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Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words.
Circle the best answer for each sentence.
6. Nuclear energy is unlimited but it is very _________to human beings and the environment.
7. The music _________ you are listening sounds really interesting.
8. He was the first man _________ me the truth.
9. Dinosaurs became _________ millions of years ago.
10. She is the woman _______ I told you.
11. Joyce thanked us for _________ them to dinner and said that they wanted to have us over for dinner next week.
12. Maria needs_________ another job. Her present company is going out of business.
13. It was the kind of accident for _________ nobody was really to blame.
14. He is the singer about _________ I often tell you.
15. The 1st Asian Games _________ in New delhi, India in 1951.
16. Walkers can unwittingly damage the fragile environment _________.
17. Oil, coal, and natural gas are _________ fuels made from decayed material from animals or plants.
18. Only six _________ were played in the first Asian Games.
19. ________ heat comes from deep inside the earth.
20. The sun, water and the wind are other_________ sources of energy.
21. They won two gold_________ in bodybuilding and billiards.
22. Although there are some disadvantages, the potential of alternative sources of energy _________ great.
23. Thousands of national parks all over the world_________ to protect endangered animals.
24. The quality of athletes, officials and sports facilities _________ through time.
25. They work in a hospital _________ by the government.
26. The first person _________ the ball will be the winner.
27. If he had listened to me, he _________ in the exams.
28. Many efforts have been made to protect ____ nature.
29. “Have you ever met the man _________ over there?” “No. Who is he?”
30. A: “Thank you for helping me!” - B. “_________”
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