Đề thi giữa học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10 trường THPT Nguyễn Trãi, Thái Bình năm 2015 - 2016

Đề thi giữa học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10

Đề thi giữa học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10 trường THPT Nguyễn Trãi, Thái Bình năm 2015 - 2016 gồm 50 câu hỏi trắc nghiệm có đáp án đi kèm. Đây là tài liệu ôn tập hữu ích dành cho các bạn học sinh lớp 10 luyện tập kiến thức nửa đầu năm chương trình học lớp 10.

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NĂM HỌC 2015 - 2016


Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút

I. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest in each of the following questions.

Câu 1: A. ploughed B. photographed C. laughed D. coughed

Câu 2: A. stays B. pays C. plays D. says

Câu 3: A. children B. blind C. finger D. pity

Câu 4: A. teach B. deaf C. sleep D. read

Câu 5: A. cooks B. loves C. spends D. joins

II. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 6: Galileo _______ his first telescope in 1609.

A. has built B. had built C. built D. builds

Câu 7: Can you show me _______ the film in this camera?

A. how to change B. how changing C. how change D. how you changed

Câu 8: When we _______ the bill, we left the restaurant.

A. had paid B. paid C. had been paying. D. were paying

Câu 9: I have been fascinated by _______ since I was at secondary school.

A. photographer B. photography C. photograph D. photographic

Câu 10: He has not developed mentally as much as others at the same age. He's _______

A. mentally retarded B. mentally alert
C. mentally ill D. mentally restricted

Câu 11: I _____ sunglasses today because the sun is very strong.

A. has been wearing B. am wearing
C. have worn D. wear

Câu 12: Tim _____go fishing with his father when he was young.

A. used to B. is used to C. has used to D. was used to

Câu 13: The children _______football when their mother came back home.

A. played B. is playing C. were playing D. play

Câu 14: I often go to work early to avoid __________in the rush hour.

A. drive B. to drive C. driving D. drove

Câu 15: I will ___________every effort to teach my students.

A. see B. do C. try D. make

Câu 16: She continued the _____ until the children realized they had just learned how to add and subtract.

A. demonstrative B. demonstration C. demonstrate D. demonstratively

Câu 17: She has a face that looks attractive in her photographs - in other words, she is_____.

A. photograph B. photography C. photogenic D. photo

Câu 18: Most of the children come from large and poor families, _____ prevents them from having proper schooling.

A. which B. who C. that D. whose

Câu 19: _____ is the activity or job of taking photographs or films

A. Photos B. Photograph C. Photo D. Photography

Câu 20: Louis Braille was born _____ and accidentally _____ himself at the age of three.

A. blinded / sighted B. blind / sight C. sighted / blinded D. sight / blind

Câu 21: He was barely ______ of writing his own name.

A. likely B. capable C. able D. possible

Câu 22: Last night I stared death in the ______ when I nearly had an accident.

A. head B. face C. hands D. eyes

Câu 23: John is ______ in fashion magazines.

A. interests B. interesting C. interest D. interested

Câu 24: Nothing ______ in this town since I first visited it.

A. changes B. was changing C. changed D. has changed

Câu 25: I feel so ______ and sleepy today because I worked late last night.

A. tire B. tired C. tiredness D. tiring

Câu 26: Thuy's class is different ______ other classes because the children are disabled.

A. in B. on C. from D. at

Câu 27: A new bridge______across the river recently.

A. was built B. were built C. is built D. has been built

Câu 28: I was late for school this morning because my alarm clock didn't ______

A. go away B. go up C. go on D. go off

Câu 29: Peter: "Thanks a lot for your wonderful gift." – Mary: "____________"

A. Thank you B. Have a good day C. Cheers D. You are welcome

Câu 30: Maria: " I'm taking my driving test tomorrow." – Sarah: " ______!"

A. Good chance B. Good time C. Good luck D. Good day

III. Read the passage carefully and choose a suitale word to fill each blank.

Camping holidays are always (31) ______with students and young people-they are a cheap and (32) ______way to see a country. People often travel by train, by coach or (33) ______foot, so one thing is important(34) ______before starting: you can only take with you what you can carry – usually in a backpack on your back.

If you travel with a friend, of course some items can be shared – a tent, a gas stove, food. Other things must (35) ______by each person – clothes, footwear, a sleeping bag.

Câu 31: A. popular B. popularity C. populate D. popularly

Câu 32: A. easiness B. easily C. easy D. ease

Câu 33: A. on B. with C. by D. for

Câu 34: A. remember B. remembering C. to remember D. remembered

Câu 35: A. are taken B. being taken C. to be taken D. be taken

IV. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

If parents bring up a child with the sole aim of turning the child into a genius, they will cause disaster. This is one of the biggest mistakes which ambitious parents make. Unrealistic parental expectations can cause great damage to children.

