Đề ôn thi học kì 1 lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh (3)

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Đề thi học kì 1 lớp 7 môn tiếng Anh

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I. Complete the sentences with the words below.

is  are    any   a    aren’t    isn’t

1. There _______ any students in the gym.

2. Are there _______ boys in your class?

3. There _______ a dictionary in the classroom. Take one from the library.

4. There’s _______ bed in my bedroom.

5. There _______ two computers in my house.

6. _______ there a CD player in your room? Mark: ___ /6

II. Complete the sentences with the affirmative or negative form of have to.

1. We _______ go shopping every day, only at the weekend.

2. She’s studying history. She _______ read a lot of books.

3. I _______ get up early on Monday. My English lesson starts at 7.30 a.m.

4. Japanese students _______ go to school on 1st January. It’s a holiday.

5. We _______ to train every afternoon for our swimming competition next month.

6. My friend _______ wear a uniform at school, but I do!#

7. I have got four tests in one week! I _______ study hard. 

III. Write questions with have to

1. When/ they/ take the exam? _______________________________

2. What/ you/ do this evening? _______________________________

3. Where/ your friend/ go tomorrow? _______________________________

4. What/ her brother/ do every day? _______________________________

5. Who/ your parents/ take to the doctor's? _______________________________

6. How much/ she/ pay for her books? _______________________________

7. What time/ we/ get up? _______________________________ 


IV. Complete the sentences with the school subjects below.

art   and   design  music  geography  physics  maths  P.E.  history

1. We study songs and instruments in ______________.

2. You have to be good at numbers in ______________ class.

3. We study drawing and painting in ______________.

4. We do sports and exercises in ______________.

5. We study ______________ in the science lab.

6. We learn about countries, climates and maps in ______________.

7. ______________ is the study of kings, queens, wars and empires. Mark: ___ /7

V. Complete the sentences with the words below.

bored   keen  interested  good   angry   proud

1. She's _________ with the same teachers every year.

2. They're not very _______ on insects!

3. Are you ________ in chess?

4. I'm not very ________at maths.

5. He's _________ of being at university.

6. My mum's always ________ with me when I get up late! 

VII. Complete the dialogue. Write the words in brackets correctly.

A: Excuse me! Is this the ICT room?

B: No, it's the music room!

A: Oh! So where's the ICT room?

B: It's upstairs, on the 1_________ (cdnsoe) floor.

A: And how do I get there?

B: Go 2___________ (golan) this corridor, and go 3___________ (grothuh) those grey doors.

A: OK!

B: Then go up the stairs and 4___________ (pistopeo) the canteen, turn 5__________ (girth). Go 6___________ (stap) the library, and the ICT room's on the left.

A: Great! Could you 7____________ (petrea) that, please? Mark: ___ /7


VII. Complete the sentences with the appropriate words.

1. The science _________ is in front _________ the canteen in my school!

2. School students in Japan often _________ to wear their school _________ at the weekend!

3. ‘Excuse me. Where’s the ICT _________?’ ‘It’s next to the head teacher’s _________.’

4. There isn’t a playing ______ at my sister’s school, so she _______ to do all her P.E. lessons in the gym!

5. There aren’t _________ chairs in the hall. Can you get _________ from behind the stairs, please?


VIII. Listen to the conversation. Are the sentences true or false?

1. Wanda wants to study economics next year. ____

2. You can surf the Internet in the library. ____

3. Conor has an exam tomorrow morning. ____

4. Conor doesn't have a good English teacher. ____

5. Wanda studies all the same subjects as Conor. ____ 


IX. Read the text.

Dear cousins,

I'm here in England on a three-month exchange visit. It doesn't snow much in winter, so I don't have to wear lots of clothes like at home. The school is always quite warm because there's central heating. There are three floors, so I often get lost and have to ask for directions! DT is on the ground floor, for example, but biology is on the top floor – that's a lot of stairs! One good thing is that the doors on each floor have a different colour, so it's easy to remember: blue, red and green.

The school subjects here aren't the same as at home. In history classes, we learn about English history, not European history, so I'm not very keen on that. We don't have to do economics this month because the teacher's sick (I can't stand economics!). But the science labs are brilliant! We can do lots of experiments, and the teachers are fun.

Life outside the school is a big change! I have to be careful in the streets because cars all drive on the left. There's a good bus service between the town and the school, so I don't have to walk much. And the family I'm living with are very friendly. They have a son and a daughter about the same age as me, so we sometimes go out together.

But there's still a lot that I don't understand! I have to do a lot of homework, so I don't watch much TV. And the food – what can I say about the food? They eat everything out of cans and packets, so I really miss my Mum's cooking!

Write back soon!


Choose the correct answers.

1. Guido says he often needs ____________.

A. clothes

B. heating

C. directions

2. The different colours help him to remember the ____________.

A. classrooms

B. floors

C. subjects

3. Guido likes the ____________ classes.

A. economics

B. history

C. sience

4. Guido's main problem outside the school is the ____________.

A. buses

B. cars

C. family

5. Guido wants to ____________.

A. finish his homework

B. eat his mum's food

C. watch more TV


X. Write a letter (90–120 words) to welcome an exchange student to yourhome and your school. Give information about:

Your daily routine at home (times and activities). Class times, subjects and activities.

Lunch time at school. Transport between home and school.

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