Ôn thi học kì 2 lớp 7 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019

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ĐỀ THI HỌC 2 LỚP 7 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. wanted B. washed C. worked D. stopped
2. A. cycled B. stayed C. decided D. played
3. A. who B. when C. where D. what
4. A. watched B. danced C. walked D. bored
5. A. needed B. decided C. played D. wanted
6. A. provided B. started C. worked D. decided
7. A. closed B. played C. stopped D. stayed
8. A. whole B. why C. what D. when
9. A. called B. waited C. played D. loved
10. A. looked B. lived C. laughed D. watched
11. A. started B. decided C. worked D. waited
12. A. played B. closed C. filled D. needed
13. A. frightened B. amazed C. disappointed D. terrified
14. A. thread B. beam C. breath D. stead
15. A. naked B. booked C. worked D. walked
II. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.
1. A. brainstorm
B. sailing
C. railway
D. captain
2. A. plane
B. safety
C. traffic
D. station
3. A. vehicle
B. mention
C. enter
D. helicopter
4. A. hey
B. honey
C. obey
D. grey
5. A. happy
B. house
C. here
D. hour
6. A. maps
B. papers
C. cats
D. books
7. A. pollution
B. question
C. education
D. action
8. A. healthy
B. ahead
C. bread
D. seatbelt
9. A. those
B. there
C. that
D. thanks
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10. A. walked
B. opened
C. stopped
D. watched
11. A. sound B. cloud C. found D. favourite
12. A. tool B. afternoon C. door D. school
13. A. played B. closed C. filled D. needed
14. A. mention B. question C. action D. education
15. A. frightened B. amazed C. disappointed D. terrified
16. A. thread B. beam C. breath D. stead
17. A. parade B. waste C. later D. gravy
18. A. populated B. loaded C. wanted D. lived
19. A. ahead B. bread C. pleasant D. seatbelt
20. A. energy B. flying C. chemistry D. technology.
21. A. naked B. cooked C. booked D. walked
22. A. ways B. days C. says D. stays
23. A. obey B. key C. grey D. survey
24. A. stayed B. washed C. filled D. annoyed
25. A. who B. when C. where D. what
26. A. embarrassed B. crowded C. excited D. divided
27. A. ahead B. instead C. seatbelt D. bread
28. A. left B. centre C. enter D. frighten
29. A. wanted B. filled C. stayed D. played
30. A. washed B. needed C. danced D. matched
III. Find the word which has different stress pattern from the others.
1.A. silent B. noisy C. pretty D. polite
2. A. station B. season C. sandal D. police
3.A. agree B. hurry C. enter D. visit
4.A. describe B. fasten C. listen D. hover
5.A. degree B. student C. funny D. widen
6.A. traffic B. dancer C. cycling D. balloon
7. A. central B. gripping C. complete D. boring
8.A. answer B. listen C. enter D. obey
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9.A. station B. healthy C. safety D. alone
10.A. tidy B. complete C. extend D. mistake
11. A. dangerous B. plentiful C. another D. limited
12. A. easily B. energy C. consumption D. negative
13.A. convenient B. abundant C. different D. expensive
14.A. petroleum B. advantage C. tendency D. enormous
15.A. attention B. pollution C. holiday D. effective
Question I: Choose the correct answer to complete each following sentence by
circling A, B, C or D.
1.Nam used to ________ morning exercise when he got up early.
A. did B. does C. doing D. do
2. My father __________the bus to work every day, but I cycle.
A. catches B. drives C. goes D. runs
3. I go to school __________ bike.
A. by B. on C. in D. from
4. Traffic accidents can be prevented if people __________ the rules.
A. remember B. obey C. go after D. take care of
5. You should look right and left when you go ________the road.
A. down B. across C. up D. along
6. Bus is the main public ________in Viet Nam.
A. travel B. tricycle C. transport D. vehicle
7. The play was so boring. ________, Hoa saw it from beginning to end.
A. Therefore B. Despite C. However D. Although
8. She’s sure that they will find the film_________.
A. entertaining B. entertain C. entertainment D. entertained
9. ____________ being frightened by the images, Lan still liked the film so much.
A. In spite B. Despite C. Although D. Nevertheless
10. __________ the story of the film was good, I didn’t like the acting.
A. Because B. Since C. As D. Although

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