However, if parents are not too unrealistic about what they expect their children to do, but ambitious in a sensible way, the child may succeed in doing very well- especially if the parents are very supportive of their child.

Do An Duc is very lucky. He is crazy about music, and his parents help him a lot by taking to concerts and arranging piano and violin lessons for him. Although Do An Duc's parents know very little about music, they have tried their best to help their son with his interest. However, they never make him enter music competition if he is unwilling.

Duc's friend, Vu Hoang Duy, however, is not so lucky. Although his parents are successful musicians, they set too high a standard for Duy. They want their son to be successful as they are so they enter him for every piano competition held. They are very unhappy when he doesn't win. "When I was at your age, I used to win every competition I entered," Duy's father tells him. Duy is always afraid that he will disappoint his parents and now he always seems quiet and unhappy.

Câu 36: One of the biggest mistakes any parents can make is to___________________.

A. make their child become a musician.

B. help their child to be a genius through constant support.

C. push the child into trying to achieve too much.

D. neglect their child's education.

Câu 37: Parents' ambition for their children is not wrong if ____________________.

A. they arrange private lessons for their child

B. they push the child into achieving a lot

C. they themselves have been very successful

D. they understand and help their children in difficult times

Câu 38: Do An Duc is fortunate because______________________.

A. he is very interested in music

B. his parents help him in a sensible way

C. his parents are good at music

D. his parents are very famous

Câu 39: Vu Hoang Duy's parents push their son so much that___________________.

A. He is unhappy because he is afraid he may not be successful

B. he has already become a better musician than his father

C. he passed a lot of competitions

D. he feels he can't learn anything about music from then

Câu 40: The two examples of Do An Duc and Vu Hoang Duy show that______________.

A. it is important to let children to develop in the way they want

B. the more money spent on a child's education, the better the child will do

C. successful parents often have unsuccessful children

D. parents who want to be musician should also be good musician

V. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.

Câu 41: When the film started , I already arrived ten minutes before.

A. When the B. before C. started D. already arrived

Câu 42: Those homework that your teacher assigned is due on Tuesday unless you have made prior arrangements to turn it in late.

A. Those B. assigned C. on Tuesday D. you have made

Câu 43: The elevator was out of order, that is too bad.

A. too B. The elevator C. out of order D. that

Câu 44: While the children were ice-skating , they slip on the thin ice and fell into the deep water.

A. ice-skating B. slip C. fell D. into

Câu 45: Practising speaking to native speakers are a good way to improve your speaking.

A. way B. improve C. are D. speakers

VI. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to each of the following questions.

Câu 46: He has good salary, but he feels unhappy.

A. In spite of having good salary he feels unhappy.

B. Although having good salary he feels unhappy.

C. Despite of having good salary he feels unhappy.

D. In spite of he has good salary, he feels unhappy.

Câu 47: John finds astronomy very interesting.

A. Astronomy makes John become more interested in science.

B. Astronomy is one of John's favourite branches of science.

C. John is interested in astronomy.

D. John reads a lot of books about astronomy.

Câu 48: He once went to school on foot when he was at primary school.

A. He was used to going to school on foot when he was at primary school.

B. He used to go to school on foot when he was at primary school.

C. He went to school on foot only one time when he was at primary school.

D. He never went to school on foot when he was at primary school

Câu 49: They will build a new hospital in our town.

A. Our town will build a new hospital

B. A new hospital will be built in our town

C. A new hospital will be builded in our town

D. Our town will be built a new hospital in.

Câu 50: Behave yourself or your parents will be disappointed.

A. Unless you behave yourself, your parents will be unhappy.

B. As long as you don't behave yourself, your parents will be disappointing.

C. If you behave yourself, your parents will be disappointed.

D. Provided that you behave yourself, your parents will be disappointed.

Đáp án đề thi giữa học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10

1. A

2. D

3. B

4. B

5. A

6. C

7. A

8. A

9. B

10. A

11. B

12. A

13. C

14. C

15. D

16. B

17. C

18. A

19. D

20. C

21. B

22. B

23. D

24. D

25. B

26. C

27. D

28. D

29. D

30. C

31. A

32. C

33. A

34. C

35. D

36. C

37. D

38. B

39. A

40. A

41. D

42. A

43. D

44. B

45. C

46. A

47. C

48. B

49. B

50. A

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