Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3

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Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3 có đáp án

Bạn đang gặp khó khăn trước kì kiểm tra sắp tới và bạn không biết làm sao để đạt được điểm số như mong muốn. Hãy tham khảo đề kiểm tra Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3 sẽ giúp các bạn nhận ra các dạng bài tập khác nhau. Chúc các bạn làm thi tốt.

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Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 11 Unit 2: Personal Experiences số 2

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 11 Unit 3 số 2 có đáp án

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

1. a. scream         b. death          c. ready         d. Peasant

2. a. honest          b. honour         c. honey         d. ghost

3. a. rumour         b. humour        c. mutual          d. duty

Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.

4. a. understanding      b. anniversary      c. experience         d. celebration

5. a. invite              b. intimate         c. divorce           d. imagine

Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

6. He seemed ________ a friendship to Joe.

a. beginning           b. being begun       c. to be begun        d. to have begun

7. ________ happened, I didn't want to lose Sarah's friendship.

a. However             b. Wherever          c. Whatever         d. Whenever

8. He had a portrait ________ as a birthday present for his daughter.

a. paint                b. painting           c. painted         d. to be painted

9. We ________ friends even after we grew up and left home.

a. became               b. made           c. struck up          d. remained

10. At first I found it difficult ________ on the other side of the road.

a. to get used to drive         b. to get used to driving

c. being used to drive         d. in getting used to driving

11. The factory is said ________ in a fire two years ago.

a. being destroyed             b. to have been destroyed

c. to destroy                  d. to have destroyed

12. The party starts at 8 o'clock so I'll ________ at 7.45.

a. look for you        b. pick you up        c. bring you along        d. take you out

13. She wants to look ________ in her wedding reception.

a. nature             b. natured          c. natural             d. naturally

14. When will you have the dress made?' 'I expect ________ by Friday.

a. to finish             b. finishing         c. to be finished         d. being finished

15. A selfish person is incapable ________ true friendship.

a. of                 b. with                c. in                d. for

16. ________ it was a formal dinner party, James wore his blue jeans.

a. Since                b. Even though       c. Until             d. Only if

17. No sooner ________ the phone rang.

a. had they arrived home that           b. they had arrived home than

c. did they arrive home that            d. had they arrived home than

18. A number of Vietnamese ________ to that city recently.

a. moved              b. has moved           c. have moved         d. was moved

19. I'm really ________ to the party. All my old friends will be there.

a. appreciating        b. looking forward         c. thinking about         d. enjoyable

20. Mr. Lee was upset by ________ him the truth.

a. our not having told    b. us not tell         c. we didn't tell           d. not to tell

21. Jean has a very easy-going ________, which is why she is so popular.

a. reputation           b. personality         c. characteristic         d. sympathy

22. The examiner made us ________ our identification in order to be admitted to the test center.

a. show                b. showing           c. to show              d. showed

23. As we entered the room, we saw a rat ________ towards a hole in the skirting board.

a. scamper            b. to scamper          c. scampering         d. was scampering

24. I remember ________ to Paris when I was a very small child.

a. to be taken           b. to take             c. being taken           d. taking

25. It was difficult to ________ a date which was convenient for everyone.

a. agree                b. organize             c. arrange            d. provide

Choose the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting.

26. If one is invited out to a dinner, it is perfect proper to go either with or
                 A                B           C             D

without a gift.

27. His teacher encouraged him taking part in the international pIano
                A             B             C



28. Jane has not rarely missed, a party since she was fifteen years old.
             A               B     C       D

29. Tina is always understanding, patient, and sensitive when helping
                   A                    B             C

her friends to their problems. 


30. So far this term, the students in writing class have learned how to write
                                           A            B

thesis statements, organize their material, and summarizing their

                   C                        D


Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

A few weeks ago, I had a (31) _______ unusual flight from London to Khartoum. The flight was (32) _______ to leave at a quarter past two, so I checked in at half past twelve, thinking that I had plenty of time to save. I was rather horrified to find that I had to pay £50 (33) _______ baggage, but on the other hand, it was relief to see the back of my suitcase, which was, I had to (34) _______ , extremely heavy.

Having visited the duty-free shop, I sat in the lounge waiting for my I flight to be called. Two o'clock came, and (35) _______ there was no announcement, so I went over to the information desk. The ground hostess (36) _______ me that the plane would be leaving only a few minutes later than scheduled, and I sat down again.

