Đề cương ôn tập học kì 1 lớp 9 (thí điểm) môn tiếng Anh năm học 2017-2018

Ôn tập học kì 1 lớp 9 (thí điểm) môn tiếng Anh

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ĐỀ CƯƠNG ÔN THI CUỐI HỌC KÌ 1- ANH 9 (2017-2018)

I- Choose the one underlined word/ phrase which is grammatically incorrect.

1. When we are on holiday, we used to go to the beach every day. A B C D

2. I am confident that life in the country has improved significant in the last five years. A B C D

3. We wish we can consult an expert on how to solve this problem. A B C D

4. The environmentalist suggest planting more trees to improve the city’s landscape and the environment as well. A B C D

5. He works much more hard for his exams than he does for his normal school work. A B C D

6. The doctor suggested that he should drink more water, and took a lot of rest. A B C D

7. I used to listen to music during I was riding my bicycle to school. A B C D

8. It is annoying that many of the village's customs have replaced with new ones. A B C D

9. None of them had any idea about how make a raft with only a few bamboo canes. A B C D

10. It was reported that the city had invested more on the preservation of it’s wonders. A B C D

11. He said that they will have to set off soon after midnight. A B C D

12. He suggested to go to Phong Nha Cave since it’s a famous natural wonder of Viet Nam. A B C D

13. When he lived in Japan, he didn’t used to eat food with forks, but with chopsticks. A B C D

14. They wished that time will be turned back so that they could go kite-flying with other kids. A B C D

15. He thinks that geometry is not as difficult than arithmetic. A B C D

16. I wish I can go to see all the wonders which have been recognised by UNESCO. A B C D

17. She wished she is not getting stuck in another traffic jam. A B C D

18. They are getting used to walking to school in two months. A B C D

19. I am tired of being told all the time what to do, and when doing it. A B C D

20. I used to having a very good time with my grandparents when I was a child. A B C D

II- Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

1. There is general ___________ that Vietnamese students lack knowledge of the natural, or man-made, wonders of Viet Nam.

A. accepting B. saying C. recognition D. undertaking

2. All the best theatres and restaurants are ___________ within a few minutes' walk of each other.

A. laid B. situated C. seated D. stood

3. It is important to ___________ the wonders of the world so that future generations can see them with their own eyes.

A. destroy B. ignore C. remain D. preserve

4. You don't have to go to a supermarket for that. Just wait for a street ___________ to go past, and buy it.

A. person B. vendor C. supplier D. purchaser

5. Would you like to live in a modern house or a(n) ___________ cottage?

A. picturesque B. awful C. terrible D. bad

6. Production methods in the village are normally ___________ from ancestors to the younger generations.

A. passed away B. passed out C. passed up D. passed down

7. A ___________ is a solid figure or object, made by carving or shaping wood, stone, clay, etc.

A. painting B. sculpture C. medal D. picture

8. It is important to decide if promotion should be based on merit or _____.

A. gender B. year C. seniority D. weight

9. Ho Chi Minh City has been divided into twenty-four ___________ divisions since December 2003.

A.administer B. administration C. administrative D.administrator

10. It's a great experience to be sitting comfortably in a ___________ pulled by someone through the ancient streets.

A. bicycle B. rickshaw C. car D. train

11. Working in a place full of hustle and bustle like this, I can't help missing my tranquil and ___________ village.

A. picturesque B. modern C. loud D. ugly

12. A ___________ is a castle on high ground in or near a city, where people could go when the city was being attacked.

A. cathedral B. monument C. centre D. citadel

13. The station building used to be a high wooden ___________ with a curved roof.

A. facility B. carriage C. complex D. structure

14. The scenery is ___________ when viewed from the mountain top. It feels like your breath is being taken away.

A. nice B. good C. spectacular D. peaceful

15. The local government is introducing tougher ___________ to preserve historical sites.

A. measures B. actions C. plans D.steps

16. ___________ by the sea, the country has the advantage of having a large coastal area.

A. Situating B. Located C. Locating D. Stood

17. The new sports ___________ has six tennis courts.

A. complex B. match C. medium D. game

18. I love it when we go to see plays, and try to ___________ when we get back home.

A. play B. role-play C. act them out D. act

19. It is hard for people of different ___________ to get along in an extended family.

A. generations B. genders C. blood D. families

20. The pagoda is in a beautiful ___________, close to the sea.

A. spaces B. setting C. tower D. set

III- Rewrite the sentences below in the impersonal form of the passive.

1. People expect that the report will suggest some major reforms.

It is expected that some major reforms will be suggested by the report.

2. They say that he invented the digital camera.

It is said that the digital camera was invented by him.

3. Scientists have discovered that there is water on Mars.

It has been discovered by scientists that there iswater on Mars.

4. We expect the professor to arrive this morning.

It is expected thatthe professor will be arriving this morning.

5. Many employers consider computer skills to be more important than work experience.

It is considered by many employers that comuter skills are more important thanwork exerience.

1. We/ suggest/ that/ the government/ limit/ the number/ visitors/ daily

We suggest that the numberof daily visitors should be limited by thegovernment.

2. I/ suggest/ that/ control/ the deforestation.

I suggest that the deforestation should be controlled.

3. I/ suggest/ that/ reduce/ smoke/ exhaust fumes.

I suggest that the amount of smoke and exhaust fumes should be reduced.

4. I/ suggest/ that/ raise/ money/ charity

I suggest that money should be raised for charity.

5. I/ suggest/ that/ put/ valuable/ things/ high-security/ places

I suggest that valuable things should be ut in places of high-security.

XX- Complete the second sentences so that it has a similar meaning to the first 0ne, using the words in brackets.

1. It's not a good idea to use the village's land to build new roads. (wouldn't)

I wouldn’t use the village's land to build new roads.

2. You should visit the historical places of the area. (worth)

It is worth visiting the historical places of the area.

3. He suggested seeing Trang An, a natural wonder of our area. (visit)

What about visiting Trang An, a natural wonder of our area?

4. The sleepy villages are expected to mushroom into crowded towns within two years. (supposed)

The sleepy villages are suposed to mushroom into crowded towns within two years.

5. It is important to educate children to preserve traditional values. (necessary)

It is necessary to educate children to preserve traditional values.


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