Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 9 học kì 2 phòng GD&ĐT Châu Đức năm 2019 - 2020

Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập Miễn phí
ĐÁP ÁN NĂM 2019 - 2020
I. You will hear some information about a zoo. Circle the best answers. You
will hear the recording twice.
1. What time is the zoo open on Sundays?
A. 9 a.m. 7.13 p.m. B. 9 a.m. 7.30 p.m.
C. 10 a.m. 5 p.m. D. 10 a.m. 1 p.m.
2. We can’t see the elephant house on _________.
A. 1
May B. 3
May C. 8
May D. 10
3. In the shop at the zoo, you can buy __________.
A. books, postcards and T-shirts B. books, postcards and shirts
C. cookbooks, postcards and shirts C. books, cards, hats
4. How much is the family ticket?
A. £ 10 B. £ 5 C. £ 12 D. £ 2
II. You will hear a man making a telephone call. Listen and complete the
questions 1- 4. You will hear the conversation twice.
To: Diana
From: Ian
1. Name of hotel: _______________
Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập Miễn phí
2. Address: ____________________
3. Meeting starts at: _____________
4. Visit factory on: ______________
1. Circle the world that has the underlined part pronounced differently from
the rest.
A. boxes B. washes C. watches D. goes
2. The pandemic of COVID-19 is spreading quickly all __________ the world.
A. in B. over C. at D. from
3. He was in a hurry, __________ he stopped to help the old man who fell down.
A. and B. so C. but D. because
4. According to the weather __________, it will be windy and cloudy tomorrow.
A. foretaste B. forethought C. forecast D. foreman
5. Her mother suggested that she __________ and see the doctor.
A. goes B. went C. go D. going
6. If he __________ telling lies, nobody will believe a word he says.
A. will go on B. goes on C. went on D. would go on
7. Nga: “Would you like to go to the cinema this weekend? Peter: “__________”
A. I don’t care. B. OK. You did it!
C. Great! I can’t wait. D. Sorry! I don’t like.
Thư viện Đề thi - Trắc nghiệm - Tài liệu học tập Miễn phí
8. It’s very hot in here. Do you mind if I __________ the air-conditioner?
A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down D. turn off
9. Circle the underlined part (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correction.
Seven new cases of COVID-19 are (A) reported in Vietnam on (B) Thursday
evening (July 18
), bringing (C) the total number of infections nationwide (D) to
10. What does it say? Circle the letter A, B, C or D.
From next Friday, the library will be closed during weekends and evenings.
The library will
A. have shorter opening hours until next Friday.
B. change its opening hours next Friday.
C. open again to students next Friday.
D. let students go on holiday next Friday.
C. READING (2.5 pts)
1. Circle the correct options to complete the passage.
People have always made buildings. We need houses to keep us warm and
dry and we build stadiums (1) _____ we can watch football matches and pop
concerts. We use other buildings, like museums, to keep beautiful things in.
(2) _____ people work together on a building. The architect decides how the
building is going to look and draws pictures that show people his or her ideas.
Engineers make sure the building will (3) _____ strong and safe. Then, the workers
carefully build it.

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