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Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 6 chương trình mới Tuần 33

Giáo án Tuần 33 môn tiếng Anh 6 nằm trong bộ tài liệu Giáo án tiếng Anh lớp 6 cả năm do sưu tầm và đăng tải. Giáo án tiếng Anh gồm chi tiết toàn bộ nội dung giảng dạy trong 3 tiết học tuần 33. Mời quý thầy cô tham khảo, download tài liệu.

Week 33

Period 94


(UNIT 10 & UNIT 11)


By the end of the lesson, Ss can review the language they have learnt include: pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar they have learnt from unit 10,11 by doing exercises.

1. Knowledge:review from unit 10 to 11

2. Skills: four skills

3. Attitude: love the using of English.


Teacher:Test papers, lesson plan, chalk…

Students: book, notebook, pen…


1. Organization:


- Check attendance

2. Check up the old lesson(3’)

- Ask sts to rewrite the structures.

3. New lesson

Activity 1 :Review pronunciation (5’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


-T tells the Ss odd one out for the different sounds

-T plays the tape

-T has Ss do individually

- Ss do individually

-T asks Ss practise saying the sentences in 2

A. Pronunciation:

1. Odd one out


1.C 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.D 6.D

2.Practise saying the sentences

Activity 2 : Review vocabularies (5’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


-T asks Ss do individually and share their answers later with a partners

-Check Ss’ answers

-T asks Ss to look at the whole sentence to decide what kind of word is missing before referring to the list of words given.If time allows, ask Ss to think of some other words and do the same

-Ss do the task

-T calls some Ss give their answers


3.Choose A,B,C or D fill the gaps

1.A 2.B 3.A 4.A 5.C

4.Choose one of the words/phrases in the box to complete sentences


1.Paris 3 local television 5.remote control

6.summer sports

Activity 3 : Review Grammar (25’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


-T asks Ss remind the present simple ,the past simple and the present perfect tense and do the tasks.

-Ss work individually.

-T calls some Ss give their answers.

-T corrects.

-Ss must by now be familiar with, and quite skillful in , using question words.If a question word is wrong, ask Ss to explain why.

-This looks back at the use of superlatives of long adjectives

-T checks Ss’ answer


5. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of verbs in brackets.


1.started 3.had

4. is 5.bought 6.has worked

6. Correct the underlined question words.


1.What 2.When 3.Correct

4.How 5.Correct

7. Use the superlatives in the box


1.The most expensive

2.the most popular

3.the most interesting

4.the most colourful

5.The most relaxing

4. Consolidation (5’)

Teacher gets students to retell what they have learnt

5. Homework (2’)

- Prepare for the next lesson: The fourth 45-minute Test

Week 33

Period 95



By the end of the lesson, T is able to check their Ss’ language knowledge, basic skills. This will help T has a suitable teaching approach.

1. Knowledge:

*Grammar: review

*Vocabulary: review

2. Skills: Reading, writing, listening, speaking

3.Attitude: To do the test in a serious and strict manner


Teacher: Test paper, chalk…

Students: pen,…


1. Matrix of the Test

2. The Test(45’)

3. Consolidation

4. Homework

Asks Ss to prepare for the next lesson: Unit 12: Getting started.

Week 33

Period 96


Section 1: Getting Started

Let’s go green!


By the end of this lesson, students can know some vocabulary and structure to talk about the topic ‘robots’.

1. Knowledge:

* Vocabulary: the lexical items related to the topic “Robots”.

*Structures: Could for past ability.

Will be able to for future ability.

2. Skills: Practice and develop listening, reading and speaking skills .

3. Attitude: educate students be interested in learning English more.


Teacher:Text-book, lesson plan, real things...

Students:Text-books, notebooks...


1. Organization: (1')

- Greeting

- Checking attendance

2. Checkup the old lesson: Newlesson: (41')

Activity 1: Warm-up (6’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


*Checking the old lesson

Ask Ss about 3R

Activity 2: Presentation (10’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


- Ask Ss to look at the picture and answer the questions.

- Write Ss’ answers to question 3 on the board.

- Play the recording.

- Ask Ss if their guesses on the board are correct.

I.Listen and read


Where are Nick and Phong?

What might be happening to them?

What are they going?

Have you have been to an exhibition?

Where and when?

What did you see?

Activity 3:Practice (20’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


- Ask Ss to work independently.

- Allow them to share answers before discussing as class.

- Write the correct answers on the board.

- Ask Ss to give their answers without reading the conversation again. Then ask them to read the conversation and check their answers.

- Confirm the correct answers.

- T asks SS to quickly match each activity with its picture.

- Play the recording for Ss to check their answers, pausing after each phrase and asking them to repeat chorally and individually.

- Demonstrate the game to the class first. Ask a more able S to help you. Then Ss play in groups.

- Have Ss work in pairs to do this activity.


1a- Read the conversation again. Answer the following questions.


1. They could only do very simple things.

2. Yes, they can.

3. They will be able to do many things like humans.

4. No, they won’t.

1b. find the four types of robots in the conversation. Write them under the correct pictures below.


1. Teaching robots

2. Worker robots

3. Doctor robots

4. Home robots

2. Match the activities with the pictures. Then listen, check and repeat the phrases.


1. a 2. d 3.a 4. b

3. Game: Miming


A: What am I doing?

B: You’re doing the dishes.

A: Yes, that’s right. / No, try again.

4. Look at the pictures. Tell your partner what you can or can’t so now.


- I can play the guitar…

Can you think more?

Activity 4 : Production (5’)

Teacher’s and Ss’ activities


- Ask Ss to go around the class asking the questions.

- When Ss finished the survey, ask Ss to report the results.

5. Class survey

Can you play table tennis?

Can you do karate?

Can you play chess?

Can you so judo?

Can you play badminton?

Can you play computer game?

4. Consolidation :( 2’)

- T asks one student to repeat the main contents of the lesson.

5. Homework :( 1’)

-Prepare for the next lesson: Unit 12: Closer look 1.

-Practise reading the dialogue fluently.

-Learn by heart all new words.

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