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English Gramar Exercise: Modal Verbs

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Chọn đáp án đúng.
1. When my father was young, he _____ work in the garden for long hours.
2. He_____ have committed the crime because he was with me that day.
3. Since we have to be there by 8.30, we_____ take a taxi.
4. It_____ rain this evening. Why don't you take an umbrella?
5. _____ you help me with the homework?
6. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday. She_____ be really hungry.
7. I put my keys on the table, but now it's gone. Someone_____ have taken it.
8. Daisy is reading her English test because she has a test tomorrow. She_____ be studying.
9. We _____ put the fish in the fridge before it spoils.
10. Mr. Brown is very rich. He_____ work hard for a living.
11. Tom has just got a new job. He_____ be very pleased.
12. Tom panted his room black. It looks dark and dreary. He _____ have chosen another colour.
13. _____ you carry this bag for me?
14. You _____ throw litter on the streets.
15. My mother permitted me to go out at night. She said, "You_____ go out tonight".
16. It is possible that she will come to our party tonight. She ....come her tonight.
17. They can type. They_____ type.
18. He advised me to take an English course. I_____ take it early.
19. I'd rather_____ in the field than_____ home.
20. As an orphan, he _____ earn his living alone.
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