Bộ đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án (Số 2)

Đề kiểm tra cuối năm lớp 11 có đáp án

Mời các em học sinh tham khảo đề thi học kỳ 2 lớp 11 trong Bộ đề thi học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án (Số 2). Các đề thi trong bộ sưu tập này được chúng tôi chọn lọc và tổng hợp thành từng bộ sưu tập sẽ giúp quý thầy cô và các em học sinh tham khảo dễ dàng hơn. Chúc các em ôn tập tốt.

Bộ đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 trường THPT Đinh Tiên Hoàng, Hà Nội năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

Đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 có đáp án

Bộ đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 trường THPT Thanh Ba, Phú Thọ năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

Đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 trường THPT Trần Hưng Đạo, TP Hồ Chí Minh năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

Đề 1


Part I. Listen to the conversation, circle the correct answer A, B or C.

1. Which ball game is the one that Paul didn't mention?

A. Volleyball B. softball C. baseball

2. Does Paul play ball games now?

A. Yes, every day B. No, not anymore C. Yes, but only at weekends

3. When does Paul watch sports on TV?

A. Every day B. Every other day C. Only on weekends

Part II. Listen and complete the sentences.

Monday - Saturday, open from: 9a. m to: (4) _____________________

Name of the nearest station: (5) ___________________________station

Elephant house closed on: (6) ______________________________May

Shops sell books, postcards and: (7) ____________________________

Cost of family ticket: (8) _____________________________________£


Choose the word which has the underlined part or main stress pronounced differently from the others.

9. A. weather B. growth C. wealthy D. geothermal

10. A. polluted B. consume C. nuclear D. fuel

11. A. annual B. affect C. celebrate D. constancy

12. A. electricity B. geothermal C. alternative D. radiation

Choose the one word or phrase- A, B, C, or D - that best completes the sentences.

13, The man ______________ we met yesterday was the manager of a factory car.

A. that/ which/ who/ whom B. whose/ who/ whom/ that C. ɸ/ whom/ that/ who D. who/ which/ ɸ/ whom

14. –"May I go out?" – " _____________. "

A. Go ahead B. It doesn't matter C. You may D. Be quick

15. I invited Tim and Andy to go on a trip with me, but __________ of them was able to go.

A. both B. either C. none D. neither

16. China became the third country in the, world to be able to independently carry ____ manned space flights.

A. on B. out C. off D. over

17. These ideas have now been completely discarded.

A. come up with B. got rid of C. put forward D. put into practice

18. It's important for the developed countries to reduce energy...... as much as possible.

A. exhaustion B. destruction C. consumption D. waste

19. Yuri Gagarin was the first person to _____ the Earth from space.

A. glance B. sightsee C. view D. look

20. Nothing unusual happened, ____________?

A. did they B. didn't they C. did it D. didn't it

Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answer.

The Space Race

In 1957, Russia launched a small metal ball, Sputnik, into space. As it circled the Earth, it did nothing but send a simple radio message back to Earth. That message, however, was enough to frighten the Americans badly. The Russians were winning the space race. But what was the space race? Very simply, it was a race to see which country could get into space first. Both Russia and the United States wanted to win very much. With Sputnik, Russia won the first part of the race, but the next stage, putting a man into space, was far more important to both countries.

The American program to put a man into space was the Mercury program. The Americans chose Alan Shepard, a Navy test pilot, to be their first astronaut. They called his mission Mercury Freedom 7. Shepard went through months of training for his mission.

Meanwhile, the engineers and scientists tested every part of his spaceship to make sure it was safe. Finally, in 1961, after the Americans safely sent a monkey into space, they were ready to send Shepard. In the last week of February, Shepard's Redstone rocket was on the launch pad, but a last minute problem meant that they could not launch. They rescheduled the launch for May 5. Then on April 12, the Americans received terrible news. Yuri Gagarin, a Russian, was in space. The Russians had beaten the Americans again.

