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Đại từ nghi vấn (interrogative pronouns) là những đại từ dùng trong câu hỏi và luôn đứng đầu câu hỏi. Mặc dù kiến thức ngữ pháp này đơn giản nhưng bạn cần nắm thật vững để học tốt các kiến thức nâng cao. Hãy cũng VnDoc.com luyện tập bài tập đại từ nghi vấn trong Tiếng Anh dưới đây nhé.

Choose the correct response to complete each of the following questions based on the answer (the second part).
1. ________ do you live? I live in Tokyo.
2. ________ are you going to the concert? I'm going to the concert next week.
3. ________ is Nancy reading? She is reading a newspaper.
4. ________ are they speaking with? They are speaking with their friends.
5. ________ are you talking about? We're talking about the weather.
6. ________ will you be home? I'll be home in two hours.
7. ________ did Mary see at the beach? Mary saw Thomas at the beach.
8. ________ did you go last night? We went to a cafe.
9.________ did you tell her? I told her yesterday.
10. ________ did you tell her? I told her the truth.
Fill in each blank space with who, which, or whose. REMEMBER: Who is generally used for people, which - for things, and whose indicates possession (ex: "the man whose wallet I found").
1. The man _________________ (who/ which/ whose) house we stayed in is my uncle.
2. At first, I couldn't tell _________________ (who/ which/ whose) he was, but then I recognized him.
3. The guy _________________ (who/ which/ whose) sold me my car is a crook.
4. Q: _________________ (who/ which/ whose) pen did he give you? A: The blue one.
5. I couldn't decide _________________ (who/ which/ whose) camera was right for me.
6. _________________ (who/ which/ whose) turn is it to wash the dishes?
7. I can't decide _________________ (who/ which/ whose) the best candidate is.
8. His last book, _________________ (who/ which/ whose) I didn't read, was very successful.
9. I don't know _________________ (who/ which/ whose) song that is, but it's not theirs.
10. My friend John, _________________ (who/ which/ whose) doesn't speak French, had trouble communicating in France.
Decide whether What or Which is correct?
1. _____________ colour is your pencil case?
2. _____________ picture did Henry paint, the left one or the right one?
3. ______________ language does Mr Miller teach, French or Italian?
4. ______________ hobbies does your friend have?
5. ________________ subject do you like better, Art or Music?
6. _______________ car is faster, the red one or the blue one?
7. ________________ time do you usually get up on Sundays?
8. _____________________ juice do you prefer, orange juice or apple juice?
9. _______________ page are we on?
10. ________________ subject do you not like?
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