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NĂM HỌC 2015-2016


Thời gian làm bài: 45 phút

ĐỀ 1

A. LISTENING: (2 points)

People are talking about sports and activities.

What sport or activity is the person talking about ? Listen and choose the correct answer.

1. A. going to the gym        B. swimming             C. jogging

2. A. playing golf            B. playing soccer          C. playing volleyball

3. A. playing baseball        B. playing tennis          C. playing soccer

4. A. playing tennis          B. watching TV           C. reading

Listen and write one suitable word for each blank.

5. A. in the ............... the woman enjoys windsurfing.

B. But she doesn't do ................ in the winter.

6. A. The woman doesn't have a lot of ............... time.

B. but about once a week she ................. for an hour.

B. LANGUAGE FOCUS: (3.5 points)

Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

7. A. stamps         B. friends         C. relatives         D. guitars

8. A. stamped        B. grabbed        C. trapped          D. stopped

Choose the word that has stress pattern different from that of the other words.

9. A. volunteer        B. competition      C. enthusiastic       D. intercultural

Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.

10. _____ my parents gave me the fish tank.

A. It was on my birthday when        B. It was my birthday on that

C. It was my birthday that           D. It was on my birthday that

11. Mr. Trung, with ............. I am working, is an ambitious man.

A. who             B. whom           C. that             D. whoever

12. The man...................the bank is a millionaire.

A. is entering         B. entering          C. to be entered      D. enters

13. Scuba-diving and windsurfing are both aquatic sports.

A. field             B. water            C. combat          D. individual

14. ______ is the sport of fighting with long thin swords.

A. Basketball         B. Fencing          C. Hockey          D. Wrestling

15. My other pursuits include listening to music, reading and gardening.

A. chases           B. occupations       C. specialties        D. dedicatee

16. David: "You've got a beautiful dress!" Helen: " .............."

A. I do              B. Thanks for your compliment  C. You too    D. OK

17. Mr Pike: Excuse me, is anybody sitting here? - Tom: .......

A. No, thanks         B. Yes, I'm so glad    C. Sorry, the seat is taken  D. Yes, yes you can sit here

Choose the underlined part among A, B,C or D that needs correcting.

18. (A)In an essay (B)writing in 1779, Judith Sargeant Murray promoted (C)the cause of (D)women's education.

19. He is the(A) second person (B) be helped (C) in (D)that way.

20. (A)The song to (B) that we (C) listened last night (D) was beautiful.

C. READING: (2.5 points)

Fill each gap with a word from the box. (1.25 points)

watching    keeping    from    bought    in

Another hobby of mine is ......(21)........... fish. I have a modest little glass fish tank where I keep a variety of little fish. Some of them were.........(22)....... from the shop while some others were collected ......(23)........ the rice field near my house. They look so beautiful swimming about ...........(24)....... the tank. I love watching them and my mother loves .........(25)...... them, too.

Read the passage, then choose the correct answers: (1.25 points)

The SEA Games originated from the SEAP (Southeast Asian Peninsula) Games which were first held in Thailand in 1959. When the first SEAP Games were held in Bangkok in 1959, only six countries participated, namely Laos, Burma (Myanmar), Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam.

Luang Sukhumnaipradit, the then Vice President of the Thai National Olympic Committee, had been trying to begin a SEAP Games since 1957. He believed that a regional sports competition, similar to the Asian Games or the Olympic Games, will help promote cooperation, understanding, and relations among countries in the region. His efforts were rewarded after two years.
The name SEAP Games was used up to 1975. Thailand had by then been the host country three times. Later on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brunei joined the Games, which were then renamed SEA Games at its 9th athletics meet in Malaysia in 1977. The name has since been officially adopted and the Games have become the most important sporting event of the region. The membership of the SEA Games has now increased to ten with Cambodia being the last member.

26. _________ 1977, SEAP Games was the official name of the sporting event in Southeast Asia.

A. During         B. Before            C. After             D. In

27. The preparation for a Southeast Asian sporting event __________ two years.

A. cost           B. spent             C. lasted             D. carried out

28. Luang Sukhumnaipradit was sure that a sport competition will be good for _______ in Southeast Asia.

A. sports         B. economies         C. relations           D. peace

29. Viet Nam was the host country of SEA Games in __________.

A. 2001          B. 2003             C. 2005              D. 2007

30. Up to 1975, __________ had hosted three SEA Games.

A. Malaysia       B. Indonesia         C. the Philippines       D. Thailand

D. WRITING: (2points)

Rewrite the following sentences as directed. (1point)

31. I read a book that was written by my friend.

___________________________________________ ( Use Reduced relative clause)

32. The woman left him. He loved her.

___________________________________________ (Use omission of relative pronoun.)

33. My secretary sent the bill to Mr Henry yesterday.

___________________________________________ (using the cleft sentence)

34. We met him ten minutes ago.

___________________________________________ (using the cleft sentence)

Make complete sentences with the given words. (1point)

35. It/ be / Tom/ draw/ that painting/.


36.There/ be / a lot of/ people/ in your office/ want/ to/ talk/ to / you/ .


37.It / be / only / when/ I/ read/ her/ letter / I / realized / what/ was/ happening/.


38. Vietnam/ export/ a lot of/ rice/ grow/ mainly/ in/ the south/ of / the / country/ .


..........................The end..........................

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