Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 11 năm học 2018 - 2019 số 11

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NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
Part 1: Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of
the others in each group. Circle A, B, C or D to indicate your answer. (5 pts)
1. A. arrow B. loud C. moldy D. poultry
2. A. basilisk B. bison C. basic D. basin
3. A. subtlety B. indebtedness C. bombard D. combing
4. A. benevolent B. content C. molecules D. technique
5. A. conscience B. bronchitis C. shuttle D. chauffeur
Part 2: Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from that of the others in
each line. Circle A, B, C or D to indicate your answer. (5 pts)
6. A. comic B. clementine C. climax D. thermonuclear
7. A. diligent B. dimension C. action D. innate
8. A. characterize B. absence C. datum D. charcoal
9. A. solicitor B. separately C. spacious D. sequence
10. A. parachute B. armchair C. accent D. accidentally
Part 1: Choose the word or phrase that best completes each sentence. Circle A, B, C or
D to indicate your answer. (20 pts)
11. Assembly lines are useful for producing a large _____ of identical products.
A. quality B. quantity C. quandary D. qualification
12. Only the _____ of the building is going to be remodeled.
A. insides B. interior C. indoors D. inner
13. Whether the sports club survives is a matter of complete _____ to me.
A. indifference B. disinterest C. importance D. interest
14. After years of neglect there was a huge _____ program to return the city to its former
A. restoration B. preservation C. conservation D. refurbishment
15. The assistant suggested _____ the next day when the manager would be there.
A. we are coming back B. to come back
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C. we will come back D. we came back
16. I never get a _____ of sleep after watching a horror film.
A. wink B. blink C. night D. ounce
17. As it was Christmas, the _____ at church was much larger than usual.
A. audience B. convention C. congregation D. grouping
18. The sheep were huddled into a _____ to protect them from overnight frosts.
A. cage B. kennel C. hutch D. pen
19. The jury _____ the defendant “not guilty”.
A. gave B. returned C. subscribed D. found
20. Many _____ crafts such as weaving are now being revived.
A. customary B. habitual C. traditional D. ordinary
21. He managed to finish his thesis under the _____ of his tutor.
A. guidance B. help C. aid D. assistance
22. Mr. Henry was given a medal in _____ of his service to his country.
A. gratitude B. knowledge C. recognition D. response
23. Everyone knows about pollution problems, but not many people have _____ any
A. thought over B. come up with C. looked into D. got round to
24. You _____ as well seek for a fish in the tree as try to do that.
A. must B. would C. should D. might
25. _____ calculations have shown that the earth’s resources may run out before the end
of the next century.
A. Raw B. Rude C. Crude D. Blunt
26. By the time you receive this letter, I _____ for China.
A. will have left B. have left C. would have left D. will leave
27. Prizes are awarded _____ the number of points scored.
A. resulting from B. adding up C. presented to D. according to
28. The needs of gifted children in schools have long been _____ neglected.
A. dolefully B. woefully C. idly D. pathetically
29. I must take this watch to be repaired; it _____ over 20 minutes a day.
A. increases B. gains C. accelerates D. progresses
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30. It had been a trying afternoon, _____ at about six o’clock in the television breaking
A. culminating B. leading C. arriving D. finalizing
Part 2: Write the correct FORM of each bracketed word in the numbered space
provided in the column on the right. (0) has been done as an example. (10 pts)
According to some (0) _____ (SCIENCE), high-risk sports can be particularly (31) _____
(VALUE) for certain types of people. Such activities help them to learn that being (32)
_____ (FRIGHT) doesn’t mean that they have to lose control. The recent fashion for
jumping from bridges attached to a (33) _____ (LONG) of elastic rope, known as bungee
jumping”, has now been tried by over one million people (34) _____ (WORLD) and
interest in it is continuing to grow.
Before the special elastic rope (35) _____ (TIGHT) around them, jumpers reach speeds of
nearly 160kph. First-timers are usually too (36) _____ (TERROR) to open their mouths,
and when they are finally (37) _____ (LOW) safely to the ground, they walk around with
broad smiles on their faces, saying (38) _____ (REPEAT) how amazing it was. However,
for some people, it is only the (39) _____ (EMBARRASS) of refusing to jump at the last
minute that finally persuades them to conquer their fear of (40) _____ (HIGH) and push
themselves off into space.
Part 3: The passage below contains 10 mistakes. Underline the mistakes and write their
correct forms in the space provided in the column on the right. (0) has been done as an
example. (10 pts)
Traditional, mental tests have been divided into two types. Achievement tests are designed
to measure acquiring skills and knowledge, particularly those that have been explicitness
taught. The proficiency exams required by few states for high school graduation are
achievement tests. Aptitude tests are designed and measure a person’s ability to acquire
new skills but knowledge. For example, vocation aptitude tests can help you decide
whether you would do better like a mechanic or musician. However, all mental tests are in
some sense achievement tests because they assumption some sort of past learning or
experience with certainly objects, words, or situations. The difference between achievement
and aptitude tests is the degree and intention use.
Part 4: Fill in each of the gaps with the correct preposition or particle. Write your
answers in the numbered spaces provided below the passage. (10 pts)

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