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Đề thi Olympic môn Tiếng Anh lớp 10:


(Đề thi chính thức)

Môn: Tiếng anh – Lớp 10

(Thời gian làm bài 120 phút không kể thời gian giao đề)

Question 1 - > 10. Choose and circle the word or phrase that best completes each sentence

1. I was passing their house, so I __________Claire and Michael
A dropped in                  B came up with               C got on with              D run into

2. I don’t really___________winter sports very much
A deal with                B face up to                C go in for               D get round to

3. The attorney told his client that___________
A they had little chance of winning the case
B it was nearly impossible to win him the case
C the case was of a small chance to win
D the case had a minimum chance to be won by him

4. One of the professor’s greatest attributes is_____________
A when he gives lectures                       B how in the manner that he lectures
C the way which give lectures               D his ability to lecture

5.____________better working conditions
A What’s interesting the workers most is                B What’s interested the workers most is
C What interest the workers most is                        D What interests the workers most is

6. The concert was given____________the auspices of the Y.M.C.A.
A on                B with               C through              D under

7. Her mother’s illness cast a cloud__________her wedding day
A over B for C in D on

8. She did six hours’____________studying a day for her exam
A solid                B heavy              C strong              D big

9. The weather was fine and everyone was________the coast
A going in for                 B making for                C joining in               D seeing about

10. There isn’t any sugar, I’m afraid. You’ll have to_________
A run out                  B put up with                C do without              D make for

Question 11 -> 20. Replace each italicized verb or phrase with the correct form of a synonymous phrasal verb.

Đề thi Olympic tiếng anh 10

11. One of the boys from my class objects to taking part in the performance and I don’t really know how to persuade him. __________

12. The question was so delicate and problematic that there was nobody willing to mention it. ________

13. Your report deals too much with the side effects of the venture. Why not write more about its good points? _______

14. This automobile manufacture produces about a thousand cars a year, half of which are exported. ____

15. Even the extensive advertising campaign hasn’t prevented the demand for our printers from decreasing. _________

16. “She says she’s going to be a medicine student”
“Oh, don’t believe her. She’s deceiving you”. ________

17. I’d had no idea there were jewels hidden in my attic. I just found them completely by chance. _____

18. Don’t worry, he only pretends that he is such a strict teacher. _____

19. After two-hour search, the hunters decided to give up following the stags. ______

20. We were convinced Patrick would get to like the moment he met him.______

Question 21 -> 30. Give the correct form of the words given - A Musical Genius

For many people Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) is the most influential figure in the history of western classical music. His (21. ORDINARY)___ talent was already clearly evident as a young man, (22. MERCY)___ surviving a somewhat unconventional (23. BRING)___ during which his eccentric father would often force him to take music lessons in the middle of the night. The young Beethoven's ability won him the admiration of the leading contemporary musical figures. Throughout the 1790s he worked hard to secure the interest of wealthy patrons. Such patronage (24. ABLE)___ him to concentrate on becoming a successful composer. Whatever his awe-inspiring musical (25. ACHIEVE)___, however, his personal life was something of a disaster. His day-to-day (26. RELATE) ___ with people invariably turned out to be rather turbulent. Although he apparently fell in love with a number of society women, the identity of the girl who lay closest to his heart remains (27. ELUDE)__ to this day. However, just at the point when Beethoven was beginning to reap the rewards of his early endeavours, he had to come to terms with the crushing (28. REALISE)___that his increasing deafness was (29. CURE)____ . From that point on, his music displayed a (30. STRIKE)___change in style, becoming both heavier in tone and larger in scale.

Question 31 -> 35. Think of ONE word only which can be used appropriately in all THREE sentences.

31 - You need to____all applications before shutting down your computer
- Should the factory____down, 100 people will lose their jobs
- Mike’s had three car accidents, plus a few other pretty____shaves

32 - It’s just a ____to them. They don’t care what happens
- John gave the____away by laughing when Jim walked in
- We’ve been in this____for twenty years

33 - Susan is not the____to get annoyed
- Open up the accounts database, and____in the amount of each order
- Your hair____requires a specific shampoo

34 - We sat and talked by the____of the fire
- They set out at first____for the summit
- These discoveries may throw new____on the origins of man.

