Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 12: Music - Lesson 1

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Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 10 Unit 12: Music - Lesson 2

I. Objectives:

1. Education aims: Students know more about the role of music in our life.

2. Knowledge:

a. General knowledge: Knowledge about music.

b. Language:

  • The present simple tense.
  • Vocabulary concerning music: rock 'n 'roll, mournful, solemn......

3. Skills:

  • Speaking: talk in pairs and in groups.
  • Reading comprehension: sentence completing and answering questions.

II. Anticipated problems: Words, and knowledge about some kinds of music.

III. Teaching aids: board, textbook, chalk, tape.

IV. Procedures:

Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

1. Warm-up:(5 mins)

- Play the tape with 5 pieces of music and ask sts to guess what types of music they are.

- Get feedback and check.

2. Before you read: (12 mins)

Aims: To provide sts with words/phrases about music.

a. Matching:

- Ask sts to work in pairs to match the descriptions to the types of music given in the part:

- For each type of music, 2 sts from 2 pairs are required to give their match orally.

- Listen and help sts to give correct match. b.Vocabulary.

- Provide sts with the new words/phrases:

+ Emotion(n): a strong feeling e.g.: hate, love.......

+ Convey(v):= Show, express + Integral part(n): = necessary part + Lull sb (v): >< wake somebody up.

+ Delight(v): To make somebody happy.

+ Funeral(n): a funaral is celebrated when someone dies.

+ Solemn(adj): serious, not happy

+ Mournful(adj): sad

- Read each word/phrase 3 times and ask sts to repeat it.

- Leave sts 1 minute to self-practice.

- Ask 4-5 sts to read all the word/phrases aloud in front of the class( 1 st/ 1 time)

- Listen and help sts to read the words/phrases correctly.

3. While you read: (18 min)

Aims: Read for information to do the sentence completing, and answering excercises

+ Task 1: Sentence completing.

- Ask sts to read the passage indepently then use the words/ phrases in the box to complete the sentences.

- Tell sts to refer to Vocabulary for help and encourage them try to guess the meanings of the words in the context of the reading.

- Call on 7-8 sts to read and explain their answers aloud in front of the class (1 st/ 1 time/ 1 sentence).

- Feedback and give remarks.

+ Task 2: Questions answering.

- Ask sts to work in pairs to read the passage more carefully and find the answers to the questions given.

- Ask sts to highlight or underline the information in the passage that helps them to find the correct answers.

- 5-6 sts from 5-6 groups are required to give answers in front of the class(1 st/ 1 time/ 1answer).

- Listen and help the students to give correct answers.

4. After you read: (9 mins)

+ Questions – Answers

Aims: Students' summary about the roles of music.

- Ask sts to work in pairs to give answers to the questions given in the part.

- Go round to help sts with their work.

- 2-3 pairs are required to give answers to one question orally in front of the class.

- Listen and help sts to give correct answers.

5. Homework: (1 min)

- Write about the roles of music and which role is the most important.

 - Listen to the tape and guess.

- Stand up and say aloud the names of the types of music.



- Work in pairs to match.


- Give answers orally.

1- b 2- e 3- d 4- a 5- c

- Others listen


- Listen and read after the T.



- Write down these words into their notebooks.



- Listen and repeat.


- Read these words and check for their partner.

- Read the words aloud.

- Listen to the T.


- Work individually.

- Report their answers sentence by sentence.

1. Communicate 2. Lull 3. delights 4. integral part 5. solemn 6. emotion

7. mournful

- Listen to the T

- Students do the work in pairs

- Some pairs report their answers while others watch.

1. Language and music.

2. It can express ideas, thoughts and feelings.

3. It adds joyfulness to the atmosphere of a festival and make a funeral more solemn and mournful.

4. It makes people happy and excited. It delights the senses.

5. It is a billion-dollar industry.

- Self-correct the work



- Work in pairs orally.

- Some pairs report while others listen.

1. Students tell 5 roles.

2. Students give their own ideas.


- Listen to the T.

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