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Question I: Choose the best answer to till in each blank.

1. Please _____ the milk carefully. I don’t want it to boil over.

A. See

B. watch

C. look at

D. notice

2. “Was he disappointed?” - “Yes, he found the movie _____

A. boring

B. boringly

c. bores

D. bored

3. _____ 20 September, 1529, five small ships set sail from Spain.

A. At

B. In

c. On

D. By

4. Every student in those five rooms must bring _____ own books to class.

A. one’s

B. someone’s

c. their

D. his

5. “Was the competition a success?” - “Yes, _____ people took part in it than usual.”

A. more

B. fewer

c. less

D. many

6. What do students often do _____ break?

A. in

B. for

c. at

D. on

7. I don’t like brown rice. Don’t you have _____?

A. white ones

B. any white

c. no white

D. a white

8. Would you like _____ that for you?

A. me doing

B. that I do

c. me do

D. me to do

9. You can join the club when you _____ older.

A. will get

B. get

c. are getting

D. can get

10. Can you see any people in the house?

A. Only a little

B. Only few

c. Only a few

D. Only little

Question II: Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words in each group.

1. A. teenager

B. together

c. guess


2. A. chicken

B. coach

c. orchestra

D. change

3. A. meat


c. overseas

D. realize

4. A. horrible

B. hour

c. hundred

D. hold

5. A. much

B. drug

c. future

D. buffalo

6. A. started

B. weighed

c. measured

D. called

7. A. appointment

B. affect

c. amount

D. add

8. A. serious

B. symptom

c. sugar

D. sauce

9. A. great

B. beautiful

c. teacher

D. means

10. A. wet

B. better

c. rest

D. pretty

Question III: Give the correct form or tense of the verbs in the brackets.

1. At the moment we (sit) in a café. We (wait) for the museum to open, so I (write) some postcards.

2. Miss Helen (help) as soon as she (finish) that letter.

3. Boys like (play) marbles or catch while girls enjoy (skip) rope or chatting.

4.(you/ go) abroad for your holiday? - Well, I (get) a

holiday job. I’m going to an agent’s on Saturday (find out) about it.

Question IV: Choose the best answer to fill in each blank of the following passage.

Dear Hanh,

I’m writing to invite you to a party we (1) at the flat next Friday, December

14th. As you know, …………..(2) Lan’s 13th birthday next week and my birthday next

month, (3) we thought we’d celebrate together and have a joint party.

I can’t remember if you know my address or not, but anyway, if you (4)

the direction below, you shouldn’t get lost. Take the Number 15 bus from the station and …………..(5) at the Star Hotel. Walk down Long Viet Road, past the DanChu Cinema, and then …………..(6) the first turning on the right. That’s Le Loi Road. Turn left

…………..(7) the first junction, then go straight past the church as far as the next crossroads …………..(8) and our block of flats is the second on the right.

Do try and come. Of course you’re …………..(9) to bring someone with you if you want


Look forward (10) you then!

1.A. have


are having

c. going to have

D. will has

2. A. it’s



c. they’re

D. she’s

3. A. too



c. because

D. so

4. A. to follow



c. following

D. follows

5. A. get up


get by

c. get on

D. get off

6. A. have



c. take

D. bring

7. A. in



c. of

D. on

8. A. Right turn


To right

c. To turn

D. Turn right

9. A. welcomed



c. welcoming

D. to welcome

10. A. to see


for seeing

c. of seeing

D. to seeing

Question V: Finish the second sentence so that it has the same meaning as the first.

1. A year has twelve months.

2. Lan is more intelligent than her sister.

-> Lan’s sister isn’t __________________________

3. He looks after the sick people.

-> He takes __________________________

4. Do you enjoy listening to music?

-> Are you interested __________________________?

5. What is your mother’s job?

-> What does __________________________?

6. We have a two - month summer vacation.

-> Our summer vacation lasts __________________________

7. Will you please look after the house while we are away?

-> Will you please take __________________________?

8. Vietnamese students have fewer vacations than American ones.

-> American students __________________________

9. It takes me about two hours each day to do my homework.

-> I spend __________________________

10. Hoa is a hard student.

-> Hoa studies __________________________

Question VI: Use the given words to make complete sentences.

1. Could/ tell/ how/ get/ police station/ please?

2. How much/ cost/ mail/ letter/ USA?

3. In/ future/ we/ less work/ more money/ spend.

4. Brother/ engineer/ and/ work/ factory/ suburb/ capital.

5. Eat/ and/ talk/ friends/ be/ most common ways/relax/ recess/ many countries.

Question VII: Read the following passage and answer the questions below.

Headache is a very common disease in the USA. Every year, about fifty million people have to go to the doctor because of headache. The symptoms of a headache are various. People can see black dots or bright spots in front of their eyes. They may also have pains only on one side of the head. Sometimes when the pain goes away, the head is sore. People have headache when they work too hard or they are too nervous about something. Medicine can help cure the disease but people usually have to do more than taking tablets. They can prevent headaches by changing their diets or their lifestyle or simply by going to bed.

* Questions:

1. Why is headache a common disease in the USA?

2. What can people see when they have headaches?

3. Can people have pains on only one side of the head?

4. When do people have headaches?

5. How can they prevent headaches?

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