Bộ đề thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

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Bộ đề thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

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Bộ đề thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 năm học 2016 - 2017

Đề thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Số 1


Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest. (1.0pt)

1. A. used

B. arrived

C. closed

D. liked

2. A. internet

B. invent

C. bucket

D. spend

3. A. watch

B. chemistry           

C. latch   

D. check

4. A. teach 

B. jeans

C. clean

D. instea

5. A. rice 

B. pipe

C. fill

D. appliance


I. Choose the word or phrase marked A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in each sentence. (2.5pts)

1. I suggest _____________ off the lights before going out.

A. turn           B. to turn            C. turning              D. turned

2. I lost my pen. I have looked __________ it for all the morning.

A. after           B. for              C. up                 D. at

3. She was lazy, _________ she didn't pass the exam.

A. but            B. since            C. however             D. so

4. You often waste garbage around the school yard, _________?

A. aren't you       B. you aren't         C. do you              D. don't you

5. She felt very __________ because of her good result.

A. happy          B. happiness        C. happily              D. unhappy

6. ____________ she often tells lies, many people believe her.

A. Therefore       B. Because         C. Although             D. However

7. I bought a picture _____________ was very valuable.

A. which          B. when            C. who                D. where

8. She sings and dances ______________.

A. beauty         B. beautiful          C. beautifully            D. beautify

9. If we go on littering, the environment will be seriously ___________.

A. pollute         B. polluted          C. pollution             D. pollutants

10. I suggest we ________ energy-saving bulbs instead of ordinary 100-watt bulbs.

A. to use          B. used            C. using               D. should use

II. Reorder the sentences to make a meaningful dialogue (1.0pt)

1. Just in case the market will be closed and no food will be available.

2. And I think we should buy some canned food, too.

3. Yes, I agree with you. Because there may be a power cut.

4. I think we should buy some matches and candles before a typhoon.

5. What for?


Read the passage, then answer the questions below (2.5pts)

Are you looking for a cheap, clean, effective source of power that doesn't cause pollution or waste natural resources? Look no further than solar energy from the Sun.

At present, most of our electricity comes from the use of coal and gas, oid or nuclear power. This power could be provided by the Sun. One percent of the solar energy that reaches the Earth is enough to provide power for the total population.

Many countries are already using solar energy. Solar panels are placed on the roofs of a house and the Sun's energy is used to heat water. The energy can be stored for a number of days, so on cloudy days you can use solar energy, too.

Sweden has an advanced solar energy program. There, all buildings will be heated by solar energy and cars will use solar power instead of gas by the year 2015.


1. Is solar energy an efficient source of power?

2. Where are the solar panels placed?

3. How long can the solar energy be stored?

4. When will cars use solar power instead of gas in Sweden?

5. Is the solar energy used in Vietnam now?


Use the words or phrases given below to complete a passage about how necessary to celebrate a day for parents. An example (0) is done for you. (3.0 pts)

0. It/ necessary/ have/ celebrate/ our parents.

=> It is necessary to have to celebrate for our parents.