35 - Could you do me a ____and hold the door open while I bring in the shopping?
- All those in____of the proposal please raise your hand.
- After being out of fashion for years the painter is now in ____ with the critics.

Question 36 -> 40. Choose the word in each group that has different stress pattern

36. A graduate                      B impression                    C applicant                   D category

37. A beautify                        B geology                           C photograph               D enemy

38. A classify                         B humidify                          C personify                   D solidify

39. A academic                    B fantastic                           C terrific                        D historic

40. A sacrifice                      B compliment                     C nursery                     D determine

Question 41 -> 45 Choose one word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest.

41. A. brown                        B. down                                 C. now                          D. shown

42. A. stagnant                   B. expand                              C. eventually                D. landlord

43. A. compete                   B. fetch                                   C. separate                  D. yell

44. A. minute                      B. muddy                                C. funny                        D. number

45. A. died                          B. continued                           C. contented                D. followed

Question 46 -> 57 Fill in each blank with one suitable word

Too Good to be True

Some say you can do it in seven days, others promise success in 24 hours, or you may prefer to take your time and do it in 5 weeks. What are we talking about? Believe it (46)__ not, these periods (47) __time refer to language learning courses that promise excellent results in less time (48)__it takes to say 'Bonjour'! However, the advertisements of these companies are not necessarily (49) __best guide and if you don't know what to look for in a good course you could be left with little (50) __than a large bill. A complaint was recently made to a consumer rights group (51) __ WhizzLearn Systems, a language school chain, and the company has been forced to remove its claim that its technique is ten times better than any (52) __method. The Managing Director of WhizLearn Systems said “(53)__ we still believe our claim is true, we are willing to change our advert. But the fact remains, if you spend 3 hours (54) __day for 5 weeks on our language course you will soon be speaking the language. What we (55) __have done was to make (56) __ clearer in the advert. Then we wouldn't (57) __had these annoying complaints"

Question 58 -> 64. Choose the most suitable sentence from the list A-H for each part (58-64) of the article. There is one extra sentence which you do not need to use.

Career success in the arts

John Prince, famous dancer and choreographer, gives advice on how to succeed in a career in the arts.I asked John how he got started and what requirements there are. "Well, to be a professional dancer it's useful to have had acting lessons or some background in drama. If you want to succeed in musical theatre you have to have a good singing voice as well. When you approach an agent you should take a portfolio with your CV, your statistics sheet and some good photos and reviews of past performances. You'll need dance clothes, ballet shoes, tap shoes, and even roller skates depending on what kind of show you are going to go for." 58 ____ "Of course, you need to be extremely fit if you want to be a professional dancer. I dance or move about for about six hours a day. There are great health benefits to being a dancer. I can eat a lot of pasta without gaining weight because dancing increases your metabolism so much." 59____ John has a very busy schedule in the next few months. He took time out to speak to me today from the making of a pop video to promote N-ergy's latest record. "I choreographed the dance routine for the boys and they only had 2 days in which to learn it! I am going to be working on a video for another well known band - but that's top secret. Next month I'll be touring Spain in a production of a musical that was written by a friend of mine, Michaela Evans. 60____As for the future, I've come to realise that I would never be content to be just a chorus dancer - I'm too much of an individual for that. Like all artists I'd love to become a household name by writing and choreographing my own musicals." John was born in Jamaica to a Jamaican father and a Scottish mother but the family emigrated to England 20 years ago. "I have a little sister I adore, who is also training to be a dancer." How does it feel to have someone else following in your footsteps? 61____ Has he much more to learn, I wondered. "I've spent an incredible amount of my life training to get where I am. I went to college for two years in England, I trained for six months in Paris and about eight months in America. But you never really stop training or learning your art." 62____ So, would you say it's been plain sailing? "I feel I've been lucky to a degree; many people hit problems breaking into the arts. It can be a vicious circle really. You can't become a member of Equity, which is the actors' and dancers' union, without good contracts and you can't get good contracts without being a member of Equity. My advice to people who want to get into the arts would be to go out into the world, and try everything else first. 63 ____ What has a dance career done for you as a person? "Thanks to dancing, I've visited and performed in 23 countries so far. This has opened my eyes to the world, and I've been able to understand issues like racism and inequality from a wider perspective. 64 ____ "So all in all I'm really happy to be a dancer!"

