Đề thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8 huyện Hoằng Hóa, Thanh Hóa năm học 2014 - 2015

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Question 1: PHONETICS

A. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others by circling the corresponding letter A or B, C, D.

1. A- pays B- says C- plays D- stays

2. A- region B- ugly C- generous D- gymnastic

3. A- booked B- prepared C- missed D- coughed

B. Choose the word that has different stress pattern.

1. A- disappear B- represent C- fertilizer D- understand

2. A- happen B- expect C- local D- wander

Question 2: Choose the best answer by circling its corresponding letter A, B, C or D.

1. I _________ to see Michael after so many years.

A- glad was really B- was really glad C- was glad really D- really glad was

2. There is _________ food left but not enough for everyone.

A- little B- a little C- few D- a few

3. The boy ...........on the beach asked me if I liked his kite.

A- lie B- lay C- laid D- lying

4. And I'd like a ............of cigarettes, too.

A- box B- packet C- jar D- case

5. Did you take enough money with you? – No, I needed .........more than I thought I would.

A- much B- many C- any D- of

6. He worked hard __________he could pass the final exam.

A- so that B- in order to C- so as to D- as result

7. Let's paint the house __________. It will be much cheaper.

A- themselves B- ourselves C- myself D- yourself

8. Choose a correct reply of the following expression: "Do you want this one or that one?"

A- I'll say it again for you. B- I don't mind. You choose.

C- Never mind. It doesn't matter. D- Yes? Can I help you?

9. I have forgotten _________ this machine. Can you show me how?

A- how to operate B- to operate C- operating D- how operates

10. We saw the girls _________ football as we drove past the field.

A- play B- to playing C- to play D- playing

11. I've............to Paris. I went there in March.

A- been B- gone C- just D- yet

12. We would like ............to the president's reception, but we weren't.

A- having invited B- having been invited C- to have invited D- to have been invited

13. Wood is used ............making desks and tables.

A- to B- in C- for D- into

14. Hoa was extremely ............about the history of China.

A- knowledgeable B- knowledge

C- knowledgeability D- knowledgeably

15. They ............ at the train station at 2 o'clock yesterday.

A- got B- reached C- traveled D- arrived

Question 3: Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets to complete the following sentences.

1.Listen! I (hear) someone (knock) at the front door.

2. I am looking forward to (take) to Sam Son beach this weekend.

3. The flowers (arrange) by Lien were the most attractively.

4. What your child (do) when you (come) home yesterday?

5. Look, Lan! Do you know the man (talk) to Miss Hoa in the playground?

6. Nothing (do) to change the bad situation recently.

7. Tom (always forget) to do his homework.

8. Tom'd rather (be) early than late.

Question 4: Fill in each blank with the correct form of the word given in capital.

1. Bell .........demonstrated his invention. SUCCESS

2. Many rural areas in Viet Nam have been......for the last few years. URBAN

3. These shoes look smart but they're so ............... COMFFORT

4. The ................by the school girls is good. PERFORM

5. He finds it ................... to live in the jungle alone. DANGER

6. My father can repair household .................. very well. APPLY

7. I watch the news everyday because it is very .................. INFORM

8. ..............., the step mother was cruel to Little Pea. FORTUNE

9. We'll...........our room with some roses. BEAUTY

10. What is your...........? - I am Australian. NATION

Đáp án đề thi học sinh giỏi môn tiếng Anh lớp 8

Question 1: (5 ps)

A- Choose the word having the underlined letters pronounced differently.

1. B 2. B 3. B

B- Choose the word that has different stress pattern.

1. C 2. B

Question 2: (15 ps) Choose the best answer.

1. B 6. A 11. A

2. B 7. B 12. D

3. D 8. B 13. C

4. B 9. B 14. A

5. A 10. D 15. D

Question 3: (10 ps) Supply the correct form of the verbs in the parentheses.

1. hear; knocking

2. being taken

3. arranged

4. was your child doing; came

5. talking

6. has been done

7. is always forgetting

8. be

Question 4: (10 ps) Fill in the blanks with appropriate form of the word in capital.

1. successfully 6. appliances

2. urbanized 7. informative

3. uncomfortable 8. unfortunately

4. performance 9. beautify

5. dangerous 10. nationality

Question 5: (5 ps) Find and correct mistakes.

1. A => Since

2. D => doesn't either

3. C => because of

4. B => clearly and carefully

5. B => written

Question 6: (5 ps)

1. by; in 2. from 3. to 4.without

Question 7: (10ps) Fill in each blank in the passage with the suitable word.

1. noise 2. from 3. in 4. farmers 5. leaving

6. eating 7. more 8. for 9. faster 10. out

Question 8 : (10 ps) Read the text carefully and then choose the correct answers.

1. B 6. C

2. C 7. A

3. B 8. C

4. D 9. B

5. B 10. C

Question 9: (5ps) Read this passage carefully then answer the questions below.

1. Bangkok /It is in Thailand

2. The streets of Bangkok/ They are usually noisy and crowded with people.

3. The weather/ It is cooler and much more comfortable

4. Yes. They can.

5. It takes them two hours to go from Bangkok to the beaches by bus.

Question 10: (10 ps) Rewrite the sentences so that the meanings of the new ones stay the same.

1. I used to be told folktales by my grandma when I was young

2. I've never seen a stranger film than that before./ I've never seen such a strange film before.

3. How heavy is your suitcase?/ How much does your suitcase weigh?

4. The car is too expensive for us to buy.

5. She prides on her cooking

6. Would you mind if I emptied the basket?

7. The date of the meeting will have to be changed again.

8. My school bag is different from hers.

9. I was having/eating lunch when you phoned.

10. Diana has no difficulties (in) making friends.

Question 11: (5 ps) Write sentences with the given words.

1. The road is short enough for us to have a walk.

2. I haven't seen James since we left school.

3. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Scotland on March 3rd 1847.

4. My uncle often spends his spare time doing volunteer work at a local orphanage.

5. Would/Do you mind opening the windows?

Question 12: (10ps) What is your most favorite subject? Write an essay of about from 100 to 120 words to tell why you like it.

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