23. According to paragraph 1, the term space race is best explained as ______.

A. the race to build the fastest rocket B. the race to get into space first

C. the race to reach the moon first D. the race to launch Sputnik

24. The word They in the passage refers to ______.

A. The Russians B. The Americans C. The Navy D. The Mercury program

25. According to paragraph 3, why did the Americans lose the second part of the space race?

A. They could not build a rocket as fast as the Russians. B. Their program was unsafe.

C. A problem forced them to reschedule their launch. D. Their monkey died.

26. It can be inferred from the passage that the Americans sent a monkey into space in order to ______.

A. test their rocket's safety B. get into space faster than the Russians

C. help train Shepard D. fix a problem with their rocket

27. According to the passage, when did the first human go into space?

A. In 1957. B. In February 1961. C. On April 12, 1961. D. On May 5, 1961.

28. The word rescheduled in the passage is closest in meaning to ______.

A. planned B. launched C. did D. reset

Read the passage carefully, then choose the best answer for each blank.

Few people now question the (29)______ of global warming and its effects on the world's climate. Many scientists put the blame for recent natural disasters on the increase in the world's temperatures and are convinced that, more than ever before, the Earth is at (30)_________ from the force of the wind, rain and sun. According to them, global warming is making extreme weather events; such as hurricanes and droughts, even more (31)_________ and causing sea levels all around the world to rise. Environmental groups are putting pressure on governments to take action to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide which is given (32)_________ by factories and power plants, thus attacking the problem at its source. They are in favor of more money being spent on research into solar, wind and wave energy devices, which could then replace existing power stations. Some scientists, however, believe that even if we stopped (33) ______ carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere tomorrow, we would have to wait several hundred years to notice the results. Global warming, it seems, is to stay.

29. A. reality B. truth C. fact D. principle

30. A. threat B. danger C. risk D. harm

31. A. strike B. strong C. severe D. heavy

32. A. off B. away C. up D. over

33. A. making B. doing C. using D. releasing


Give the correct form of the words in capital form.

34. It's difficult to prove the __________ of life in other planets. EXIST

35. We took part in the game with great _______________. ENTHUSIAST

36. Any student (NOT WANT) ___________ to go to the trip should inform the office.

Rewrite the following sentences so that the second sentence means the same as the first one.

37. Did Thomas Edison invent the telephone?

Was it the ____________________________________________ ?

38. Our car must be serviced, mustn't it?

Our car needs _________________________________________?

39. They believed that he was in town last night.

He __________________________________________________

40. His sister is living in London and his cousin is, too.

Not only _______________________________________________

Đề 2

I. LISTENING: (2.0 p)

Part 1: Listen and choose the reason why the people have their opinions about things. (1.0p)

1. A. It's too expensive.

B. It's how people learn about the universe.

C. It's not important.

2. A. They are too short.

B. They interrupt his fabourite programs.

C. They're boring.

3. A. They encourage an interest in sports.

B. They cost too much.

C. Her country never wins.

4. A. They are dangerous.

B. They are fun to play.

C. They raise moneyfor the city.

Part 2: Listen and choose the words to fill in the blanks (1.0p)


The universe never, ever ends. It is (5)___________ in size. It's funny when (6)___________ say they want to unlock the secrets of the universe. That's impossible. There are way too many secrets out there. The universe has given us an adjective in English that is misused. When we say something is (7)___________, it doesn't make sense. That's because we're saying it takes place or happens all around the universe, when in fact, it only happens on (8)___________.


Part 1: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently (0.5p)

1. A. stop B. effort C. convenient D. polluted

2. A. trousers B. house C. blouse D. thought

Part 2: Choose the best answer to complete the sentences (2.5p)

3. Ha Long Bay, ______ is located in Quang Ninh, Vietnam, was listed as one of New Seven Wonders of the World.

A. who B. where C. that D. which

4. Let's go for a long walk, ______?

A. will we B. shall we C. don't you D. do you

5. Liz and Peter prepared all those biscuits, _______?

A. did they B. did she C. didn't they D. didn't she

6. Lan is better cook than her mother, _______?

A. is she B. isn't she C. are they D. aren't they

7. Despite the bad weather, he _______ get to school in time.

A. could B. wasn't able to C. couldn't D. was able to

8. His flight was in ______ around the Earth at the speed of more than 17,000 miles per hour.

A. orbit B. travel C. circuit D. revolve

9. The Great Pyramid of Giza was built to protect the burial _______ from the weather and from the thieves.

A. boat B. chamber C. spiral ramp D. blocks of stone

10. Neil Armstrong, an American _______, was the first man to step on the moon's surface.

A. astronaut B. astronomer C. scientist D. inventor

11. The Great Pyramid was only _______ in height in the nineteenth century AD.

A. proposed B. promoted C. improved D. surpassed

12. - Nam Tao: "_______ did it take to build the Great Pyramid of Giza?"

