Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 4: Learning a foreign language - Lesson 4

Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9

Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 4: Learning a foreign language - Lesson 4 được VnDoc sưu tầm và giới thiệu để có thể chuẩn bị giáo án và bài giảng hiệu quả, giúp quý thầy cô tiết kiệm thời gian và công sức làm việc. Giáo án môn Tiếng Anh 9 này được soạn phù hợp quy định Bộ Giáo dục và nội dung súc tích giúp học sinh dễ dàng hiểu bài học hơn.

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A/ The aims: Reading the advertisements to get information

B/ Objectives: By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to understand the language from the advertisements.

C/ Language content:

  • Vocabulary: beginner, intermediate classes. Well - qualified teachers
  • Skill: reading comprehension.

D/ Teaching aids: Text books, chalks, boards

E/ Procedure:


Teacher’s activities

Students’ activities

Warm up

7 min


13 min


14 min


8 min


3 min

Chain game

(Using the names of language in the world)


S1: I can speak English.

S2: I can speak English and Chinese

S3: I can speak English , Chinese and French

- Correct mistakes and lead in the new lesson.

I / Pre Reading:

- Introduce the aims of the lesson and some new words:

1. New words:

+ intermediate (adj): trung cấp

Beginner / intermediate / advanced classes.

+ advanced (adj): trình độ cao

+ Well- qualified teachers(n): Translation: chất lượng tốt, cao

+ tution (n): sự dạy kốm, gia sư

+ academy(n): trường chuyên ngành

+ council (n): hội đồng

* Checking technique: Slap the board

2. Prediction:

- Give a poster of 4 statements on the board.

- Ask Students to look at the advertisements and ask some questions:

+ Do you go to English evening class?

+ Have you ever read an advertisements about English courses?

+ What kind of information do you see in the these advertisements?

- Call on some pairs to read the answers aloud.

- Ask Students guess which is true, which is false:

Mr Lam wants to attend a foreign language course.Guess what he needs for his class.

a. Mr Lam needs to learn E.

b. Mr Lam needs the intermediate level class.

c. He wants to learn E in the morning.

d. He wants the course to begin late Nov.

II / While reading:

* Introduce “You are going to read 3 advertisements about the English courses offered by 3 language schools: Foreign language council,

Tuition and Academy of language

- Ask Students to read and note down information about the English classes from the advertisements.

- Tell them to exchange their results and compare with a friend.

- Call on some Students to read the answers aloud. Correct and give answer key:


Class time

Language level

Time to start

Academy of language

Morning, afternoon, evening


First week of Nov

Foreign language Council

Morning, evening

Beginner/ intermediate

3rd November

New English Institute

Afternoon, evening,




* Checking the prediction:

- Now read the notes made by Mr Lam to know his requirements for an English course. And decide which is true or false.

a.F b. T c. F d. F

- Then read the advertisements again and choose a suitable language school for him.

- Have Ss compare their answers with a friend.

- Call on Students to demonstrate by answering these questions

1. What class time is Mr Lam looking for?

2. What level is he?

3. When does he want to start the course?

=> Which language school is a suitable one for Mr Lam?

Answer: Foreign language Council is the most suitable school for Mr. Lam because it meets all the requirements set out.

III/ Post reading:

- Ask Students to work in pairs to interview.


Interviewer: Do you want to improve your English at the language centre?

S1: Yes, I,d like to improve my speaking skills.

Interviewer: Which one do you choose?

S1: I think I will choose New English Institute.

Interviewer: Why do you choose it?

S1: Because they offer weekend classes for beginners

- Call on some pairs to demonstrate aloud.

1. Answer these questions:

Which skills in English are you good at?

Which one are you bad at?

What can you do to improve it?

2. Learn by heart new words and copy the answers.

3. Prepare the next lesson: Write

Play games in groups

Listen and copy the title of the lesson.

Listen carefully

Guess its meanings and copy down.

Play the games in 2 teams.

Look at the advertisements and answer the questions.

Practice in front of class.

Listen and do the exercise

Compare their results and correct mistakes if any.

- Read the answers aloud

Copy down

Read the notes made by Mr. Lam and do the exercise

Compare their answers and correct.

Answer the questions

Read the point answer. Then copy

Work in pairs to interview followed as example.

Demonstrate in front of class.

Listen and copy

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