Bộ đề thi học kỳ 2 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 7 CÓ ĐÁP ÁN

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Đề thi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 7 cuối học kì 2

Bộ đề kiểm tra chất lượng học kì 2 môn Tiếng Anh có file nghe và đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề ôn thi học kì 2 lớp 7 năm học 2018 - 2019 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề thi cuối năm lớp 7 môn Anh được biên tập bám sát chương trình đã học giúp học sinh lớp 7 nắm chắc kiến thức đã học. 

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I. Listen to the passage about the Robinsons. Listen twice. Then write T (True) or F (False) for each sentence: (1.0pt)

1. _______ The Robinsons returned to Hanoi by bus.

2. _______ This was the second time Liz saw the paddies.

3. _______ They stopped at the restaurant for a short time.

4. _______ They arrived home in the afternoon.

II. Listen to the conversation between a doctor and Hoa talking about a her medical check-up. Listen twice and then fill in each blank with one word to complete the sentences. (1.0pt)

1. How old is Hoa? She is __________________.

2. How tall is she? She is one meter ___________________centimeters.

3. Her height is __________________.

4. How heavy is she? She is __________________kilos.


I. Circle the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete the passage below: (1.0pt)

Thirty years ago in Vietnam, very few people had TV sets. These TV owners were very (1)____________. After dinner, their neighbors (2)_____________both inside and outside their houses. Some watched through the windows. All evening, (3)____________ sat and watched the black and white programs. Times have changed. Today, many families have a TV set. They sit and watch (4) _____________ their own living rooms.

1. A. important      B. wonderful         C. expensive         D. popular

2. A. gathers        B. gathered         C. gather            D. to gather

3. A. he            B. she             C. they             D. I

4. A.in             B. at              C. on               D. to

II. Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions: (2.0pts)

A French oceanographer, Jacques Cousteau (1910 - 1997), invented a deep-sea diving vessel in the early 1940s. In the vessel, he could explore the oceans of the world and study underwater life. Now we can explore the oceans using special TV cameras as well. We can learn more about the undersea world thanks to this invention.


1. When was Jacques Cousteau born?


2. How old was he when he died?


3. What did he invent?


4. Can we learn more about the undersea world thanks to Jacques Cousteau's invention?



I. Circle the word that has different stress from others: (0.5pt)

1. A. aquarium       B. material        C. appointment      D. temperature

2. A. adventure       B. detective        C. cucumber       D. invention

II. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from others: (0.5pt)

1. A. helped         B. rented         C. talked          D. watched

1. A. baseball        B. ask           C. participate       D. basketball

III. Circle the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best completes each sentence: (1.5pt)

1. She smiled ___________ me in a friendly way when she saw me.

A. with             B. to            C. of              D. at

2. We ___________ our grandparents next week.

A. visit             B. will visit        C. visited          D. to visit

3. How ___________ is the blue hat? It's 50,000 dong.

A. far              B. many          C. old             D. much

4. What about ___________to school every morning?

A. going            B. go            C. to go            D. went

5. The nurse __________ Lan's temperature yesterday.

A. will take          B. took           C. is taking          D. takes

6. I usually ___________football.

A. will play          B. is playing       C. play             D. played


I. Rewrite each sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first one: (1.5pts)

1. How tall are you?

=> What__________________________________________________________?

2. Nam is a bad swimmer.

=> Nam swims _____________________________________________________

3. What is wrong with him?

=> What is the______________________________________________________?

4. You ought to take morning exercise

=>You should _____________________________________________________

5. I prefer living in the city.

=> I Prefer __________________________________________________________

II. Complete the following sentences with the words given:(1.0pt)

1. Let's/ buy a papaya.


2. Are you free/ Thursday?


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I. Listen (1.0 pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0,25 pt)

1. T 2. F 3. T 4. F


The Robinsons had a great holiday in Nha Trang. Unfortunately, the holiday soon ended and it was time to return home. They took a bus back to Hanoi. Liz was excited as the bus drove through the countryside. She saw rice paddies for the first time. Everything looked calm and peaceful. At four o’clock, the bus stopped at a small roadside restaurant for ten minutes. Mr Robinson was asleep, so Mrs Robinson bought some peanuts and an ice cream for Liz. The bus arrived in Hanoi at about 7 pm.

II. Listen (1.0 pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0,25 pt)

1. fourteen (14) 2. 45  3. short  4. 40 (forty)


Doctor: I want to ask you a few questions before I start, Hoa. How old are you?

Hoa: Fourteen.

D: And your height is one meter 50 centimeters ?

H: No. I think I’m shorter .The nurse measured me.

D: Oh. How tall are you?

H: One meter 45 centimeters

D: I will ask the nurse to check your height again. How heavy are you ?

H: I think .I’m 42 kilos.

D: No ,It says on your form that you’re 40 kilos.