- Bac Dau: "Over a 20 - year period"

A. How long B. How far C. How many D. How often


Part 1: Choose the correct answer (0.75 p)


2. What does this message say?

A. Jess will meet Tom at the bar.

B. Tom should go to the restaurant without Jess.

C. Jess can't go to the restaurant. She will meet Tom at the bar.


Part 2: Read the text and do the following tasks (1.75 p)

The Taj Mahal, in India, is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, built over 300 years ago by the Shah Jehan as a tomb for his wife. Shah Jehan loved his wife very much. He wanted the tomb to be perfect, that's why he did not care about the time and money. Bearing this thought in mind, he found the finest workmen in all Asia to work on the building. It took over seventeen thousand men over 20 years to complete it. In front of the main entrance to the building, there is a long narrow pool. If you look in this pool, you will see all the beauty of the Taj Mahal in the reflection from the water.

Some people think the Taj Mahal is the most beautiful at sunset when the reflection of the building in the pool gleams like ruby. Others like it best at noon. Many think it is the most beautiful by moonlight, at nights when the moon is spending the night beside the pool. When morning comes and the Taj Mahal turns from silver to gold in the early sunshine, they go away, to return perhaps when the moon is full again.

Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to the questions (1.25p)

1. When was the Taj Mahal built?

A. more than 300 years ago B. about 300 years ago C. 300 years ago D. over 300 years ago

2. What shape is the visible moon when hundreds of people stay overnight outside the Taj Mahal?

A. round B. half - round C. oblong D. crescent - shaped

3. When does the Taj Mahal appear to have a reddish colour?

A. in the early morning B. at midday C. at sunset D. at night by moonlight

4. How many man - years did it take to build the Taj Mahal?

A. more than 340 B. more than 3,400 C. more than 34,000 D. more than 340,000

5. What relation was Shah Jehan to the person buried in the Taj Mahal?

A. father B. husband C. son D. wife

Fill in with NO MORE THAN 3 words (0.5p)

6 . The Taj Mahal was built over 300 years ago by the Shah Jehan in __________.

7 . When morning comes and the Taj Mahal turns from ________in the early sunshine.

IV. WRITING (2.5p)

Part 1: Rewritwe the following sentences using Double Passive (1p)

1. People report that those animals are vulnerable and endangered.

It is ____________________________________________________________.

2. People believe that her husband is a generous and romantic man.

Her husband ____________________________________________________.

Part 2: Write a profile of the following astronaut, Valentina Tereshkova, based on given information. (1.5p)

- Date of birth: March 6, 1937

- Place of birth: Bolshoye Maslennikovo, Russia

- Known as: The first woman to travel in space

- Career:

+ 1945: start school

+ 1953: leave school to work in a textile plant

+ June 16, 1963: be launched into space aboard Vostok 6, spend almost three days in space.

+ November 1963: marry Andrian Nikolayev, a cosmonaut.

+ Now: become an important member of the Communist Party and a representative of the Soviet government.

- Quote: "Once you have been in space, you appreciate how small and fragile the Earth is".

____ THE END ____

Đáp án Đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11


Part 1:

1. B

2. B

3. A

4. C

Part 2:






Part 1:

1. A

2. D

Part 2:

3. D

4. B

5. C

6. B

7. D

8. A

9. B

10. A

11. D

12. A


Part 1: (0.75 p)

1. C

2. B

3. C

Part 2: (1.75)

1. D

2. A

3. C

4. D

5. B

6. India

7. silver to gold

IV. WRITING (2.5p)

Part 1: 0.5/each

1. It is reported that those animals are vulnerable and endangered .

2. Her husband is believed to be a generous and romantic man

Part 2:

Mỗi câu đúng được 0.25p, form: 0.25p

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