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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the other words:
Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.
Write A.B.C, or D which best completes the sentences.
6. Tom suggested _________ to eat.
7. I think we should use electricity _________ to save money.
8. That river is _________ with foam.
9. Henry’s mother has just gone abroad _________, he has to look after himself.
10. We need stronger laws to protect the _________ .
11. The _________ causes many health problems.
12. In a few years’ time, our houses will be _________ by solar energy.
13. Television is an _________ means of communication.
14. The teacher divided the students _________ four groups.
15. The cost of living in Vietnam is low compared _________ Singapore.
16. Can you give us some advice _________ how to improve English, Ms. Mary?
17. He got wet _________ he forgot his umbrella.
18. We enjoy learning English _________ we find it very difficult.
19. There is a _________ faucet in your kitchen.
20. We are worried about the _________ of the fresh water for the world’s population.
Use the correct form of the word given In each sentence.
21. She has _________ provided a picnic lunch for US. (kindness)
22. If we buy recycled _________ , we can do a part to save the environment, (produce)
23. The beach in our city is _________ dirty, (extreme)
24. I am looking forward to receiving good _________ from you. (respond)
25. They are discussing the preservation of _________ resources, (nature)
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