1. Children/ have/ special day to express/ feelings, memories and love/ their parents.

2. We have/ opportunity/ enhance the family traditions/ get together.

3. Sunday/ a day off/ so everybody/ free from work and study.

4. Children/ give their parents/ flowers/ send cards/ make/ special cakes they like.

5. I believe/ idea/ be supported/ and/ it/ be celebrated nationwide.

---------- The end ----------

Đề thi giữa học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Số 2

I. Choose the word whose the underlined part is pronounced differently from the other three.

1. A. designer       B. prefer          C. because        D. mention

2. A. generation      B. garbage        C. energy         D. college

3. A. could         B. amount         C. shout          D. proud

4. A. stopped       B. matched        C. worked        D. provided

5. A. books        B. clubs          C. hats          D. stamps

II. Circle the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete each of the following sentences.

6. I've lost my keys. Can you help me to________ them?

A. look for          B. look after        C. look up         D. look at

7. If we__ _____ less paper, we ________ trees in the forests.

A. can use/save     B. use/ save        C. use/ will save    D. uses/ will save

8. It was raining hard; ________ ,we go to school on time.

A. however         B. but            C. because        D. so

9. I suggest that we ________ to the theater.

A. going           B. should go        C. went          D. to go

10. Nam speaks English ________.

A. good            B. well            C. bad           D. nice

11. I think we should ______ off the faucets when we don't use.

A. turning          B. to turn          C. turn           D. turned

12. After coming home, she cleaned the floor ..................... cooked dinner.

A. but             B. however         C. moreover       D. and

13. He got wet ........................ he forgot his umbrella.

A. because of       B. because        C. but            D. and

14. I wish I __________ a car. It could make life so much easier.

A. have            B. would have       C. had           D. had had

15. We can't go along here because __________.

A. the road was repaired          B. the road is being repaired

C. the road is being             D. the road is repaired

16. I'm disappointed .......people have spoiled this area.

A. that             B. when            C. if            D. how

17. Tan's grandfather is ill. Tan has to stay at home to _____________ him.

A. look back         B. look forward to     C. look around    D. look after

18. To save money, we should _________ the amount of energy used in our homes.

A. reduce           B. increase          C. stop         D. leave

19. If the demand increases, prices ________________.

A. rises            B. will rise          C. is rising       D. would rise

20. It's too cold for us ______________ out.

A. go              B. going            C. gone         D. to go

IV. Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions:

Today, supermarkets are found in almost every large city in the world. But the first supermarket (26)_________opened only fifty years ago. It was opened in New York by a man named Michael Cullen.

A supermarket is different (27)___________other types of stores in several ways. In supermarkets, goods are placed on open shelves. The 28_)__________ choose what they want and take them to the checkout counter. This means that fewer shop assistants are needed than in other stores. The way products are displayed is another difference between supermarkets and many other types of stores; (29)__________ example, in supermarkets, there is usually a display of small inexpensive items just in front of the checkout counter: candies, chocolates, magazines, cheap foods and so on.

Most customers (30)__________go to a supermarket buy goods from a shopping list. They know exactly what they need to buy. They do the shopping according to a plan.

26. A. is          B. has been       C. was          D. were

27. A. in          B. from           C. of           D. with

28. A. customers   B. managers       C. assistants     D. sellers

29. A. in          B. for            C. of           D. by

30. A. who        B. what           C. which        D. whom

V. Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to complete the questions:

Smoking causes lung cancer, which is the number one cancer among men. Ninety percent of the people who get lung cancer die. Smoking is also the leading cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer. Many smokers have heart disease and pneumonia. Smoking causes one million early deaths in the world every year.

Smokers not only harm themselves but also harm others. Smokers breathe smoke out into the air. They breathe it out on their children and their wives or husbands. Children whose parents smoke have more breathing and lung problems than other children. Women who are married to smokers are more likely to have lung cancer than those married to non-smokers. We are all aware that smoking is bad. So why do people smoke?

31. The number one cancer among men is____________.

A. tongue cancer      B. throat cancer     C. lung cancer       D. mouth cancer

32. The main cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer is__________.

A. drinking          B. overeating       C. breathing         D. smoking

33. Every year, smoking causes about one million____________.

A. cancer patients     B. killing diseases    C. early deaths      D. injured men

34. The word "it" in the passage refers to____________.

A. cancer           B. smoke          C. air             D. breath

35. Who are more likely to have lung cancer and lung problems?

A. People who live in the city           B. People who live with smokers.

C. People who live with non-smokers.     D. People who live in the country.

VI. Rewrite each sentences, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stay the same:

36. If he doesn't work harder, he'll lose his job.


37. It stared to rain, so stopped playing tennis.

We stopped playing tennis.........................................

38. "Why don't we buy this picture as a wedding present, Tom?"

Jane suggested Tom ...............................................................

39. He asked: "Where did you go with your friend yesterday?"

He asked me.........................................................

40. They last visited their home village five years ago.

They have not..................................................

VII. Write a speech for your friends about the following ideas:

Improving your English:

+ Write sentences with new words        + Speak English in class

+ Buy a good dictionnary              + Do grammar exercises regularly.

=====The end=====

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