Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 10: Life on other planets - Lesson 2

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9

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A/ Aims:

  • Practice speaking about Mars.
  • Further practice in modal verbs may, might

B/ Objectives : By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to speak with a friend about things which might be on Mars such as: water, little creatures, minerals ….. and know how to use may, might.

C/ Teaching aids: Textbook. pictures and posters about Mars and its position in the solar system.

D/ Procedure:


Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

I.Warm up

7 min


10 min


15 min


10 min


3 min

* Guessing game

Tell Ss to work in group of three to four and make good guesses about Mars.


1. What do you think might be on the mars?

2. Are there any people? Any plants? …

Gather the ideas and comments.

Introduce the aims of the lesson and some new words to Ss

1. Vocabulary- Pre teach:

- microorganism (n): organism too small to be seen through naked eyes: vi sinh vật

- gemstones (n): translation: đá quý

- little creatures (n): small plants and animals:vi sinh vật

- sparkling spots (n); flashing spots:điểm chiếu lấp lánh

- trace (n): translation: dấu vết

- precious = valuable (adj): có giá trị

* Checking technique: Rub out and remember

2. Matching:

- Introduce the task to Ss “There are drawings of thing a space-tourist to Mars saw and noted down. Try to guess and match the drawings with the words in the box.”

- Call on some pair to report

- Give correct answers

3. Reading:

Ask Ss to work in pairs and practice the dialogue:

- Read the dialogue and tell them to practice.

(Go around the class and provide help if necessary)

- Call on some pairs to practice their dialogues in front of class

- Correct mistakes (pronunciation)

Revision of Who – Which – That

+ Who is used for people

+ Which is used for thing.

+ That is used for both Who or Which

- Have Ss work in pairs to do the exercise in Language focus 1 on page 81.

- Call on some Ss to make a presentation in front of class.

- Give feedback.:

1. Summarize main points

2. Copy the imaginative dialogue.

3. Do the exercises in workbook (1,2)

4. Prepare the next lesson.


- Work in group

- Demonstrate in front

- Listen and repeat in chorus and individually

- Guess its meanings and copy

- Give examples

- Work in pairs

- Report in front of the class.

- Copy.

- Work in pairs

- Make similar dialogue about the drawings, using the cues in section a.

- Practice in the front

- Present in the front.

- Work in pairs do to Lang focus 1

- Write down

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