. obedient

C. impolite

D. rude

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