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(SỐ 7)
I. Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced is differently from that of the
1. A. bread B. coffee C. meat D. tea
2. A. bath B. bathe C. great D. make
3. A. leave B. read C. ready D. week
4. A. hungry B. pupil C. Sunday D. up
5. A. but B. come C. so D. much
II. Choose the word that is different from the rest in each group. (5p)
1. A. ill B. sick C. sad D. unwell
2. A. doctor B. nurse C. dentist D. teacher
3. A. tablet B. chocolate C. medicine D. pill
4. A. virus B. flu C. headache D. stomachache
5. A. couching B. sneezing C. disease D. runny nose
III. Choose the best answer.
1. Hoa doesn't have........................friends in Ha Noi.
A. much B. lots C. a lot D. any
2. How.................. is it from your house to school?
A. often B. many C. far D. distance
3. How old will you.................on your next birthday?
A. be B. are C. am D. is
4. What ....................lovely living room !
A. a B. an C. the D. -
5. The apartment at number 79 is....................... of the 3 ones.
A. good B. the best C. best D. better
6. American students take part ... ……........... different activities at recess.
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A. at B. on C. to D. in
7. .................. do you study in the library after school? ~ Once a week.
A. How often B. How far C. How many D. How long
8. Many young people enjoy .......... community service.
A. do B. to do C. doing D. does
9. ___ is your telephone number?
A. When B. Which C. What D. How
10. Her birthday is ___ Friday, August 20
A. at B. on C. in D. of
11. ___ you have a test tomorrow morning?
A. Will B. Do C. Are D. does
12. She will have a party ___ her birthday.
A. for B. on C. in D. to
13. What’s your ___?
A. birthday B. day of birth C. date of birth D. birth of day
14. Will he be free? - ___
A. No, he won’t B. No, he doesn’t C. No, he isn’t D. No, he will
15. We will ___ our old friends next Sunday.
A. to meet B. meet C. meeting D. meets
16. ___ you like a cup of tea?
A. Would B. Will C. What D. does
17. He looks different ___ his father.
A. at B. with C. from D. to
18. Students have two ___ each day.
A. 20 minutes breaks C. 20 minute breaks
B. 20 minute break D. 20 minutes break
19. The United States’ Library of Congress is one of the ___ libraries in the world.
A. larger B. largest C. larger than D. large
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
20. ___ novels are very interesting.
A. These B. This C. That D. It
IV. Use “should + verb” to make the sentences.
Ex: I have a stomachache. (go to the doctor)
You should go to the doctor.
1. I feel very tired. (take a short rest)
2. Hoa has a bad cold. (stay in bed)
3. Minh’s room is very dirty. (clean it every day)
4. We’ll have an English test tomorrow. (learn your lessons carefully)
5. Nga has a headache. (take an aspirin)
6. My teeth aren’t strong and white. (brush them regularly)
V. Give the correct form of the verbs.
1. They ______________(do) it for you tomorrow.
2. My father ______________ (call) you in 5 minutes.
3. We believe that she ______________ (recover) from her illness soon.
4. I promise I ______________ (return) school on time.
5. If it rains, he ______________ (stay) at home.
6. You ______________ (take) me to the zoo this weekend?
7. I think he ______________ (not come) back his hometown.
VI. Using “should” or “shouldn't” to make the correct sentences.
Ex: - You shouldn't study (You/study) so hard. Have a holiday.
- I enjoyed that play. We should go (We/go) to the theatre more often.
1. ____________________(You/park) here. It's not allowed.
2. What________________ (I/cook) for breakfast this morning?
3. ________________(You/wear) a raincoat. It's raining outside.
4. _________________(You/smoke). It's bad for you.
5. ________________(We/arrive) at the airport two hours before the flight.
6. ________________(I/send) now or later?

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