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I. Listen to the dialogue and fill each blank with a missing word. (1point)

Hoa: Where are you going, Nam?

Nam: I'm going to the (1)_______ Center. I'm going to play (2)_______ .

Hoa: How often do you go there?

Nam: Not very often. About once a week.

Hoa: Isn't it (3)_______ ?

Nam: Not really. I usually stay for (4)_______ an hour. I don't spend much.

II. Complete the postcard Tom sent to his friend, Mary, who is in America. Use the words in the box. (2.5 points)

wonderful           met             souvenirs             in               family
friendly           nice           took             cool and sunny            of

Dear Mary,
I am having a (1)________ time in Viet Nam . The weather is (2)________ . The people are (3)________. (4)________ Ha Noi, I (5)________ my friend, Hoa and her (6)________. It was (7)________ to meet them. I bought lots of (8)________ and (9)________ a lot (10)________ photos. I hope you are well. Did you receive the postcard I sent you on the first day I arrived in Viet Nam?
See you soon.
Your friend,

III. Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences. (2.5 points)

1.________ you let me take a photograph of you?
A. Will B. Shall C. May D. Must

2. Several people were hurt in the accident but only one ________ to hospital.
A. has taken B. was taking C. was taken D. has been taking.

3. Nam will leave ________ Hue on Sunday.
A. for B. from C. at D. in

4. All of us were ________ that he came first. He hasn't been working hard so far.
A. surprising B. to surprise C. surprised D. to be surprised.

5. Where is Mai? - She's out. She said she ________ back soon.
A. shall B. would be C. was D. is

6. He was watching television ________ the burglar alarm went off.
A. when B. why C. where D. that

7. After the clothes have been washed, they ________ out to dry.
A. were hung B. are hung C. are hanged D. were hanging

8. “________ took my camera?”, George asked us.
A. Who B. That C. Whom D. Which

9. The team ________ by an experienced rice cook won the rice - cooking contest.
A. led B. leads C. leading D. lead

10. Our flight to Singapore has been delayed. We ________as well stay here an extra day.
A. should B. could C. must D. might

IV. Fill in each blank with a suitable word (2.0 points)

(1) ________ London , tourists often (2) ________different parts of the capital by underground. Covent Garden, a popular tourist attraction, is in (3) ________ centre (4) ________ London. There (5) ________ shops there. There (6) ________ an underground nearby . A (7) ________of tourists also visit London's historic buildings. Buckingham Palace is Queen's official residence. There is a flag which shows when the Queen is (8) ________ home.

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