Bài tập về tính từ trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về từ loại trong tiếng Anh

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Bài tập về từ loại trong tiếng Anh - Bài tập tính từ thêm "-ing" và "-ed"

Trong phần bài tập về tính từ trong tiếng Anh bạn sẽ có cơ hội thực hành bài tập dạng tính từ thêm -ED and –ING. Chúng đều có quy tắc riêng, trước khi làm, bạn nên tìm đọc lại phần ngữ pháp phân biệt cách dùng giữa chúng. 


Bài tập danh từ trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập cụm động từ tiếng Anh

Choose the correct adjective.
Chọn dạng dạng đúng của tính từ.
1. My nephew was ___________ (amusing / amused) by the clown.
2. It’s so ___________ (frustrating / frustrated)! No matter how much I study I can’t seem to remember this vocabulary.
3. This lesson is so (boring / bored) ____________!
4. I’m feeling (depressed / depressing) ___________, so I’m going to go home, eat some chocolate, and go to bed early with a good book.
5. I thought her new idea was absolutely (fascinated / fascinating) ___________.
6. This maths problem is so (confusing / confused) __________. Can you help me?
7. The teacher was really (amusing / amused) ___________ so the lesson passed quickly.
8. The journey was (exhausting / exhausted) ___________! Twelve hours by bus.
9. The plane began to move in a rather (alarming / alarmed) __________ way.
10. He was (frightening / frightened) ___________ when he saw the spider.
11. I was really (embarrassing / embarrassed) ____________ when I fell over in the street.
12. That film was so (depressing / depressed) ____________! There was no happy ending for any of the characters.
13. I’m sorry, I can’t come tonight. I’m completely (exhausting / exhausted) _____________.
14. We are going in a helicopter? How (exciting / excited)____________!
15. Don’t show my baby photos to people, Mum! It’s so (embarrassing / embarrassed) ______________!
16. It’s okay, it’s only me. Don’t be (alarming / alarmed) __________________.
17. My sister is so (exciting / excited) ______________ because she is going on holiday tomorrow.
18. I hate long flights, I’m always really (boring / bored) _________________.
19. She looked very (confusing / confused) __________ when I told her we had to change the plan.
20. John was (fascinated / fascinating) ___________ by Mandarin when he first started learning languages. He decided to study more and now he can speak it fluently.
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