A It's fine, but I try not to give out too much advice as it gets irritating!
B And if nothing you like comes out of it, then come back and be an actor or dancer.
C Without a strict daily timetable like this you find yourself wasting too much time.
D After that it's back to England to start a new term of dance classes.
E Hopefully this has enabled me to become a better and more tolerant person as a result.
F When it comes to coping with stress, I find that exercise helps me to cope with my problems, so I stay in good shape mentally as well.
G Like any profession where you're always travelling, you tend to acquire something new almost every day.
H Being fully equipped with all this stuff beforehand makes it easier when you go for auditions.

Question 65 ->79 Choose the appropriate words to complete the following passage


How far would you travel for a good meal? If you were a humpback whale, the answer would be five thousand miles. These large sea animals travel at least that far from their winter home off the (65)__ of Columbia to their summer (66) __ areas off Antarctica. The distance covered by some types of whale is amazing, especially when you (67) __ their enormous size. The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever (68) __ and it can weigh as much as thirty elephants. It (69) __ as no surprise, therefore, to hear that ancient folk legends tell of sailors (70) __ these creatures for islands. The more we (71) __ about whales, the more wonderful they seem. Some species can (72) __ their breath for more than an hour and dive to a (73) __ of over 200 metres. They use a system of sounds (74) __ as echo-location to find the fish they eat and they have further sounds to keep in (75) __ with each other. The noises they (76) __ can travel hundred of miles under water. Some species seem to sing complicated songs which (77) __ of a number of separate themes, sung in a specific order which can (78) __ up to half an hour or more. If you ever get the (79) __ to see one of these great creatures in the wild, you will understand why they have inspired so many legends.

65. A beach               B coast                C seaside                D ground

66. A feeding            B dining               C eating                    D chewing

67. A view                 B think                  C consider                D believe

68. A been                B stayed               C born                       D lived

69. A gets                 B comes               C goes                      D seems

70. A supposing     B mixing                C confusing              D mistaking

71. A find out           B look out              C show up                D turn up

72. A store               B keep                   C hold                        D save

73. A depth              B length                 C width                      D breadth

74. A called             B known                 C referred                 D named

75. A reach             B touch                    C call                        D range

76. A provide          B propose              C process                D produce

77. A consist          B compose            C include                  D involve

78. A long               B last                       C play                        D give

79. A break             B choice                 C chance                  D luck

Question 80 -> 87. You are going to read three different opinions from leading scientists about the future of fuel. For the questions below, choose from the writers A-C. The writers may be chosen more than once.

A. Howard Bloom, Author: Even though most people are convinced that peak oil has already passed, to me, peak oil is just a hypothesis. There is a theory that carbon molecules can be found in interstellar gas clouds, comets and in space ice, and if this is the case, our planet could ooze oil for ever. And even if we stay earthbound, those who say we have raped the planet of all its resources are wrong. There's a huge stock of raw materials we haven't yet learned to use. There are bacteria two miles beneath our feet which can turn solid granite into food. If bacteria can do it, surely we creatures with brains can do it better. As far as the near future of energy is concerned, I believe the most promising alternative fuels are biofuels, such as ethanol. It's an alcohol made from waste products such as the bark of trees, woodchips, and other 'waste materials'. And that's not the only waste that can create energy. My friend in the biomass industry is perfecting an energy-generation plant which can run on human waste. We produce that in vast quantities, and it's already gathered in centralised locations.

