Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 23

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently
from the others’ in the same line.
B. plays
D. stays
A. musician
B. ancient
C. beneficial
D. classical
A. Mars
B. particular
C. superstar
D. marching
A. sensitive
B. benefit
C. pretty
D. remedy
A. images
B. figures
C. measures
D. styles
Read the passage below and choose the best answer to each question.
A geyser is the result of underground water under the combined conditions of high
temperatures and increased pressure beneath the surface of the earth. Since temperature
rises approximately one degree F for every sixty feet under the earth’s surface, and
pressure increases with depth, water that seeps down in cracks and fissures until it reaches
very hot rocks in the earth’s interior becomes heated to a temperature in excess of 290
degrees F. Because of the greater pressure, it shoots out of the surface in the form of steam
and hot water. The result is a geyser.
For the most part, geysers are located in three regions of the world: New Zealand, Iceland,
and the Yellowstone National Park area of the United States. The most famous geyser in
the world is Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. Old Faithful erupts almost every hour,
rising to a height of 125 to 170 feet and expelling more than ten thousand gallons during
each eruption.
6.In order for a geyser to erupt,____________ .
A.hot rocks must rise to the surface of the earth B.water must flow underground
C.it must be a warm day D.the earth must not be rugged or broken
7.Old Faithful is located in____________ .
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A.New Zealand B. Iceland C. the United States D. England
8.Old Faithful erupts______.
A.every 10 minutes B. every 60 minutes
C.every 125 minutes D.every 170 minutes
9.A geyser is____________ .
A.hot water and steam B. cracks and fissures
C.hot rocks D.great pressure
10.As depth increases,__________.
A.pressure increases but temperature does not
B.temperature increases but pressure does not
C.both pressure and temperature increase
D.neither pressure nor temperature increases
Choose the correct answer for each of the following sentences.
11.You can’t smoke in here. It is______ the law.
A.anti B. against C. opposite D. according
12.Drunkenness is ________ for many road accidents.
A.guilty B. responsible C. faulty D. cause
13.You need a special________ to go into this part of the area.
A.permit B. permission C. allowance D. agreement
14.Write to me and tell me______about your holiday in China.
A.every B. much C. some D. all
15.The dentist told him to open his mouth__________ .
A.broad B. much C. greatly D. wide
16.I walked away as calmly as I could_______they thought I was a thief.
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A.in case B. or else C. to avoid D. owing to
17.The stolen jewels were______a lot of money.
A.valued B.cost C. worth D. priced
18.The children loved_____the old castle.
A.exploring B.discovering C. hunting D. detecting
19._________ being tired, I went for a picnic with my family.
A.That B.Since C. Although D. Despite
20.Armstrong is not very fit. He doesn’t__________ any exercise.
A.practise B.have C. take D. make
21.I have been on the_________ all week. That’s why I haven’t replied to your letter
A.way B.go C. busy D. work
22.Hardly had we left the house_________ it started raining.
A.when B.than C. as D. then
23.The committee was_____over one hundred years ago.
A.set out B.set off C. set to D. set up
24.The price of petrol______ by 40% over the past few years.
A.is rising B.was rising C. rises D. has been rising
25.Hillary’s autobiography has become one of______ in the book market recently.
A.a best-selling B. the best-selling C. a best-seller D. the best-sellers
Use the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
26-21. We regret (say)__________ that the TV programme last night was very dull and
wasn’t worth (watch)_________ .

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