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NĂM HỌC 2016-2017
Thời gian: 120 phút (không kể thời gian giao nhận đề)
(Đề thi có 09 trang)
Điểm bài thi
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Lưu ý: Thí sinh không được sử dụng tài liệu.
Thí sinh làm bài trực tiếp vào tờ đề thi.
I. (Questions 1-5): Listen and tick the box. 0 is as one example (1,2 pts).
0. Where Anna’s scarf?
1. What is Nick listening to?
2. Which man is Susan’s teacher?
A. B. C. D.
A. B. C. D.
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3. What does Pat want to do today?
4. Why has Ben got a stomachache?
5. What does Bill want to see first at the zoo?
II. (Questions 6-10): Listen to the recording and circle the appropriate answer A, B, or
C. You will hear the recording twice (1,2 pts).
6. What time do the photography classes begin?
A. 5.15 p.m
B. 6 p.m
C. 6.45 p.m
D. 5.45 p.m
7. How much does Philip pay for the photography course?
A. 55$
B. 75$
C. 95$
D. 65$
8. Philip’s happy with the course because he’s _________.
A. learning about famous photographers
B. using a new camera
C. getting better at photography
D. using a new umbrella
A. B. C. D.
A. B. C. D.
A. B. C. D.
A. B. C. D.
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9. Philip thinks it’s easy to take photographs of _________ .
A. trees
B. animals
C. children
C. everyone
10. After the course, Philip will_________ .
A. buy a new camera
B. get a job in photography
C. make photography his hobby
D. get a job in shop
I. (Questions 11-15): Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
from the rest by circling the corresponding letter A, B, C or D to indicate your answers
(0,5 point).
11. A. hear B. fear C. bear D. near
12. A. nature B. play C. vacation D. anger
13. A. catches B. watches C. goes D. misses
14. A. traveled B. listened C. collapsed D. lived
15. A. pity B. mind C. pilot D. dialogue
I. (Questions 16-30): Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C
or D (3 pts).
16. My dad likes _________ gardening every weekend, so we always have fresh vegetables
to eat.
A. making
B. doing
C. planting
D. growing
17. We need some pork, it is the reason we go to the _________ and buy some.
A. drug store
B. butcher’s
C. wet market
D. tailor’s
18. The durians are rarely ripe. _________ are the apples.
A. Neither
B. So
C. Both
D. Either
19. It’s a very busy airport. There are planes _________ and landing every 5 minutes.
A. going up
B. taking off
C. getting up
D. driving off
20. After using, you should _________ the lamp to save energy.
A. take off
B. go off
C. turn off
D. get off
21. In the past of 50 years ago, _________ people didn’t have a TV set at home.
A. most of
B. most
C. most of the
D. almost every
22. You’ve made a lot of mistakes in your work. You should never do it _________ .
A. in a hurry
B. in hurry
C. hurried
D. such hurrily
23. Before going on holiday, you should _________ a ticket for the flight in advance so that
you can buy a cheaper one.
A. book
B. rent
C. lend
D. borrow
24. Neighbors don’t spend _________ together as they used to do in the past.
A. more time
B. as much time
C. little time
D. less time
25. Our school year usually starts in late August. It _________ for almost 9 months.
A. wastes
B. lasts
C. lengthens
D. takes
26. The weather is _________ we can not go swimming today.

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