Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 12 THPT tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2011 - 2012 môn Tiếng Anh

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Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh:



NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012

Thời gian làm bài: 180 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)


Part I. Pick out the word whose underlined part is differently pronounced. (10 points)

1. A. description                B. describe              C. prescribe              D. fertilizer

2. A. exposed                   B. prevailed              C. preferred               D. expressed

3. A. thousand                  B. southern              C. mouth                  D. loud

4. A. minerals                    B. teenagers             C. needs                   D. forests

5. A. furnish                      B. preparation            C. prerequisite           D. preposition

Part II. Choose the word that has a different stress pattern from the others in the group. (10 points)

1. A. workforce                 B. nursery                C. category                D. accept

2. A. opportunity               B. proportion            C. application             D. economical

3. A. develop                    B. investment           C. government            D. equipment

4. A. entertainment           B. information           C. difficulty                 D. realization

5. A. prepare                    B. foreign                 C. pleasant                 D. symbols


Part I. Choose the word, phrase or expression which best completes each sentence. (30 points)

1. Is it necessary that I ..................... here tomorrow?
A. were             B. am being          C. be            D. would be

2. We'll have to call the barbecue ..................... . It's going to rain.
A. for             B. off          C. across           D. up

3. John received ......... advice from his parents that he became successful.
A. so good            B. such good              C. so a good             D. such a good

4. Solar energy is one of the .......... sources of energy.
A. alternative             B. replaced              C. changed             D. recycle

5. Jane: "I'm not sure about this soup. It tastes like something's missing".
John: "....................... . It tastes fine to me".
A. You're right             B. Oh, I don't know             C. I couldn't agree more            D. I don't think so

6. We have been informed that.....................animals at the zoo are starving to death.
A. most of            B. most all              C. almost the              D. most of the

7. He said that the plane had already taken off and that I................arrived an hour earlier.
A. should have             B. could have            C. was supposed to              D. had to have

8. ..................the invention of the steam engine, most form of transport were horse-drawn.
A. Similar to              B. Prior to             C. In addition to              D. With reference to

9. Poison oak generates irritating poisons.........even if people merely brush against the plants.
A. they can affect people                C. that people can affect
B. that can affect people                 D. which do they affect

10. I disapprove...........people who make all sorts of promises which they have no intention...........keeping.
A. of.......for              B. at.......for             C. of.......of           D. on.......of

11. ....................... around us gives us vital information about our environment.
A. The sounds are heard            C. That the hearing of sounds
B. Hearing the sounds               D. What ever the sounds are heard

12. Beneath the streets of a modern city .................. of walls, columns, cables, pipes, and tunnels required to satisfy the needs of its inhabitants.
A. where exists               C. the network’s existence              B. the existing network           D. exists the network

13. Alan has not seen his brother for 10 years and has ................ of his address.
A. no idea              B. nothing             C. no thought             D. no mind

14. ............... they are widely perceived as gentle creatures, hippopotamuses are responsible for more human deaths in Africa than any other animal.
A. Despite           B. Even though              C. In spite of         D. Because

15. Susan always wins the prize because her projects ......................
A. extremely presented well              C. are extremely well presented
B. presented extremely well              D. are well presented extremely

Part II. Give the correct form of the words in brackets. (20 points)

1. My friend could not hide his (anxious)............. for the interview.

2. This man is so rude that I just can't put up with his (behave).......... any longer.

3. The (reside)................... area is surrounded by plants and trees.

4. Linda Devere Hardy had a strong (determine).............. to fly in the 1920s.

5. We have to (economy)........... energy if we want to reach the destination.

6. Moving to a new school may be a very (stress).......... experience.

7. (Origin)........., Charles Darwin didn’t intend to publish his book on the origin of species.

8. You need to (clear).......... the final point of the presentation. It's rather confusing. 9. It's (point).......... arguing with them. They are not going to change their mind. 10. I've (place)................ my identity card. Have you seen it anywhere?

Part III. Identify the one underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) in each sentence below that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct. (10 points)

1. The first (A) things a new international student must do include (B) renting an apartment, registering for (C) classes, and to get (D) to know the city.

2. My father said that (A) when he was young he had to (B) work more harder (C) than we do now (D).

3. Psychology did not develop into (A) a science based of (B) careful observation and experimentation (C) until the late 1800s (D).

4. Are (A) you accustomed to hear (B) airplanes (C) over (D) your house?

5. An increasing (A) number of (B) offices and schools uses (C) computer programmes as (D) daily routine.

SECTION C. READING (60 points)

Part I. Read the following passage and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space. (20 points)

(1)............ educational specialists believe that early schooling should provide children with an awareness (2).......... their own abilities and the self-confidence to (3) .......... their abilities. One approach recognized by many experts (4)........... promoting these qualities is the Montessori method, first practiced by Maria Montessori of Italy (5)........... the early 1900s. Nancy McCormick Rambusch is credited (6)........... popularizing the method in the United States, where today (7) ............. over 400 Montessori schools.

The method helps children (8)........... for themselves by providing them with instructional materials and tasks that facilitate acts of discovery and manipulation. Through such exploration, children develop their sense of touch and learn (9) ........... do everyday tasks without adult assistance. Other (10)........... include improvement in language skills, and acquaintance with elements of science, music, and art.

