Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 34

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ĐÁP ÁN NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
(1-5). Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of
the others.
a. water
b. awful
c. quality
d. quarter
a. feature
b. meal
c. meadow
d. peace
a. sword
b. switch
c. listen
d. muscle
a. advanced
b. accomplished
c. watched
d. averaged
a. cheap
b. headache
c. stomach
d. architecture
(6-10). Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the other
a. service
b. disease
c. traffic
d. patient
a. access
b. satisfy
c. future
d. expect
a. comfortable
b. industrial
c. passenger
d. interested
a. medicine
b. despite
c. conclusion
d. attention
a. precious
b. succeed
c. installment
d. facility
(11-40). Choose the word or phrase (a, b, c or d) that best fits the blank space in
each sentence.
11. The rain stopped and the sun came _______ .
a. down
b. up
c. in
d. out
12. She was able to carry________ all the tasks assigned to her.
a. on
b. out
c. down
d. over
13. I wanted to go alone, but some friends of mine insisted_____ coming with me.
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a. in
b. on
c. of
d. to
14. If you don’t know what the word means, look it_________ in a dictionary.
a. up
b. through
c. out
d. over
15. That book is based______ the life of the inventor Alexander G. Bell.
a. in
b. on
c. from
d. for
16. It was important to me to be financially independent_________ my
a. on
b. to
c. of
d. with
17. It took the fire brigade to hours to_______the fire.
a. cut down
b. get on
c. set off
d. put out
18. Fiona decided not to________the exam in December.
a. make for
b. get round
c.take on
d.go in for
19. When I got my case back, it had been damaged___________
a. beyond
b.out of
20. I can’t understand why you________ the chance of working abroad for a year. It
would have been a great experience for you.
a.put down
b.turn down
c. Let down
d.shut down
21. We’d better not waste water_____ we don’t have enough to drink sooner and later.
a.only if
b.or else
c.as soon as
d. in case
22. ______ you ask, the answer is always the same.
23. _______ the rising cost of fuel, more people are using public transport.
a.In spite of
b.Owing to
c.Instead of
d.As for
24. The lower interest rates fall,_______ for larger items such as cars and homes.
a. more consumers shop
b. the more consumers shop
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c. there are more consumers shopping
d. consumers shop more
25. The report will be of interest to teachers and________ in the education field.
a. other
b. others
c. the other
d. the others
26. At your age, you should have regular__________ .
a. check-ins
b. check-ups
c. checkouts
d. checkers
27. Coming to England will be a good_______for you to improve your English.
a. possibility
b. occasion
c. opportunity
d. experience
28.______ of great apes, the gibbon is the smallest.
a. Four of the types
b. The four of types
c. Four types
d. Of the four types
29. Portable computers are good for _____ information while traveling,
a. accessing
b. extracting
c. leaking
d. containing
30. Neither the boy’s teacher nor his parents___________ with his progress.
a. is satisfied
b. are satisfied
c. has satisfied
d. have satisfie
31. So funny______ that everybody burst out laughing.
a. she looked
b. she did look
c. did she look
d. look she
32. During the last hours we _______ reports of an explosion in the city center.
a. received
b. were received
c. were receiving
d. have been receiving
33. Had he learned the lesson well, he_________ more confident now.
a. will feel
b. would feel
c. will have felt
d. would have felt
34. I was six when I discovered there was no_______ Santa Claus.
a. such person as
b. person like
c. such a person like
d. person as
35. _______ at the table when the phone rang.

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