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A. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other
1. A hard B. start C. party D. talk
2. A. son B. sunshine C. above D. woman
3. A. bus B. fun C. busy D. month
7. A. chemistry B. prepare C. receive D. degree
8. A. trouble B. study C. tutor D. subject
9. A. romantic B. mature C. mathematics D. humanity
10. A. organize B. money C. force D. for
II. USE OF LANGUAGE: choose the best answer:
1. The alarm goes off at 5.30 a.m
A. rings B. strikes C. strings D. knocks
2. We are contented with what we do.
A. interested in B excited about C keen on D. satisfied with
3. He____________ very busy at the present. He ___________free time to go out.
A. is often/ rarely has B. often was/ had rarely
C. has often been/had rarely D. often is/ rarely has
4. We were watching TV when the lights___________out.
A. has gone B. went C. go D. were going
5. What _____________ ? He’ an architect but he___________at the moment.
A. do your father do/ is working B. do your father do/ don’t work
C. does your father do/ doesn’t work D. does your father do/ isn’t working
6. We ___________friends since we ___________- at college.
A. are/ were B. were/ have been C. have been/ are D. have been/ were
7. Helen: “Congratulations!” - Jane: “___________”
A. What a pity! B. Thank you. C. I’m sorry. D. You are welcome.
8. “Would you like to have dinner with me?” - “___________”
A. Yes, I’d love to. B. Yes, so do I. C. I’m very happy. D. Yes, it is.
9. My house isn’t far ___________school, I usually go to school __________bike.
A. from/ on B. away/ in C. of/ by D. from/ by
10. Approximately half the people interviewed were in manual occupations.
A. hobbies B. careers C. jobs D. visits
11. English is an international __________ .
A. language B. means C. subject D. profession
12. ___________is the beach ? Only five minutes’ walk.
A. How long B. Where C. How often D. How far
13. You shouldn’t spend all your time ___________.
A. study B. to study C. studying D. studied
14. Would you like ___________somewhere for a rest?
A. going B. to go C. go D. to be gone
15. Do you want _______ with you of do you want to go alone?
A. me coming B. me to come C. that I come D. that I will come
16. Are you looking forward _________ on your vacation ?
A. you go B. going C. to going D. to go
17. It took us an hour and a half ________ to Vung Tau.
A. drive B. driving C. to drive
D. drove
18. Computer models help to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood.
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A. make up B. find out C. take over D. put up
19. He passed his exams with flying colour.
A. successfully B. difficultly C. badly D. easily
20. The man looked familiar. I ________ him somewhere before.
A. saw B. have seen C. had seen D. see
Reading 1: Read the following signs and choose the best answer.
A. Children less than five years old cannot go on this ride alone.
B. Children in group of five or more must have an adult with them.
C. Adults are not allowed on this ride.
A. There will only one entrance to the park after today.
B. This entrance cannot be used before 11 a.m today.
C. The park opens at 11 am today.
3. Whose textbook does Natalie want to borrow?
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A. Ken’s
B. Maria’s
C. Francesco’s
A. All Sunday evening tickets are already sold.
B. You must book tickets for Sunday in advance.
C. A ticket is not necessary for Sunday evening.
A. Giacomo will be able to see Charlotte tomorrow morning.
B. Charlotte needs to arrive on time for Giacomo’s meeting tomorrow.
C. Giacomo can collect Charlotte from the airport tomorrow afternoon.
Reading 2: Read the passage and answer the questions that follow by circling the
corresponding letter (A, B, C, D) of the correct answers.
In England boys and girls go to school five days a week. They don't go to school on Saturdays and
Sundays. Lessons usually begin at nine o'clock. Each lesson lasts forty five minutes. At fifteen past
eleven they have a quarter of an hour's break in which they drink milk. Some pupils eat sandwiches
or biscuits which they bring from home. Then they have two lessons more. After that they have a
lunch break. Some pupils go home for lunch, but many have it at school. At Two o’clock School
begins again. These are two more lessons. For the next forty minutes they do some of their
homework or have a club meeting or play games like football. They go home at about four thirty in
the afternoon.
41. Which days do they go to school?
A. From Monday to Thursday B. From Friday to Saturday
C. From Monday to Sunday D. From Monday to Friday
42. How long do they have a short rest?
A. 15 minutes B. 25 minutes C. 30 minutes D. 45 minutes
43. How many lessons do they have in the morning?
A .2 B.3 C. 4 D. 5
44. What time do they have lunch?
A. at 11.45 B. at 12.00 C. at 1.00 D. at 1.30
45. Where do they have lunch?
A. at home B. in restaurants C. at school D. in cafe
V. WRITING: Make questions from the underlined words or phrases:
1. A serious accident happened yesterday.

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