1. A. Mostly               B. Almost                C. Most               D. The most
2. A. with                   B. of                        C. by                   D. for
3. A. make                 B. have                    C. use                 D. spend
4. A. as                     B. like                      C. by                   D. so
5. A. at                      B. in                        C. on                   D. since
6. A. for                     B. in                        C. of                    D. with
7. A. having                B. have                    C. there are         D. there is
8. A. learning              B. learn                   C. to learning       D. learned
9. A. how to               B. what to                C. how                D. to how
10. A. profits              B. advantages          C. gains               D. benefits

Part II. Read the following article about fashion shows. Choose the most suitable heading from the list A - F for each paragraph (1 - 5) of the article. There is an example at the beginning. (20 points)

* List of headings:

A. Having new ideas
B. Making the clothes
C. Who's going to wear the clothes?
D. Everything depends on the show
E. Making it all look attractive
F. No time off for designers

Fashion shows

Putting on a fashion show is not as glamorous as it looks - Sharon Stansfield finds out what the stress is all about.

(0) - The shows - Milan, London and Paris - are over for another season. Fashion journalists can put down their notebooks with a sigh of relief, and buyers can return to their offices. For the designers, there is hardly time to congratulate themselves or lick their wounds before the whole business starts all over again. In just four months they must have their next collection of clothes ready for the March shows.

(1) - Over the next few months, designers and their creative teams will work together to create a spectacle that will hopefully fire the imagination of the fashion journalists and wake up the buyers. If the show's a failure and no-one wants to buy, the designer could be out of work. There's more than models' bad moods to worry about-show-time is nerve-racking for everyone involved, from the designers to the wardrobe people.

(2) - Paul Frith's last collection was well received. But after taking a short break, it was not long before he began to think about his next collection. Designers work a year ahead, so right now they will be working on collections that will be in the shops this time next year. However, inspiration is not a thing that can be turned on and off whenever you like, and though designers work to tight schedules, Paul Frith explains how creativity can't be timetabled to suit. "All of a sudden I get this feeling in my head, then I sit down and sketch and it just pours out of me".

(3) - Once the designs are on paper and the designer has chosen the fabrics he or she wants to work with, the sample collection for the shows can be produced. This is carried out by the design team under the designer's supervision. Firstly, the cutter makes an initial pattern of the garment from the designer's sketch. Then a model is made, which is then altered by the designer until it is exactly how they want it. Finally, the perfect patterns are passed over to a machinist.

(4) - While the garments are being made, the designer starts to work with a stylist. Together they decide on how the collection is going to be presented at the shows. This involves deciding what hats, bags, belts, etc. should be used, and the hiring of the creative team-choreographer, producer, hair stylist and make-up artist. The more money a designer has available, the more experts he or she can employ to create a successful show.

(5) - About a month before the show is due to take place, the stylist will begin to visit modeling agencies. Getting models with the right look is extremely difficult if the budget is tight. Fashion shows have a reputation for being badly paid, and often models chosen for a show will drop out at the last moment if they get a better paid job, like an advert. However, a show that gets a lot of press coverage can make a new model's name.

Part III. Read the passage and choose the correct answer. (20 points)

Life in Our Solar System

Although we can imagine life based on something other than carbon chemistry, we know of no examples to tell us how such life might arise and survive. We must limit our discussion to life as we know it and the conditions it requires. The most important requirement is the presence of liquid water, not only as part of the chemical reactions of life, but also as a medium to transport nutrients and wastes within the organism.

The water requirement automatically eliminates many worlds in our solar system. The moon is airless, and although some data suggest ice frozen in the soil at its poles, it has never had liquid water on its surface. In the vacuum of the lunar surface, liquid water would boil away rapidly. Mercury too is airless and cannot have had liquid water on its surface for long periods of time. Venus has some traces of water vapor in its atmosphere, but it is much too hot for liquid water to survive. If there were any lakes or oceans of water on its surface when it was young, they must have evaporated quickly. Even if life began there, no traces would be left now.

Saturn's moon Titan has an atmosphere of nitrogen, argon, and methane and may have oceans of liquid methane and ethane on its surface. The chemistry of life that might crawl or swim on such a world is unknown, but life there may be unlikely because of the temperature. The surface of Titan is a deadly -1790C (-2900F). Chemical reactions occur slowly or not at all at such low temperatures, so the chemical evolution needed to begin life may never have occurred on Titan.

Mars is the most likely place for life in our solar system. The evidence, however, is not encouraging. Meteorite ALH84001 was found on the Antarctic ice in 1984. It was probably part of debris ejected into space by a large impact on Mars. ALH84001 is important because a team of scientists studies it and announced in 1996 that it contained chemical and physical traces of ancient life on Mars.

Scientists were excited too, but being professionally skeptical, they began testing the results immediately. In many cases, the results did not confirm the conclusion that life once existed on Mars. Some chemical contamination from water on Earth has occurred, and some chemicals in the meteorite may have originated without the presence of life. The physical features that look like fossil bacteria may be mineral formations in the rock.

1. The word "automatically" in the passage is closest meaning to
A. partially             B. actually            C. occasionally              D. naturally

2. The word "it" in the passage refers to
A. ice              B. soil             C. moon             D. solar system

3. Which of the following statements about the water on Venus is true?
A. The water evaporated because of the high temperatures.
B. The water became frozen in the polar regions.
C. Only a little water is left in small lakes on the surface.
D. Rain does not fall because there is no atmosphere.

4. According to paragraph 3, why would life on Titan be improbable?
A. It does not have an ocean.             C. It is too cold.
B. It is not a planet.                           D. It has a low atmosphere.

5. Why does the author mention the meteorite ALH84001 in paragraph 4?
A. Because it was found in Antarctica about fifty years ago.
B. Because it was evidence of a recent impact on Mars.
C. Because scientists thought that it contained evidence of life on Mars.
D. Because the meteorite probably came from Mars along time ago.

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