B. Michael Lardelli, Lecturer in Genetics at The University of Adelaide: Nothing exists on this planet without energy. It enables flowers and people to grow and we need it to mine minerals, extract oil or cut wood and then to process these into finished goods. So the most fundamental definition of money is as a mechanism to allow the exchange and allocation of different forms of energy. Recently, people have been using more energy than ever before. Until 2005 it was possible to expand our energy use to meet this demand. However, since 2005 oil supply has been in decline, and at the same time, and as a direct result of this, the world's economy has been unable to expand, leading to global recession. With the world's energy and the profitability of energy production in decline at the same time, the net energy available to support activities other than energy procurement will decrease. We could increase energy production by diverting a large proportion of our remaining oil energy into building nuclear power stations and investing in renewable forms of energy. However, this is very unlikely to happen in democratic nations, because it would require huge, voluntary reductions in living standards. Consequently, the world economy will continue to contract as oil production declines. With energy in decline, it will be impossible for everyone in the world to become wealthier. One person's increased wealth can only come at the expense of another person's worsened poverty.

C. Jeroen van der Veer, chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell: People are understandably worried about a future of growing energy shortages, rising prices and international conflict for supplies. These fears are not without foundation. With continued economic growth, the world's energy needs could increase by 50% in the next 25 years. However, I do not believe that the world is running out of energy. Fossil fuels will be able to meet growing demand for a long time in the future. Taking unconventional resources into account, we are not even close to peak oil. The priority for oil companies is to improve efficiency, by increasing the amount of oil recovered from reservoirs. At present, just over a third is recovered. We can also improve the technology to control reservoir processes and improve oil flow. However, these projects are costly, complex and technically demanding, and they depend on experienced people, so it is essential to encourage young people to take up a technical career in the energy industry. Meanwhile, alternative forms of energy need to be made economically viable. International energy companies have the capability, the experience and the commercial drive to work towards solving the energy problem so they will play a key role. But it is not as simple as merely making scientific advances and developing new tools; the challenge is to deliver the technology to people worldwide. Companies will need to share knowledge and use their ideas effectively.

Which writer

80. believes oil will be available for many more years _____

81. believes that from now on, less oil is available _____

82. believes there are ways to obtain energy that we have not yet discovered _____

83. sees a great potential in natural fuels _____

84. believes the fuel crisis will cause the poor to become poorer _____

85. sees energy and the economy as intrinsically linked _____

86. believes that better technology can help to maintain oil production levels _____

87. thinks that oil companies are responsible for developing other types of energy _____

Question 88 -> 94. Complete the following sentences so that the second sentence has a similar meaning to the first sentence. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the words given.

88. On business trips, I prefer driving home to staying in a hotel overnight                                  rather
On business trips, I’d __________________________ in a hotel overnight

89. Jack found it difficult to control his skis on the steep slope.                                                 under
Jack found it difficult to_________________________ on the steep slope.

90. My views on this subject are exactly the same as yours.                                                    difference
There ________________________ my views on this subject and yours.

91. They will be selling tickets for the concert during the lunch hour.                                          sale
Tickets for the concert will __________________ during the lunch hour.

92. I regret not contacting Brian when I was in Dublin.                                                              touch
I wish that I _____________________ Brian when I was in Dublin.

93. In my opinion, these two kinds of music are completely different from each other                   comparison
In my opinion, there is _________________________these two kinds of music.

94. I arrived late because I missed the 10.30 train                                                                     turned
If I’d caught the 10.30 train, I _____________________time

Question 95 -> 100. Complete the following sentences so that the second sentence has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given.

95. Nobody expected her to lose, but she did.                                                                    against

96. Peter always trusts me with his secrets                                                                       in

97. I thought it was marvellous that Jane could jump so high.                                               at
I _____________________________________________________

98. Danny was asked to leave the school for bad behaviour                                                  from
Danny was _____________________________________________

99. They didn’t punish Karen, only gave her a warning                                                          got
Karen _________________________________________________

100. Gary is proud of the fact that he is never late.                                                                on
Gary prides_____________________________________________

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