Kiểm tra 45 phút Tiếng Anh lớp 9 lần 4 có file nghe năm học 2018 - 2019

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KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT SỐ 4 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
1. Listen to FIVE short conversations. Choose the main topic of each conversation.
Circle A, B or C. You will listen TWICE.
1. What is the conversation about?
A. Future career.
B. Future technology.
C. A better world.
2. What are the speakers talking about?
A. Doing a business.
B. A study plan.
C. A personal goal.
3. What is the conversation about?
A. Why men and women are different.
B. Why more and more women work.
C. Why management is more suitable for women.
4. What is the conversation about?
A. Future career.
B. Working with women.
C. A women’ s daily routine.
5. What is the conversation about?
A. A physics class.
B. A physics teacher.
C. Virtual field trips.
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2. Listen to a talk about monkey nauts. Fill each of the gaps with NO MORE THAN
TWO WORDS. You will listen TWICE.
Monkeynauts which are monkey (1)______ were also sent into space. The first monkey that
was sent into sub-orbital space was a squirrel monkey called Gordo on (2)______ 1958, in
the nose cone of a US Army Jupiter AM-13 rocket. Gordo did well in the flight, but it
drowned in the (3)______ when the flotation device failed and sank.
Able and Baker were the next two monkeys that (4)______ in space on May 28, 1959 on the
Jupiter AM-18 rocket. They were both successfully retrieved after a flight of 300 miles
which took 16 minutes. However, Able died four days after the flight and Baker died of
kidney (5)______ 25 years after the flight, at the age of 27.
1. Read the information about three applicants for the AC post for Teen Language
Centre. For questions 1. - 10, complete the numbered spaces of the table with ONE
word or number from the passage.
RebeccaOwen. I am the mother of 5 teenagers, so obviously I feel I can get on well with
teens. My passion is teaching, inspiring and challenging children to love learning. I am a
lifelong learner myself. I have a degree in Teaching English as a Second Language and a
Masters in Leadership and Curriculum Development. I’m also extremely proud to share that
I am an army veteran. Currently my specialty is identifying gifted or talented students to
enhance their potential.
Thomas Brown. I have had the pleasure of teaching in language centers for the past thirty
years. I received my teaching credential from the University of California at Riverside. I
have had special training in early literacy development and in cognitively guided instruction
in mathematics through our district. My hobbies include traveling, cooking, and
snorkeling. I look forward to a great year teaching your children. I love to incorporate plays,
art, and music in my curriculum.
Julia Finn. I have been teaching for nineteen years in Asia, and I count each year as a
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blessing! Teaching isn't just a job; it's a mission. Our main goal as teachers is to teach the
basic academic skills, and I also believe it's important for children to develop good moral
character, respect for authority, and respect toward their peers. When I'm not teaching, I
enjoy reading, bowling, journal and poetry writing, brisk walks on the beach, and collecting
rocks and fossils.
View on
a (2) __________
+ A masters in
Leadership and
(4) __________
years working at
language centers
University of
California at (5)
early (6)
cooking, and
(8) __________
Years in Asia
Education is a
(9) __________
journal and
2. Read the passage about space. Decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).
Circle T or F.

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