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Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 2 lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh


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I. Choose the best answer by circling A, B, C or D. (2pts)

1. Trang is 15 years old. She is not old enough ______a car.
A. drive B. to drive C. driving D. drove

2. _________can I do for you ?
A. What B. When C. Where D. How

3. It is easy_________ English.
A. learn B. learning C. to learn D. learned

4. Would you mind _________the washing up for me tonight ?
A. do B. did C. doing D. to do

5. I prefer walking _________riding a bicycle.
A. to B. than C. with D. for

6. My grandmother used to _________her younger brother and sister.
A. looks after B. look after C. looked after D. looking after

7. Mr. Lam asked me _________you this dictionary.
A. give B. to give C. gave D. giving

8. The ruler _________of plastic is Lan's.
A. make B. made C. making D. to make

II. Put the verbs in bracket into correct tenses. (3pts)

1. Tuan already ( do ) _________his homework.

2. I didn't know how ( get ) ______to your house so I stopped ( ask ) _________the way.

3. It ( rain ) _________when the plane got to Ha Noi.

4. Huong ( go ) _________to Son La last week.

5. They ( watch ) _________T.V at 8.30 last night.

III. Rewrite the sentences. (3pts)

1. The Chinese invented paper in the century A.D.
Paper ____________________________________________

2. This factory produces 10,000 cars each year.
10,000 cars________________________________________

3. "My sister likes cooking.", said Nam.
Nam said that______________________________________

4. " Is Ha Long Bay in the Northern Viet Nam, Phuong ?" asked Mary.
Mary asked Phuong__________________________________

5. The question is very difficult. I can't understand it.
The question is too__________________________________

6. Using a computer is very simple.
It is ____________________________________________

IV. Read and answer the questions. (2pts)

Let's visit Tokyo

Tokyo, which is the capital of Japan, is one of the three largest cities in the world. In the twelfth century, Japan's capital was an inland city named Kyoto. Six hundred years later, many people from Kyoto had moved to a city called Eyed. They had renamed it Tokyo and had made this city the capital of all Japan. Today, Tokyo is a busy place. It is a center for business and education. It is also a center for religion. In addition, Tokyo University, the beautiful grounds of the Imperial Place, the famous Imperial Hotel, built in 1920 by an American, Frank Lloyd Wright, and many fine shops, stores, theaters and eating places can be found in this capital. In downtown Tokyo, many large, new buildings made of concrete and steel may be seen. Some of these were built after the earthquake of 1923. Others were built after World War II.

* Answer the questions.

1. Which city used to be the capital of Japan in the 12th century ?

2. What did Tokyo use to be called?

3. Who designed the Imperial Hotel ?

4. What were large, modern buildings in Tokyo made of ?

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