Đề kiểm tra 1 tiết lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh

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ĐỀ 1
Class: 7________
TIME: 45 minutes
A. PHONETICS: (1,5 pts)
I. Choose the word whose underlined part has different pronunciation from the others
1. A. worked B. stopped C. wanted D. forced
2. A. birthday B. thirteenth C. thing D. that
3. A. nervous B. scout C. household D. mouse
II. Choose the word that has different stress from the others(0,75pt)
1. A. overseas B. regularly C. serious D. thousand
2. A. America B. direction C. vacation D. dentist
3. A. harvest B. surgery C. polish D. important
I. Choose the best answer A, B,C or D (2pts)
1. They ____________ careful to answer the questions.
A. didn’t B. weren’t C. weren’t not D. wasn’t
2. Everyone ______________ your sister’s wedding party last night.
A. enjoys B. enjoyed C. enjoying D. to enjoy
3. What did he ______________to you two days ago?
A. speak B. spoke C. speaks D. speaking
4. I listen to English music everyday to ___________ my listening skill.
A. enrich B. improve C. improving D. improved
5. Why didn’t you finish your work? ______________________.
A. Because I have no more time. C. I had no more free time.
B. Because I had no more free time. D. I have no more free time.
6. Don’t____________ impatient.
A. to be B. is C. being D. be
7. I ___________ about the news some days ago. I feel very sad.
A. hear B. heard C. know D. reading
8. I ____________ Mr Trung my book tomorrow.
A. send B. will send C. am sending D. to send
II. Find and correct mistakes in each sentences. (0,75 pt)
1. I know Paul when I am a child. We are at school together.
2. Alice and my sister is cooking dinner tonight.
3. We has a good time on holiday, but we was glad to return home.
III. Use the correct verb form (1 pt)
1. Why you (not take) ______________ part in the picnic last Sunday? Because I
(have) ________________ the flu.
2. You (see)____________________ the movie on TV last night?
3. She (bring) _______________ me some flowers this morning.
VnDoc. Ti tài liệu, văn bn pháp lut, biu mu min phí
4. Where she (go)________________________ with you last week?
IV. Give the correct form of the words in brackets. (0,75 pt)
1. How much do you _________________? (weight)
2. These medicines can work well with your ________________. (ill)
3. The nurse will ___________________ you before the doctor checks your health.
I. Make complete sentences from the words given. (2 pts)
1. Mary/ I/ not/ stay/ with her/ last week.
2. He/ sing/ a song/ well/ last night.
3. She/ not/ read/ your letter/ carefully/ last.
4. The party/ be/ bad/ I/ not/ enjoy/ myself/ so much.
Read the passage and the answer the questions. (2 pts)
During the weekend I traveled by air for the first time in my life. I generally travel by
train or bus. It is both cheaper and safe. But this was a short journey. At the beginning, I
did not feel very happy. This feeling did not last long. The trip was very exciting. I was
soon high up in the sky among the clouds. The view of mountains, fields and rivers was
interesting and unusual. I enjoyed my short and comfortable journey very much.
1. When did you first travel by air?
2. How do you generally travel?
3. Did this feeling soon pass or not?
4. How do you enjoy the journey?
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