Suddenly there was an announcement: 'Flight (37) _______ until 17.45'. There was a collective groan from the waiting passengers, but the airline then announced that it was offering us a free lunch, which (38) _______ us all a little.

We eventually took off at 17.45. Shortly after we were airborne, the captain explained the (39) _______ of our delay. Apparently, just before we were original due to board, a mouse had been discovered on the plane. As a result, the plane had had to be (40) _______ from service.

31. a. somehow         b. somewhat        c. somewhere        d. something

32. a. destined          b. planned          c. likely              d. due 

33. a. hand            b. heavy              c. excess          d. loaded

34. a. admit           b. expect           c. confess            d. confide

35. a. so              b. only            c. just               d. still

36. a. warned          b. assured          c. insured           d. assumed

37. a. diverted        b. canceled          c. delayed           d. confirmed

38. a. pacified        b. persuaded         c. encouraged        d. consoled

39. a. reason          b. cause           c. origin              d. root

40. a. withdrawn        b. deleted          c. removed            d. pulled

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.


Your mind's ability to bring back experiences you have had is your memory. There are two kinds of remembering, recall and recognition. For instance, you may not be able to recall the poem you read yesterday in class, but if you see it again, you will know it instantly because you recognize it.

Some few people have 'total recall,' often spoken of as photographic memory. A person with total recall can recite a whole page of a book he has read only once, or playa musical composition after hearing it once. This is very unusual, however, and most people have difficulty in remembering even names they heard the day before. This is not because most people lack the ability to remember, but because they had not paid much attention to what they heard. They felt no personal reasons to remember. Having a personal reason for remembering is one of the most important factors in a good memory.

When you have a strong reason for remembering, concentrate as you read or listen, and try to connect the new information to things you I already know. A detail is easy to remember when it fits into a whole that makes sense. If you understand the entire history lesson before you try to remember any particular dates, your memory may surprise you.

41. While not directly stated, it may be inferred from the article that ________.

a. details are more easily remembered by fitting them into a whole

b. recall and recognition are the same thing

c. wanting to do a thing is very important to being able to do it

d. if he will try hard enough, one man can remember as well as Mother

42. This article as a whole tells us about ________.

a. people who can remember whole pages

b. people who can't remember names

c. our memory and how to improve it

d. recognition and recall

43. A person with photographic memory is ________.

a. can only remember things if he looks at a photograph

b. can remember every detail of what he sees or hears

c. can be found in mental hospitals

d. brings his camera everywhere he goes

44. One way to improve our memory is ________

a. to ask other people to repeat something you want to remember.

b. to have a camera with you all the time

c. to concentrate on what you hear or read

d. to learn everything by heart

45. Which sentence is not true?

a. If you can't remember things, you have no memory.

b. Recognition and recall are the two kinds of memory.

c. Total recall is remembering something in its entirely.

d. A person can remember anything better if he has a strong reason for doing it.

Choose the answer (a, b, c or d) that is nearest in meaning to the printed before it.

46. It's no use trying to make friends with him.

a. You should try to make friends with him.

b. I find it difficult to make friends with him.

c. There's no point in trying to make a friendship with him.

d. Making a friendship with him is worthless.

47. As soon as he arrived at the airport, he called home.

a. No sooner had he arrived at the airport, he called home.

b. He arrived at the airport sooner than he had expected.

c. Calling home, he said that he had arrived the airport.

d. Immediately after he called home, he arrived the airport.

48. We had our house decorated to celebrate our wedding anniversary.

a. We had to decorate our house.

b. We had someone decorate our house.

c. Our house needs to be decorated.

d. We helped my father decorate our house.

Choose the best sentence (a, b, c, or d) made from the given cues.

49. Thank/ invitation/ silver anniversary/ beginning/ September//

a. Thank you for your invitation to your silver anniversary at the beginning of September.

b. Thanks for your invitation of the silver anniversary at the beginning of September.

c. Thank you for your invitation to your silver anniversary in the beginning of September.

d. Thank you for your invitation to your silver anniversary at the beginning in September.

50.When! II arrive/ lecture/ already start/ professor/ write/ overhead projector//

a. When I arrived the lecture already started and the professor wrote the overhead projector.

b. When I arrived lecture had already started 'and professor wrote the overhead projector.

c. When I arrived the lecture had already started and the professor was writing on the overhead projector.

d. When I arrived the lecture had already started and the professor had writing on the overhead projector.

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