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Bài tập về đại từ có đáp án được tổng hợp bởi VnDoc.com dưới đây sẽ giúp bạn ôn tập lại các loại đại từ trong Tiếng Anh như: đại từ nhân xưng, đại từ phản thân, đại từ sở hữu ... Đại từ được sử dụng phổ biến cả trong văn nói và văn viêt nên bạn hãy thực hành thật nhiều để sử dụng các đại từ nhuần nhuyễn nhé. Chúc bạn học tập tốt.

Choose the correct pronouns to complete the sentences.
1. The old woman lived alone, with ________________ to look after ________________.
2. ________________ two rings here on my little finger belonged to ________________ grandmother.
3. When the little boy grabbed the lizard, ________________ tail broke off in ________________ hand.
4. A baby learns the meaning of words as ________________ are spoken by others and later uses ________________ in sentences.
5. Some of these clothes are ________________, and the rest of ________________ belong to Zack.
6. As for ________________, I prefer to let people make up ________________ minds.
7. The solicitor wrote a letter to Ann and ________________ in which he asked us if we could settle the matter between ________________.
8. As ________________ cuts it as well as he does, I always have my hair cut at Johnson's.
9. They decided to buy the house because ________________ location would allow ________________ to get to work very easily.
10. Our dog is of a very good breed as ________________ is the offspring of two very champion dogs and inherited ________________ features.
12. It's no good if everyone ______________ to get ______________ own way.
11. I didn't buy ______________ in the end.
13. He was an only child, so he had to learn how to amuse ______________.
14. They always defend ______________. If you blame one, the other will spring to her aid.
15. He claimed to be an expert, but he knew almost ______________ about it.
16. If ______________ had called, they would have left a message.
17. No one can find Alice and David ______________.
18. Despite her father's complaints, she decided to live ______________ in Canada.
19. The music in the house was so loud that everybody had to shout to make ______________ heard.
20. There was ______________ to help me so I had to do all the cleaning myself.
Choose the correct relative pronoun (who, which, whose).
1. This is the bank ___________________ was robbed yesterday.
2. A boy ___________________ sister is in my class was in the bank at that time.
3. The man ___________________ robbed the bank had two pistols.
4. He wore a mask ___________________ made him look like Mickey Mouse.
5. He came with a friend ___________________ waited outside in the car.
6. The woman ___________________ gave him the money was young.
7. The bag ___________________ contained the money was yellow.
8. The people ___________________ were in the bank were very frightened.
9. A man ___________________ mobile was ringing did not know what to do.
10. A woman ___________________ daughter was crying tried to calm her.
11. The car ___________________ the bank robbers escaped in was orange.
12. The robber ___________________ mask was obviously too big didn't drive.
13. The man ___________________ drove the car was nervous.
14. He didn't wait at the traffic lights ___________________ were red.
15. A police officer ___________________ car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them.
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