Mẫu CV hiện đại (Tiếng Anh) - Dành cho IT (Mẫu 1)

 Long Le
Adamstr. 6, 13595 Berlin, Germany
E-mail: le@cs.unc.edu

Objective: To obtain a challenging position for summer interns in the field computer networks.


4/94 - 6/99: Technical University Berlin, Germany

Diploma program in Electrical Engineering (with distinction).

Academic interests

Multimedia networking: Voice over IP, conference control protocols.

Network architectures: Integrated Services, Differentiated Services, Active Networks.

Work experience

8/99 - present: Research Institute for Open Communication Systems, Berlin, Germany

Scientist at the Competence Center for Global Networking with research projects in active networks and in voice over IP.

- Designed and implemented a software module in C/C++ under Unix/Linux that remotely controls network devices via the telnet protocol.

5/99 - 7/99: Fulltime intern at Novedia Inc., Berlin, Germany Involved in the development of an Internet conference system.

- Designed and partly implemented a class library in C++ that enables a platform independent input, output, and mixing of audio streams under Windows NT and Linux.

- Implemented network applications under Linux.

- Extended functionalities of the Video Conference Tool (vic) under Linux to enable message exchange via a message bus.

- Designed and implemented a control module that controls the Robust Audio Tool (rat) and the Video

Conference Tool (vic) via a message bus under Linux.

10/98 - 5/99: Diploma thesis at Research Institute for Open Communication Systems, Berlin, Germany

Implemented the Adaptive Packetization/Concealment (AP/C) algorithm in the Network Voice

Terminal Tool (NeVoT). The AP/C algorithm exploits the long-term correlation of speech signals to influence the packetization interval at the sender and to conceal the lost packets at the receivers.

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