Đề ôn tập hè Tiếng Anh lớp 5 số 7

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Đề ôn tập lớp 5 lên 6 môn Tiếng Anh

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a. Circle the odd one out

1. A.first  B. second  C. four  D. fifth
2. A.shorts  B. sugar  C. shoes  D. stocks
3. A. monkey  B. deer  C. tiger  D. whale
4. A. China  B. English  C. Irish  D. Portuguese
5. A.Who  B. Why  C. Whom D. Whose

b. Put the underlined verbs into the correct box

It’s 7.00 a.m and the Blacks are in their kitchen. Mr.Black is sitting (6) at the breakfast table, he is having orange juice and some bread with butter. He is reading a newspaper, he reads (7) the newspaper every morning. Mrs.Black is pouring (8) a glass of milk for her little boy. He is four years old. He is talking about his family holiday last weekend. They were (9) at the beach and played (10) many interesting games together. He was very happy and sang all the time. He says he wants to be at the seaside again in the summer holiday.


Hiện tại đơn

Hiện tại tiếp diễn

Quá khứ đơn





















c. Give the correct form of the following verbs:

11. Shih. The baby (sleep)__________. Don’t talk too loud.

12. There (be) _____ a cartoon on TV but I don’t watch it.

13. Yesterday we (visit) ____ the museum near my school.

14. Would you (like) ____some lemonade?

15. Most students enjoy (learn) ____ Music and Art.

16. Lan (like) ____ ice-cream and sweets.

17. Last summer, we (have)____ a picnic in Cuc Phuong National Park.

18. We (be)_____ very happy to see you.

19. His father (go) ____ to work at the moment.

20. My family often (have) ___ light breakfast on weekdays.


a. Read the passage and circle the best answer:

Every child in Viet Nam can have two special days. The first is International Children’s Day on June 1 The second day is Mid-Autumn Festival on the 15th day of the eighth month in the lunar calendar. The lunar is fullest and roundest on that day. There are many children TV programs, parties, activities for children on those days. All children can be fun with their friends at school activities. At home, parents and other family members also celebrates parties for children. Children may get beautiful and small gifts from adults. On Mid-Autumn Festival, children can eat moon-cake, play with traditional 5-pointed-star-shaped lanterns and enjoy lion dance. Children also enjoy telling the legends of Cuội and Moon Lady.

Note: 5-poinled-star-shaped lantern: đèn ông sao

- lion dance: múa sư tử

21. According to the passage, how many days are special for Vietnamese children?

A. 2 days

B. 3 days

C. 4 days

D. 5 days

22. Mid-Autumn Festival is on __________in the lunar calendar.

A. the first day of August

B. the fifteenth day of August

C. the first day of June

D. the fifteenth day of June

23. What can children do on these two days?

A. They can be at home.

B. They can give gifts to adults.

C. They can get gifts and enjoy many fun activities.

D. They can play sports.

24. The special food for Mid-Autumn Festival

A. square cake

B. spring-roll

C. sweet soup

D. moon-cake

25. People in the picture above is taking...........

A. Lion’s head

B. beautiful mask

C. 5-poinled-star-shaped lantern

D. ballons

Read the advertisement for children bikes and stick.

Bike 1. This is the Superior 20 Inch Bike for boys and girls Do you like cycling in the summer in the park? It is great for you because it is light. You can ride so fast.

Bike 2. Look! This is the beautiful Disney Frozen 12 Inch Bike. It is for girls aged 7-11 Do you love Frozen film? If yes,then this bike has all colours you like. It has pink, snow white with snowflakes.

Bike 3. This awesome bike is called Chad Valley, made of wood. It Is a wonderful bike for children under 7 years old.

Bike 4. It is called Pirate 14 Inch Bike for boys aged 8 to 14 It has two main colours, black and white. It is perfect for your fast ride. It is very light.


Bike 1

Bike 2

Bike 3

Bike 4

26. This bike is fast.





27. This bike has snowflakes.





28. This bike is not heavy and for boys.





29. This bike is made of wood





30. Only this bike has pink






a. circle one mistake in each sentence:

31. He is sitting in the library to study Maths now.

32. What subject do you like more at school?

33. I am the oldest child in my family, my two young sisters are twin sisters.

34. Did you visited Art Museum with Lan last weekend?

35. Look! Two tiger are jumping through the fire circle.

b. Write the questions for the underlined words or phrases

36. She likes walking in the park with her puppy.


37. He goes to the food store because he wants some milk and bread.


38. My new dress is light pink.


39. Last night we went to bed at 10 p.m


40. -There are fifty-five studentsin my class.


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