Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 9 THCS tỉnh Hà Nam năm 2011 - 2012 môn Tiếng Anh Sở GD-ĐT Hà Nam

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NĂM HỌC 2011 – 2012

Thời gian làm bài: 150 phút (không kể thời gian giao đề)

Question I: (3.0 points) Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best fits the blank space in each sentence.

1.We had better _______ an umbrella when we go out. It looks like it's going to rain.
A. taken             B. took            C. takes           D. take

2. We spent an enjoyable evening talking about old time.
A. pleasant              B. boring            C. comfortable           D. free

3. Tom read this article on the website, ________ ?
A. doesn't he          B. didn't he           C. did he        D. hasn't he

4. I hope that the weather will improve . _______ we'll have to cancel the picnic.
A. However           B. Although           C. Therefore            D. Otherwise

5. Not only _______ , but he also plays the piano and writes his own songs.
A. does Billy Joel sing         B. Billy Joel sings
C. if Billy Joel sings             D. what Billy Joel sings

6. Jeans have never been ______ fashion, and today young generation is still fond ______ wearing them.
A. out of ........of            B. out of...... in            C. about ....... on           D. with ..... of

7. Don't promise _______ it if you aren't sure you can.
A. doing             B. to do          C. will do            D. being done

8. Are all the students used ______ their summer vacation in the countryside?
A. to spend             B. spend          C. to spending           D. spending

9. If we don't ______ on electricity, there will be power cut.
A. economic             B. economics            C. economical             D. economize

10. I saw many soldiers and tanks ______ were moving to the front.
A. which           B. that        C. whom             D. who

11. Tidal wave and _____ which happened in Japan last month were natural disasters .
A. snowstorm             B. volcano           C. earthquake            D. typhoon

12. When we heard the unexpected news, we were at a loss of words.
A. could not speak for a while          B. did not know what to say
C. became dumb                            D. panicked

13. " ________ the T.V for me, will you? I want to watch the weather forecast".
A. Turn on           B. Turn down              C. Turn into            D. Turn off

14. ______ is a row of things forming a fence.
A. Garbage             B. Hedge            C. Dump            D. Trash

15. On Easter Day, young children receive chocolate or sugar ______ they are good.
A. as much as            B. unless            C. because of            D. as long as

Question II: (2.0 points) Complete the sentences (or exchanges) by supplying the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

a. A: What part of Birmingham (1. you / live) when you were a student?
    B: A place called Selly Oak. (2. you ever be) there?

b. When I got home, Bill (3. lie) on the sofa. The television was on, but he was not watching it. He (4. fall) asleep and (5. snore) loudly. I turned the television off and just then he (6. wake) up.

c. Mary said that she (7. learn) French for five years.

d. Would you mind (8. tell) your children (9. keep) quiet for a moment? I (10. try) to finish my report.

Question III: (2.0 points) Use the correct form of the words in the brackets to complete the following passage/ sentences.

a. The advantage of living in the countryside is that the air is (1-pollute).

b. The Lunar New Year holiday is one of the most important (2-celebrate) for Vietnamese people.

c. I always wanted to be a great (3-science). I had these dreams of discovering a revolutionary new drug that would save the lives of hundreds of people. (4-fortunate) , I was never very good at (5-chemist) at school.

After a while, I decided I would become an (6-invent) and designed an amazing new (7-produce) which would become a household name. My parents were quite encouraging, but told me to be a little more (8-practice) and not so (9-ambition) . A few weeks later, I had a brilliant idea for a pen that would write upside down. To my (10-disappoint), a friend of mine pointed out that it was not a new discovery.

Question IV: ( 2.0 points ) Read the text below. Some of the lines are correct and some have a word which is incorrect. If a line is correct, put a tick (v). If the line has an incorrect word, underline and correct it.

Question V: (2.0 points) Fill in each numbered blank in the passage with one most suitable word.

Rivers are___1___ of the world's most important natural resources. Many cities are on large rivers, and almost every country has ___2__ least one river that __3__ an important part in the lives of its people.

Besides transportation, rivers ___4___ food, water for crops, water to drink, and opportunities for recreation for people who live along their ___5___ . And in order to get water for crops, engineers build a dam ___6___ a river and let the water become a lake ___7___ the dam. Then people can use their ____8___ not only to irrigrate fields but also to make electricity for homes and industries.

However, the water often becomes polluted when cities on river bank grow in size and the number ___9___ industries increases. We are learning that it is necessary to __10____ river clean if we want to enjoy the benefits of the natural resources.

Question VI: (2.0 points) Read the text and decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each numbered blank.

About twenty per cent of the world's present energy already (1) .......... from the sun in one form or another. Special devices have already been made (2) ............ to place on the roofs of houses and flats to (3) ..........the sun's rays. Thousands of these devices are now being used to provide (4) ..........in homes throughout the United States. (5) ......... more than a million solar (6) ............. units have already been built in home in Japan. Other purposes (7) ............. which solar energy is at present being used include the (8) ........... of salt from seawater, irrigation and sewage disposal.

For most people in developing countries, the (9) ..........is not for airconditioners or central heating (10) ....... for cheap ways of cooking food, drying crops and lighting homes.

1. A. goes              B. comes              C. makes             D. supplies
2. A. difficult           B. effective            C. available           D. valuable
3. A. collect            B. store                C. give off             D. produce
4. A. electricity       B. source              C. fuel                  D. power
5. A. where             B. when                C. while                D. which
6. A. water-heat      B. water-heating     C. heat-water        D. heat-watering
7. A. for                 B. at                      C. from                 D. by
8. A. relation          B. production          C. provision          D. separation
9. A. supply           B.lack                    C. need                D. response
10.A. then              B. but                    C. as                    D. also

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