I. (1.0pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0,25 pt)

1. D 2. B 3. C 4. A

II. (2.0pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0.5 pt)

1. He was born in 1910.

2. When he died ,he was eighty-seven (87) years old.

3. He invented a deep-sea diving vessel .

4. Yes, we can.


I. Stress (0.5pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0.25pt)

1. D 2. C

II. Pronounced (0.5pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0.25pt)

1. B 2. A

III. Multiple choice (2.0pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0.25pt)

1. D 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. C


I. (1.5pts) Mỗi câu đúng (0.5pt)

1. What is your height ?

2. Nam swims badly

3. What is the matter with him ?

4. You should do morning exercise.

5. I prefer to live in the city.

II. (1.0pt) Mỗi câu đúng (0.5pt)

1. Let’s buy a papaya.

2. Are you free on Thursday?

⇔ Tham khảo đề thi cuối kì 2 lớp 7 năm 2018 - 2019: Đề thi học kì 2 lớp 7 môn Tiếng Anh có file nghe năm học 2018 - 2019 NEW

Đề thi học kì 2 lớp 7 môn Tiếng Anh số 2


Bài 1. Nghe và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất trong số A, B hoặc C cho mỗi câu hỏi.

1. How does Joshua go to school in Japan?

A. He takes a school bus every morning

B. He rides the subway at 8:00 AM.

C. He walks with a group of students.

2. Which item did Joshua NOT mention when talking about the things he takes to school?

A. backpack         B. gym clothes        C. schoolhat

3. What is one of the first things Joshua does when he arrives at school?

A. He practices his reading and writing.

B. He stands and bows to the teacher.

C. He puts on his gym clothes for class.

4. Where does Joshua eat lunch at school?

A. in his classroom       B. in the lunchroom        C. in the gymnasium

5. What time does Joshua probably get home from school most days?

A. between 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM

B. between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM

C. between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM


Chọn một đáp án đúng nhất trong ngoặc để hoàn thành câu.

6. We enjoy..... "Tom and Jerry" films in the evenings.

A. watching       B. watched          C. watch          D. to watch

7. Where..... they..... their summer vacation next year?

A. do/ spend       B. will/ spend        C. did/ spend       D. are/ spend

8. Look! The students..... badminton in the school yard.

A. play          B. played           C. are playing      D. A&B

9. My sister..... a new book yesterday morning.

A. will buy        B. is buying         C. buys          D. bought

10. Nobody..... him very well because he is new here.

A. know         B. knows           C. knowing       D. A&C

11. Don't forget..... a dictionary for me, Nam.

A. buy          B. buying           C. to buy        D. bought

12. She was busy..... her homework.

A. doing         B. to do             C. did          D. A&B

13. We can't go out now because it..... outside.

A. rained        B. rain              C. rains         D. is raining

14. - A: Oh, I don't like bananas. - B:......

A. I don't, either    B. I do either         C. Neither, do I   D. A&C

15. He was only fourteen, but he is..... his father.

A. as tall as      B. taller             C. tall than      D. as taller than

16. These mangoes are not ripe, and..... are those bananas.

A. So           B. Either            C. Neither       D. Both

17. These are their shoes here and those are..... over there.

A. we           B. our              C. ours         D. us

18. Nam is better..... English, but he is worse..... math than I am.

A. at/in          B. in/at             C. in/in         D. at/at

19. His new shoes are different..... mine, but his new shirt is similar..... mine.

A. to/from        B. from/to           C. with/to        D. from/from

20. It is easy..... a bike, but it's difficult..... a car.

A. to ride/ to drive   B. to drive/ to ride      C. riding/ driving   D. driving/ to ride

21. It often..... me 15 minutes to go to school by bike.

A. takes         B. gets             C. gives         D. has

22. Of all schools in this town, mine is.....

A. the largest      B. the larger         C. the large       D. the more large

23. He wants to learn..... to use the computer.

A. what          B. how             C. why          D. where

24. Mai looks..... in her new dress.

A. more beautifully            B. beautifully          C. more beautiful      D. beauty

25. We can learn more..... the undersea world thanks..... Jacques Cousteau's invention.

A. about/ on       B. about/ to           C. on/ to         D. on/ for


Bài 1 : Điền vào mỗi chỗ trống được đánh số bằng một từ thích hợpcho sẵn.

popular - small - pair - to - are - strongest - free

Today, badminton becomes a very (26)..... sports activity. It spreads quickly from the city (27)..... the countryside.People need only a (28)..... of rackets, a shuttlecock, a net and a (29)..... piece of land to play the game. Two or four players hit the shuttlecock over the net with their rackets. People can play badminton in their (30)..... time or in a competition. Now, there (31)..... many badminton competitions andeven a World Cup. One of the (32).....countries in badminton is Indonesia.

Bài 2: Tìm một lỗi sai trong số A, B, C hoặc D ở mỗi câu sau.

33. Children are usually scared for seeing the dentist.

      A        B         C   D

34. The teacher told him to spend a little time to play video games.

         A            B     C        D

35. It took me two hours doing my homework last night.

     A         B     C          D

36. After the neighbor repaired the skirt, it looked beautifully.

    A        B       C                   D

Bài 3: Viết lại câu bằng từ cho sẵn sao cho giữ nguyên nghĩa với câu đầu.

37. What a luxurious car!


38. It takes me an hour to do my homework every evening.

I spend..................................

39. No one can run faster than me.

I am....................................

40. Do you have a better refrigerator than this?

Is this...................................

Còn tiếp ....

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