Bộ đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently
from the rest.
1. A. overhead
B. teammate
C. beacon
D. reader
2. A. challenge
B. snatch
C. brochure
D. chocolate
3. A. forward
B. steward
C. coward
D. award
4. A. teenager
B. sugar
C. ginger
D. giant
5. A. jolly
C. army
D. crystal
Read each of the following lists of four words and choose one word that dot belong in
each list.
6. A. earthquake
B. tornado
C. typhoon
D. famine
7. A. English
B. physics
C. institute
D. linguistics
8. A. light
B. bulb
C. lamp
D. fire
9. A. shoes
B. shorts
C. jeans
D. trousers
10. A. hurt
B. tight
C. injured
D. bleeding
Choose the correct answer to complete each of the following sentences.
11.My mother is________ in her use of gas when cooking.
A.economical B. economizing
C. economized D. economic
12.It is not very easy to study a foreign language by___________ .
A.oneself B. himself
C. itself D. herself
13.- “Shall I put the books on the floor?”
“No, I want to keep the_______
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A. tidy room B. room tidily C. room is tidy D. room tidy
14.Our form teacher couldn’t come to the party, ___ was a pity.
A.that B. which C. what D. this
15.There’s somebody behind us. I think we______________ .
A.are following B. follow C.have followed D. are being followed
16.Their washing machine was out of________ , so they couldn’t wash any clothes.
A.activity B. work C. order D. condition
17.Could you____ me how to use this new telephone?
A.explain B. show C. say D. remember
18.His wife’s death was a terrible shock and it took him a long time to__________it.
A.get round B. come through C. go over D. get over
19.They’d like to move to London, but their children will never agree__________ .
A.with going B. to go C. with go D. going
20.When she looked in her purse she found she had been _________.
A.broken B. thieved C. stolen D.robbed
21.I have told him never______ here again.
A.come B. comes C. came D.to come
22.A good friend will____ . you when you’re having problems.
A.stand by B. stand out for C. stand against D.stand in
23.The fruit tasted sweet, rather_______ a peach.
A.more B. like C. as D. similar
24.Her car’s outside so I suppose she________ have arrived.
A.must B. can C. should D.ought
25.My sister is an expert on wildlife and its______________ .
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A.conserve B. preserve C. reservation D. conservation
26.A lot needs______ to the house before anyone can move in.
A.doing B. be done C. to do D. done
27.We had so many problems with the car that____________ we sold it and bought a
new one.
A.at the end B. in the end C. by the end D. to the end
28.I’ve never been______ insulted in my life.
A.so B. such C. quite D. much
29.She had changed so much that______ anyone recognized her.
A.almost B. hardly C. not D. nearly
30.As well as__________in an office he used to have a part-time job as a waiter.
A.to work B. he worked C. he was working D. working
31.This is______ the most difficult job I’ve ever had to do.
A.by far B. by chance C. by heart D. by
32.His parents think it’s time he______married.
A.will get B. gets C. got D. would get
33.They are___________their house because they need more bedrooms.
A.increasing B. extending C. adding D. growing
34.The taxi drew_____ at the gate promptly at six o’clock.
A.up B. along C. outside D. over
35.The road was_____ away during the storm last night.
A.flooded B. flowed C. washed D. rained
36. _______many times I tell him, he always forgets to pass on phone messages.

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